You Decide – Is Maurice the Biggest Man or the Biggest Idiot You Heard About in a Long Time?

kingwithbills I came across this posting from a bunch of trifling sistas who are former Facebook friends of mine. Actually what I’m doing is getting rid of all the trifling sistas from my timeline because the more petty people I delete from my Facebook friend list, the more quality chicks and brothas about something shows up on my timeline. There is this one chick I’m really chasing after and she Hyde Park Chicago quality and you got to have your game all the way turned up for someone like her – being in Atlanta made me slipped a little bit but I’m trying to step my game up for this Hyde Park honey, real talk. Can’t be going to the Promontory in Chicago looking like a brotha slipping if you know what I mean. Brothas what do you think about Maurice comment about being the “king” and the man who ain’t doing no 50/50 with a chick up in his house! He pay those bills and she hold the house down. He need to be the breadwinner and she need to take care of the house and if not, then what is she doing in the relationship? Do you think he is right, he is the king of his castle and his woman can just wash his underwear, cook his food and suck his diack and raise his babies while he at work doing what he have to do to bring home the bacon? Or is he some damn hopeless romantic fool talking sideway crap and ain’t got this game and how this liberal feminizing society works and Maurice ain’t figured it all out yet? Some brothas would say that Maurice is “old school” or whatever that means and he want a chick who at home raising the kids and holding down the house while he is out there making the money and getting the bills paid. After all, that is the animal kingdom and the primal nature of man and woman where the man goes out to hunt and gather while the woman maintain the shelter and nurture the pack. Maurice says if you cannot afford to take care of home and I think he talking about other brothas, he ask why you in a relationship if you cannot hold down the house by yourself as a man? Maurice is the man of his house and he is the king and that is his domain and he takes care of his woman and his family. That’s how Maurice feels how a man should be in this world instead of splitting bills with a chick who competing with him on who got the most money. Other brothas will say Maurice must have drank too much before posting this dumbass comment. Maurice ain’t recognizing the sistas out there will let his dumbass “hold the house down” for a few years and then take his ass to divorce court and get the house and the kids and alimony because they will give this posting above to the judge as evidence for the basis of alimony. And Maurice dumbass will be living in a weekly hotel still working that job or two paying child support and alimony to a chick bringing all kind of dudes around to f*ck in his former bed in his former house he was formerly holding down and she all moaning while his kids listen to the bed board hitting the wall and she screaming how big the other guy diack is. And the other guy ask her for some money and she says that Maurice should have her child support check in the mail and she will give him $100 bucks when she get that child support check for the new dude who don’t have a job and ride a bicycle around the neighborhood. So it’s time for you brothas to decide, do you agree with Maurice or think he is a naïve idiot that talk too damn much instead of looking at reality? You want to know my opinion about Maurice? Well, let me give you my honest opinion about Maurice and I admit that I drank a couple of bottles of Redd’s Apple Cider and let me make my point here – listen to me! First of all, Maurice don’t got no money – that is the first giveaway you should have notice from his rant. Only broke brothas would say that stupid crap Maurice just posted, you ain’t never going to hear a brotha with money say that dumbass nonsense that came out of Maurice head into a Facebook posting. His mindset is go make some chump change working for the man and the industry and then come home with his clothes all dirty but got something to put food on the table. Second, you already know what kind of brotha Maurice is – he thinks he own his woman and he will even use the word “my woman” in an argument or statement. Maurice will go around mad talking about “you trying to f*ck my woman?!” and stuff like that because he is possessive and think “his woman” obligated to sit around and wait for him to come home from a crappy job and put a loaf of bread and deli meat on the dinner table and appreciate the hard work Maurice put out there to bring home the bacon. Maurice don’t realize “his woman” can f*ck whoever she want to f*ck and it don’t mean ish anymore in court or church (pastor will try to f*ck her too) or anywhere else. Maurice can’t go f*ck on his woman without repercussions but his woman can f*ck on him and the feminist divorce court judge won’t even care to hear that crap as the judge gives her the house and the kids and order him to pay alimony for keeping her in the house – let me say again, Maurice don’t know about paying alimony every month to a chick he no longer messing with and some other dude is going on Carnival cruises with his alimony money eating the lobster and steak and horseback riding on the Cayman Islands with “his former woman” spending his alimony money. Maurice don’t know a damn thing about that. Let me give Maurice a piece of advice before I go – Maurice is right to want to be a man who have a wife he will provide for, fight for and love with all his heart and have children together in a home that he is working to maintain for his family and his legacy – that is his right and purpose as a man living on this earth. The problem is that Maurice need to realize that ish ain’t going to happen with an African-American woman and Maurice better start looking elsewhere for that happy stuff he chasing. Maurice the kind of woman you looking for is a Latina senorita or an Asian bae or an East African sista or a Muslim or Arab Christian – but you can’t handle them. You want to believe there is an African-American woman out there like that, she fooling you if you think that but there is none, not in the 21st century. But you need to understand something Maurice and I need you to hear this out. The only way you going to hold a woman down in the house is you have to have money. You Maurice don’t look like a brotha who got that kind of money, sorry but just being real. And brothas like you put a chick up in a house and only you have a job and you lose your damn job – plenty of brothas ran out on their wife and kids talking that crap you was talking Maurice who ran out on their homemaker wife and kids that depended on their black father. Why should she take that risk with a brotha like you seeing other sistas get left by their black man and father to her kids and the house is now going to be foreclosed on and they have to move to a temporary shelter? You want to live that manhood life Maurice, then get your money up and your situation up. And guess what? Once you get your money up and your situation up, you going to realize the chick you looking for don’t live in the USA unless she is an immigrant or came from a first generation immigrant family. And you going to realize that the woman who actually knows how to hold down the house and family has been raised by a mom and dad who ain’t giving their daughter up to anybody and she ain’t going to be someone you can control or hold down. She going to be your partner and she going to help you maintain the household and pay those bills and she will get a job when you get laid off and take care of you bro. That’s a real woman and that’s what you looking for and I can tell you haven’t found it yet. Take care of yourself first Maurice and get your passport and when you find her, you both will be 100/100 holding down each other.

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  1. I been married a long time, my parents was married for over 56 years before my mother died I have known a lot of people of all races to marry and devorce. Let me say this culture, fads an times change but principles and the laws of nature [natural law] never change. I would say this the man/husband should be the King or the God in his house and the wife/women should be the Queen or the Goddess in the house etc. and if he don’t be the king or god of his house his wife will fine her another man to be her King or God of her house [usually that would be the preacher man], the women should be the Queen or goddess of the house and if she don’t her husband will fine him another women to be his Queen or goddess. You will not have a successful relationship or marriage splitting hairs and keeping score on sharing household chores 50/50 cause unless you are well off there is plenty work along with working for both the husband and wife to do maintaining cars, maintaining yard, maintaining a house on the outside and inside as well as cooking and cleaning and raising the children etc.. Lastly I don’t care what the progressive, liberal, feminist and left wing PC agenda driven activist say or teach, if he don’t be the King of his castle and allow his women to do her duties of washing his underwear, cook his food and suck his diack and raise his babies while he at work doing what he have to do to bring home the bacon, if he DON’T ALLOW HER OR CAN’T GET HER TO WANT TO DO HER DUTIES as his Women, Queen or Goddess SHE WILL FINE HER ANOTHER MAN AND MAKE HIM HER KING OR GOD AND SHE WILL WASH HIS CLOTH, COOK HIS FOOD, PUSH OUT HIS BABIES, NURSE HIS BABIES, TAKE CARE OF HIS BABIES AND SUCK HIS DIACK [I have known men who found this out]. And if she don’t want to do HER duties as YOUR Women, Queen or Goddess then leave HER be and go fine YOU another women who want to be and do her duties as YOUR Women, Queen or Goddess.

    1. This is basically an economic issue. 100 years ago and thousands of years ago the men who can hold down a wife and kids were professional tradesmen or noble and had wealth. The black men from 70 years ago this guy want to be like worked good jobs on the Pullman cars, the Ford factory and farming or a doctor in the community.

      This guy want to have that wife but he have not lived that life to be that kind of man. He literally have to make $300k or more to manage that lifestyle today and even in today standards he got to hire maids and lawn care to manage the estate, not home but estate. He is a mockery of the previous generations of black fathers who held down the households where the old school dads worked while he post to Facebook his feelings.

      If he want it he got to work for it and if he a regular joe the woman he looking for is in Ukraine or the Phillipines. If he want an African-American woman like that then he better be playing this Sunday in the NFL…or he will just be another brotha who better pay his child support or go to jail.

  2. I understand both sides of the coin. I think like thus from time to time. And then I think I better get my money up because this chump change I make won’t do it. With the money I make now I understand the person I’m with would have to work. The only way to make that type of money now a days is to own your own business

    1. It is not impossible but the worst mistake men make is not knowing where to locate the right woman – yes, you need to be the man and you also need to find a woman properly raised to be the woman of the house while you be the hunter/gatherer and provider. The biggest mistake men make is to overlook who she was raised by and how she was raised which is more important than anything you feel or think.

    2. don’t worry the way this country is economically structured in order to live well 80% of households will have to be two income households. Regardless of income, titles or professional status if you are going to have a successful marriage and family there is plenty of work and a lot of decisions to be made almost on a daily basis regarding the children mental and physical upkeep and their activities, upkeep and maintenance of the house, family relationship and spousal needs mentally and physically [you know what I mean] smile, somebody got to emerge as the leader, keeping scores, splitting hairs and splitting duties 50/50 won’t and never has worked in a marriage, somebody got to drive the bus, somebody got to lead and as George Bush said somebody is got to be the final decider other wise it will be dysfunction in the house whether you are rich or poor, regardless of what the feminist and liberal social engineers say typically whether she is rich or poor the women expects her man to lead, call the shots and if he don’t lead, can’t call shots, if she can’t depend on him to make sound and wise decisions she will fine her another man to lead her and her offspring’s plain and simple, nothing has change y’all whether it’s a 1000 years ago or now.

  3. That cat sounds so alien to me. I guess I grew up in a different time. Even cats making 300k+ have a lady doing something to build the household. He’s on his own with that.

    1. I want to hear this guy say this same shit word-for-word in divorce court when his wife ask for $2,000/month in alimony payment. I want to be sitting there and watch him say exactly what he posted above.

  4. ha ha you guys are right about he could get cleaned out.i know a white woman who gave up a house and 700.00 a month for 10 yrs to her ex rather than give him half the 401k ,half the pension plus 700 a month for life.

  5. [Ed, I really enjoy your posts and stylistic use of the vernacular. Mad props from one edumacated brotha to another!]

    Like Maurice, I hold traditional family values. Unlike Maurice, my approach is more refined for our times.

    My trophy Asian wife of 10+ years holds the same traditional family values. For all of those years, her working has always been an option. Until this year, she only held down the home and family duties between playing World of Warcraft and other trivial pursuits. Her life has been blissful.

    Earlier this year, I started a realty business (land sales) for her as a backup should I ever bite the dust. Make her own hours and whatnot. Her first deal was for 5,000+ acres. I was already semi-retired and debt-free, but I have noooooo problem with my undereducated wife making tons more than I ever did (and I was well into the 6 figure zone).

    I think everyone should respect the family values of their neighbors without being judgemental. If ladies do not agree with Maurice, then fine ’cause he ain’t checkin’ for you either, Sista. Keep it moving and don’t hate. Likewise, Maurice is putting it out there that he prefers a woman who shares his values. Bravo for him to take the initiative and post such a filtering comment. Women who do not share his values need not waste his time. “Keep it moving to the left!”, he said.


  6. I’m not sure, but it seems that most of the replies are from men. I am a “black” woman, a wife and mother. My husband works, I stay home. (I work from home sparingly, but my money is my own) My husband takes care of ALL bills and he is the king of his castle. Though he works a conventional job now, he’s putting our family on track to self-sufficiency and I support him in that endeavor. There are “black” women that understand the roles of a husband and wife. My husband has his expectations and I have mine. We work together by fulfilling our roles and it works. Maybe finding a woman of color that has the qualities you expect is not easy or maybe someone else is for you, but it may not be fair to say that it can not be found in your own race.

    And I do now realize this is a super old post, so maybe it won’t be seen, but I am new to this website and your ideas.

    1. The fact you put “black” in quotes and use the phrase women of color instantly gives the impression you are not black and posting fake news.

      No real black person put “black” in quotes – why would we do that to reference ourselves? The women of color is also not a phrase we use among ourselves as black people.

      Yeah, you are new – we real over here and you didn’t need to be fake and didn’t need to give us your anecdotal narrative to make a point. I hate the fact you could have just stated your perspective, but instead you made up a story and you actually thought black people in general would actually see your post to be something other than some bullshit…

      1. G,

        We on another level in 2017 so get your shit together if you want act like you actually black – no one cares about the relationship stuff right now, we got bigger things to handle as black people.

        Don’t worry about my dick or my personal relationship – I’m a little too old to give a fuck. We about business this year. The fact you acting up on this article means your head ain’t right considering the current situation black folks are facing…

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