Is Seeking Opportunity from White Privilege the Only Thing That Separate Women of Color From Everybody Else?

validationandacceptance I just want to start off by saying this to all the brothas out there – yall can have all these crazy sellout ass chicks! Go ahead and take them, take all you want – take two or three of them, you brothas can have them! I don’t want anything to do with these pieces of work as long as I live and I really mean that 100% - for real, go ahead brotha, she all yours and you can have at them bro! This confirmed everything I suspect and was trying to tell brothas and sistas out there that we got a class of sistas out there undermining progressive women and progressive black people by going out and trying to be validated and accepted by the system of white male privilege. While the white woman and other ethnic women out there fighting for equal pay, fighting cultural sexism and other high level structural problems, these women fighting for theirs have to sit there and watch these sellout black sistas come around trying to be validated and accepted by that same white male privilege structure so that sista can boost her pathetic self-worth and self-esteem. This piece of work Viola Davis, is running around talking about “opportunity” and how she and other women of color like her need opportunity and how she like to see more of this opportunity extended to her and other women like her. Well, who supposed to give her this opportunity? Is she asking or begging for someone to give her a chance? To validate and accept her? That is basically what she is saying. This is going on in Silicon Valley where we got a sellout black woman running around begging these Sand Hill bigots for validation and acceptance and I don’t remember that sellout woman of color name groveling all up in Silicon Valley but Angela Benton may know who she is if you ask her. the_rut Viola Davis made history – what is this history she made? That history is someone in the white privilege circle decided to give her black behind a trophy or award and validate and accept her – that’s history where we black folks like to celebrate when white people make the determination when we African-Americans are going to experience something historic. The first black person that white privilege circles validated or accepted is how many of these sellouts celebrate our African-American history, like celebrating Jackie Robinson being accepted and validated to play when Jackie Robinson was already handling his business in the Negro League. So do you think Viola Davis made “history” and our history is determine by when someone in the white privilege circle finally feels like validating and accepting us? crm So as you see what is going on is these sellout sistas who are by-products of affirmative action trickery of white male privilege circles to promote the black/female diversity mix to meet their quotas and pretend they are about diversity, these sellouts decided to care about themselves and disregard any respect for both the struggles of black people and women. You will hear these same sistas whine and lament about how the stories of the Civil Rights Movement erased dark-skinned sistas from the narrative and now I think about it – all I do see on TV and documentaries covering the Civil Rights movement are light-skinned sistas talking but the historic footage show dark-skinned sistas getting bit by police dogs and flying across the ground being hit by a high-powered water hose. Or you hear these some sistas talk about how the feminist movement ignored the plight of dark-skinned sistas and now that I think about that – the white women led feminist movement like NOW had no comment about Anita Hill or defended her as she stood up to a Supreme Court nominee but these same white women feminists are quick to defend light-skinned blacks and white women accusing Bill Cosby. Well, it doesn’t matter what they say – these sistas are still some sellouts if you ask me! What make these sistas shameful and a sellout and an embarrassment is that she don’t get it! Over and over, these sellout sistas keep trying to strive for validation and acceptance from others instead of seek validation and accept from within herself. She doesn’t do a damn thing for herself and only want to talk about who loves her, who gave her that good job, who gave her an award and who validates and accept her. I heard some lame black woman on the radio talk about it is a woman nature to want to be loved and validated and accepted where she is basically saying that sistas are naturally subservient. At this stage of the game – yall brothas can have these sistas because I don’t have time for that kind of crap in my life and I don’t want a woman like that around me. I need a tiger mother to my blasian babies or a wise Latina wife to help her man build big empires and a big family together. I ain’t got time for a crazy sellout sista running around proud and happy she got a trinket from the white male privilege structure who one morning woke up, took a dump in the bathroom, brushed their teeth and decided to validate and accept a black woman with an Emmy award and call their decision a history making moment. Now for the rest of us brothas and sistas out here who don’t want nobody to give us nothing, we got to write these weak-ass sistas off and keep it moving on our own mission. I’m not asking nobody for ish and if I really want it then we don’t beg, we take that ish. We don’t need to ask anybody for opportunities because we can make our own damn opportunities in our hoods and in this world. We can control transactions in our hoods, we can manufacture and import and export goods, we can expatriate to Africa and the Caribbean and worldwide and build up global power. We can invent products and services and we can make our own films and make our own music. We don’t need anybody to give us nothing, they can open the door nicely or we kick in that door and take that ish from them. We got Nigerians creating Nollywood over there and we got this weirdo chick Viola Davis begging bigots for an opportunity. You can make a movie with a budget of $50K and I know Viola Davis have a little pocket change to start investing in her own damn studio and make her own damn opportunities instead of seeking validation and acceptance. Hell, it only take me less than $100 to start a web operation and build it up from the bottom or crowdfund instead of groveling and begging some bigot VC firm to give a black guy some validation and acceptance. So to all you brothas and sistas out there celebrating Viola Davis, I’m just going to say this – go fuck yourself you lightweight punk ass crumb-snatching sniveling subservient piece of shit. The rest of us brothas and sistas out there are going for ours to get ours and will die trying. My life have a purpose and there is a mission I have to go on to get that fulfillment meaning you ain’t never going to see me ever in my damn life smiling and thankful because someone other than God decide to give me validation and acceptance.

5 thoughts on “Is Seeking Opportunity from White Privilege the Only Thing That Separate Women of Color From Everybody Else?

  1. You know unfortunately people don’t hold that same mentality or even try to comprehend getting it for themselves. When I speak in this form as a sista people think I’m arrogant or come with some empathetic reasoning for me. I don’t comprehend how I can not build my own and open doors for myself with the resources of information available. Too many men and women look for these opportunities to prove to these white predominant markets yet not bringing the same rhetoric to Asians, Mexicans, etc. Like none of these groups of ethnic people look for opportunities they make that shot happen. I don’t have time for they bullshit or giving a fuck about getting a handout. I get a step forward for my own. I have people I work with that hold this same low self esteem mindset. I’m doing for self and I ask no permission.

  2. Viola is from my old hometown Central Falls,RI and its a big deal when someone from RI period is on a big platform. However, If you have a caliber of talent why wouldn’t you set up your own. My thing is if Tyler Perry can do it, I know damn well anybody else can do it!!!

  3. Nothing is more rewarding than building it yourself from the ground up and knowing it was built from your previous failures and setbacks but you didn’t give up. And your customers believed in you and supported you.

    We as a people better get like our brothas and sistas in Africa and start from the bottom and go fucking primitive and basic and amateur if we have to. Fuck your uppity ass pride and your love of being seen in American red carpets and TV shows.

    If we don’t own shit then we don’t got shit..

  4. .True! When James Brown came out with the song “I don’t nobody to give me nothing” that was doing a time when black men and black women was standing together demanding their fair share of what they help build, right before we started “buying into” liberal and progressive themes and social engineering programs.

  5. Just a point of fact regarding the James Brown song lyrics:

    “I don’t want nobody to give me nothing. Just open up the door…”

    Well isn’t asking/telling someone else to “open up the door” consistent with Viola Davis’ “begging” for opportunity? Just sayin’ because hypocrisy is everywhere. Including those lyrics.

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