Too Far In a Hyper-Positive Zone to Care What the Rear Mirror is Displaying

inmyzone Today in Atlanta, it was raining and I was out at the park and this beautiful lady who I always run into have conversations with reminded me of the life that I’m living now. In the conversation, everytime I talk to her she had a big smile and brought up something more positive. I told her it is really wet out here even though we were both out here and she said that the weather is going to be great this week, not even acknowledging the dreary weather and gave me hope for the future. This Asian chick I’m talking to at the park and having a cool discussion and haven’t even asked her out yet is the reason why I’m letting cats know I’m in a hyper-positive zone. I’m seeing all these weird brothas and sistas coming around me when it’s kinda too late – I been left that station yall and don’t know what yall trying to say around September 2015. It’s kinda too late to be running your mouth about swirling and pro-blackness, that was some cute diversion you ignorant cats entertained yourself with while President Obama was handling business. But like I said earlier, we got new candidates running for office and none of them have your interest at heart and I remember exactly how African-Americans were going down fast and luckily Obama was able to come in and stop the bleeding. Detroit with Ford and GM and Chrysler was devastating in case you forgot and in addition, the educational system is all doing massive bleeding of black teaching professionals. You bitter sistas are trying to be mad at this when I stopped exclusively dating sistas a long ass time ago and now hanging around positive chicks who are uplifting and making a brotha feel whole again. I will never in my life make the mistake to date on a race-loyalty basis and regret I done so and was conditioned to do so. You ineffectual pro-black brothas are trying to come around hoping you can knock me off to defend your man-love of Dr. Umar Johnson or Dr. Claude Anderson when Hustle Space is already ready to roll out and I have expanded the Global Urban Collective worldwide. Sorry but this Chicago West Side went worldwide a long ass time ago, why you showing up in 2015 acting like you can speak at this global platform level that I’m on and talk your lightweight African-American bullcrap? I’m in my zone and you guys arrived way too late – I mean, what were you doing all this time? I already tooled up and trained up to deal with cats a long time ago, not worried about war because I’m prepared for war, been there and done that. You ugly and flat-booty African-Americans chicks ain’t putting no sanctions on this dick because quite frankly, the other women in this world don’t take you sistas seriously, kicking you sistas off the wine train for laughing all loud and stuff. A good brotha is a good brotha and ain’t a damn thing a black bitchy skank attitude can do to change a good brotha who can handles his and already moved on to other sistas in this world. Because like I tell all the brothas, we bros can raise a black family no matter who we marry. So to all you African-Americans bringing your lightweight conversations here acting like I care, I’m chilling on a whole higher plane right now not even thinking about you. I tried talking to you brothas and sistas as far back as 2008 about what was going to go down in 2015. You brothas and sistas acted a damn fool while Obama was in office forgetting how our people was economically and environmentally devastated and disrupted – massive number of black teachers in black communities laid off, tornadoes devastated black families in Oklahoma – yeah, you forgot all of that, didn’t yall talking about some damn swirling and PUA and other cute stuff while President Obama was in office. Yall just wanted an Obama phone and ObamaCare but did nothing to prepare yourself when Obama time to leave office was approaching. Now you cats are scrambling and acting crazy. I’m not thinking about you African-Americans as you had your turn. I already know most of you brothas and sistas are exposed and vulnerable and didn’t do a damn thing to solidify your holdings and position while Obama was in the White House. Even I’m vulnerable and I have to move to the UK or Asia to sit back and watch the rest of you cats get it. But you cats acted like the black unemployment rate being twice as high consistently over the past 10 years was just something to ignore and unemployment in many major black cities are close to 40% to 50% which is unprecedented. I’m not thinking about you African-American brothas and sistas like that, kinda too late for all that attitude and talking. My concern is with the African refugees who are being human trafficked throughout Europe right now that are being erased by media to talk about Syrian refugees running into Europe. I’m also concerned about the “gating” game from GamerGate to EDMGate and so on where a bunch of punk bloggers and writers are trying to whitewash certain genres and industries. I’m looking at the growth of financial technology in London, Beijing and Singapore right now. Here in Atlanta and an upcoming article, the proliferation of mix-used developments trying to create micro-urban centres throughout America – is this a development ploy that is well thought out? I adopted a wellness-centric lifestyle and only see other people who are engaged in wellness lifestyles right now. So right now, this brotha is dating quality chicks from around the world, concerned and addressing issues from around the world, tutoring and mentoring others, got a hustle and empire geared up that is designed to benefit urban communities, already laid down the Dream and Hustle podcast series and now living a fulfilling life based on health/wellness/happiness. So real talk, I’m in my zone and I’m good and I’m not talking like the rest of yall. I have cryptocurrency skills, I have urbanization skills, next generation retailing skills and STEM technology skills and can go where I want because I’m in global demand. And the last I checked, I be asking all these other cats to show up and get me on stage with them anytime and anywhere and they run real quick, don’t they? Because I still search the Internet and cannot find any of yall brothas and sistas blogging or talking about any thing that I’m interested in. I found a few brothas and sistas who are doing some real stuff but guess what? They only have a few hundred followers while the rest of yall read Media Take Out. Really, I’m not looking in the rear-view mirror at you brothas and sistas in America who acted stupid when Obama got in office, did nothing all this time and you beginning to see your worthless rhetoric and self-actualization problems ain’t going to help one bit in a natural disaster or economic crisis that impacts African-Americans in very devastating ways. Those who handled their business will be alright but the rest of you guys still talking about silly memes and black twitter and whatever, your time has long past. The rest of us are going to get ours on the global level, take advantage of opportunities that STEM and innovation can make easier to achieve and live our lives to be happy and fulfilling. Sorry brothas and sistas but you are waay too late to come here and bring some stupid stuff and expect me to care. September 2015 is when things are going to start going down globally and yall better start scrambling.

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