Rise of Empires: The Global Urban Collective

guc About a year ago, I started the Global Urban Collective as a way to bring urban talent from all over the world together to collaborate on solutions. We started as a Facebook group and the goal was to work with us in America first and it was a group of brothas and sistas who wanted to do urban solutions and discuss urban topics in America. Since then we made tremendous progress as a group and many cats in the group have tech skills or exposure to future technology or innovations that is not even discussed in the mainstream media or even specialized trade media. And the value of the group is way up and people in the industry know about what we doing and our learning has been organic, self-motivated and collaborative. However, there is some sad and unfortunate commentary about the Global Urban Collective. The group was growing to around 450 people when I realize something. The group was majority African-American and some brothas and sistas thought this was a “black group” where they can post black stuff and not realize this was a knowledge sharing and collaboration group to innovate and progress. I had one fool enter the group trying to talk that pro-black nonsense and we had another guy talk that MLM stuff flashing money. But here is the biggest pain – I began to notice that only 40 people were active in the group, the remaining 410 African-Americans didn’t contribute a damn thing and some of them were just sitting back looking at the other 40 African-Americans put in work and contributed and try to make something out of the Global Urban Collective. Think about it - 400 African-Americans watched 40 hard-working African-Americans try to make the Global Urban Collective work and most them have the nerve to contact me asking why they are not in the group anymore. Note: There was one black guy from Boston who didn't even liked or commented on postings these 40 people contributed, you know what he did? He "shared" the information to his Facebook friends but he never even acknowledge the other black people providing the information for him to share. All I’m going to say is that was very shameful and even frustrating for a lot of the brothas and sistas in the group seeing all of our people just sitting there not wanting to contribute or collaborate or research. At best, they wanted to post memes to the group talking about inspirational/motivational when the group is already self-motivated through innovation! Or we had African-Americans who after we do online conferences on how to do the foundational steps, they come around talking about “I’m soooo confused!! Where do I start?” not even bothering to read our shared resources or recorded sessions. It was insulting to see this display of African-Americans not participating or trying to but are the main ones running their mouth about how we black folks need to come together and do something. But what cats should have realize is that I was able to use data analytics to see who exactly was contributing to the group and who wasn’t. My numbers showed only 40-50 people actually contributing to the group and I basically got rid of the remaining 400 members and made the group secret. The reason why is because many brothas and sistas in the group are now collaborating with each other on ventures and learning and need a smaller group of active members to work with. After kicking out all the lurkers and cats who didn’t want to contribute – the Global Urban Collective is a lot better and I see more progress being made in the group. There is no way anybody is getting into the Global Urban Collective Facebook group while these brothas and sistas do the work necessary because they do not need distractions and sideways cats coming in not trying to contribute. Actually, there is one guy I let in the group but he didn’t even say anything..wait a minute. Ok, I’m back because I just kicked him out of the group. This September, we are going to premiere the Global Urban Collective web site currently under construction. In addition, we do have a YouTube/Vimeo video channel that will have videos up soon and we will have a LinkedIn group for the Global Urban Collective. However, the LinkedIn group is being started by my Asian counterparts who are in Asia and no one without industry credentials will be in the LinkedIn version of the GUC because it will be real urbanists and technologists and investors worldwide who will be doing real business and dealings in that group networking and conversing – don’t got time for lightweights when it comes to LinkedIn. So yes, Global Urban Collective will be expanded and we got one more thing – we are going to have a space in Atlanta to host urban tech conferences and gatherings to establish the Atlanta urban tech scene and there you go, more expansions. But here is the thing – some of yall African-Americans are coming around me keep thinking I’m on this “black thang” with yall – Dream and Hustle was never about that and I was never about that. I do not want any association with any of you worthless pro-black cats and request you keep you and whatever you about as far away from me as possible as I want nothing to do with you. I’m trying to understand why yall pro-black clowns bringing your worthless behinds to this blog when you cannot even write an articulate comment on blockchains or any real 21st century solution to help the black community. I don’t even associate with you clowns nor invited you to the table. I laugh everytime yall hotep clowns post a comment here at Dream and Hustle and yall cannot discuss an original solution for African-Americans but want to talk about how Dr. Umar Johnson or Jason Black mean so much to you…awwww. So September, the Global Urban Collective will be expanding and I hope brothas and sistas who got something to bring to the table (nobody coming into the Global Urban Collective with nothing to offer) actually try to contribute this time as we move to a global stage and platform to collaborate on urban patterns and practices and knowledge sharing to create solutions to help make urban lives better for all.

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  1. I had to deactivate my facebook page because Im tired of typing vs meeting and finding solutions. People can and will talk forever, especially in these facebook groups. Its a passer of time… just like marching and laying out across the roads.. Yes you get media attention but what does that change? All these special groups on facebook but nobody wants to meet and start the real conversation about some solutions. Idk. maybe its just me.

  2. I just learned about this group a week ago. Certainly its interesting but I’m still assessing the real value. Given the post, its clear that the value of the site is best measured in the kinds of challenges, ideas, pilots, prototypes, projects and solutions are being launched.
    Okay, I get that this group was apparently not created as one to focus on African American / urban issues, so how does this group distinguish itself from the various other global urban issues a d sustainability groups, there are certainly a number of them already in existence.

    I’m new to the group, but not to the field of sustainable development be it urban or otherwise. So why should I spend time in this group when there are many others across a range of specialty collaborations out there?

    Is there room here to chqllenge urbanization as part of the problem now especially since distributed systems and networking can potentially make urbanization passe.

    I’m excited about what I think the group might do but I’d appreciate responses to my questions.

    1. You don’t “assess” a collective, you contribute to a collective.

      Do you think a collective need your “assessment” or need your contribution? Are you sure you part of the GUC talking like this?

      If you want my response I want to honestly get you out of the Global Urban Collective as soon as I figure out who you are…people contributing and sharing and you saying this stupid crap you posted above..BTW no one been added in months so I’m suspect of your claim about being new to the group.

      You really went on the deep end of a pathological narcissistic right there…you need to do assessments…good grief..thank God you wasn’t part of the Civil Rights Movement

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