Our Official Analysis of the Thug Loving Nerd Revenge Meme Going Around

thuglovenerdrevenge I’m pretty sure many of you seen this meme going around social networks portraying a young black dude being condescended as a nerd by a young black chick and fast forward to the future, the brotha is successful and condescending towards the sista that dissed him earlier in life. The comments I saw around this meme was the typical ignorant and shallow black people who just have too much time on their hands posting opinions than being about something. So in this article, we are going to actually break down this meme and try to find out what was this all about and what is the perception and the message here. I think this image is not as clear cut as you think and it shows the problems we have in black-on-black relationships that cause us to be dysfunctional as couples. So let’s break down each character and their statements. Don’t Worry Baby, He’s Just a NERD! nerd1 The context of this scene of the woman dismissing the guy as a nerd while looking at her thug boyfriend was confusing. Why did she even say “Don’t worry baby” was what I wondered here? Was the thug about to kick the nerd ass and she intervene and say don’t worry, he is just a nerd? Or did she like the nerd and the thug got mad and she told the thug, don’t worry about him, he just a nerd? Do you guys follow me here? Because in either case, that does not make her a bad person for doing what she did. What the young lady did was de-escalate a situation with her man by telling him “don’t worry baby” and to me, that’s the characteristic of a quality chick right there. Now, the thug we don’t know his story if he has older brothers or uncles and daddy in the gang and he coming up with them and that’s how he roll. But he does have a background where he had to adapt to the environment around him. What I notice is thug is in school walking a sista down the hall being a gentleman right? The thug look like he is flattered his woman is telling him “don’t worry baby” and he probably glad to have someone like her telling him he don’t have to worry about her because she down with him. So to me, the sista here is actually proper – that’s her man and she telling him “don’t worry baby” and to me, that’s a down chick right there and I like that ish, real talk. Why Do They Always Pick The Thugs? nerd2 The nerd here reminds me of brothas growing up who fail to have the wisdom to know the difference between the things they can change and cannot change in this world. This nerd is carrying the books and thinking a sista should want to be with him because of his effort to be somebody someday. But what I noticed is the nerd is not even trying to be attractive to a sista, did you guys notice that? And nerd dude is encumbered with books meaning he displaying to everybody he is occupied in his books. The nerd by his own control is advertising he is too busy for anything else but his books and he don’t give a damn about his appearance to be attractive towards a sista. Then he created a scapegoat calling another black man a “thug” like a Fox News Correspondent. So the nerd is controlling how he present himself but complaining about something he cannot control, who the sistas choose to date. The reason the sista is picking a “thug” is because sistas in the hood operate on the Mr. Right Now paradigm. Sistas in the hood don’t know who will be around in 5 years as good kids get shot just like bad kids and she want right now, someone who going to be there for her. A sista got right now needs and she only going to pay attention to the Mr. Right Now around her. Yes, that is shallow and that is a valid complaint that sistas don’t know how to invest in brothas but sistas are not conditioned or trained to think like that. But that is the reality of the situation for sistas in the hood. Beat It Chick! nerd3 So the nerd grew up and I guess he is successful by having money in his hand and CEO on his chest – I was wondering if the corporation he own pays him cash in hand? So now this black dude hears the lady who he grew up with say “remember me!” and he says “beat it chick!” in a condescending manner. There is a lot going on here. First, the chick said “Hey baby! Remember me!” and this is also confusing because did she ever called him “baby” back when they were in school? This would explain why the she told her thug boyfriend back in the day to don’t worry about him because that would be the only reason the thug would be worried about the nerd is if his chick was checking the nerd. Now the nerd who is now a successful CEO with money in his hand and the entry-level yellow Lamborghini in the background look at her and say “Beat It Chick!” and now this is where things get kind of weird. Let me explain what I would do and what any real brotha from the hood would do. You have to remember that I was exactly not a “nerd” but kinda of close to one and I’m somewhat successful nowadays or whatever and I run into sistas I grew up from the West Side of Chicago who messed with bangers and dealers and thugs and ignored me. If I saw a sista from the hood again today and they say “Hey Baby! Remember Me?” my response would be to go hug and kiss my sista from around the way because we grew up together from the same hood. That’s my sista and I love my people who came up where I came up from. I couldn’t see myself being successful telling a sista I grew up with to “Beat It Chick!” because that ain’t in a real brotha like me who know where he came from. A real brotha from the hood know the sistas got caught up just as well as brothas but glad to see her still around today because all of us didn’t make it. And this dork should have the maturity to understand this before saying “Beat It Chick!” and should have grew up and realize how life does not play out the same for everybody. Why Can’t I Find a Good Man? nerd4 One thing I noticed about this picture and I’m trying to be funny but yall know I’m telling the truth – I don’t know if the sista is pregnant or she just got a gut. Because sistas be having a belly bigger than their booty when they get older because she don’t be working out at the gym and let herself go and wearing tight pants. But anyway, the sista in this picture is asking why can’t I find a good man? You already saw the grown up nerd reaction to her and let me ask a question – is the nerd a good man? All he displaying in the photo is money in his hand, a title and a car but I don’t see any maturity or any quality personality character in dude. So maybe this sista is right, why can’t she find a good man? As I mentioned in the first segment, was she a bad woman? She demonstrated that she told her man “don’t worry baby” meaning whoever she was with, she was going to be there for them. Nerd wasn’t there for her, he chugging books in his hand. And now the nerd who grew up is showing more disdain towards a woman he didn’t even try to pursue asking why she picking someone other than him. If he had the same hustle to get a woman like he hustle to get money, car and be a CEO then he would have realize life journeys and looked at her character first. How a Real Man Would Have Ended That Story Young happy couple standing together outside with baby

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  1. I disagree with your analysis of this man. As much as I respect you man, I think you saw what you wanted to see in this. What is wrong with the nerd having books and studying. Isn’t that what your soupposed to be doing in your pre success years? Honing your mind so that you can be well rounded and successful later on. Also the thug guy is not “escorting” his girl down the hall like a proper gentlemen, he is leading her with a mischevious smirk on his face like he knows he’s about to take her somewhere and make her lose her virginity to him or something. He also has a chest full of tats and is sagging his pants like a faggot which clearly are not the signs of a proper gentlemen. If the nerd is going to have to sag his pants like a faggot to be seen as attractive to this female than shouldn’t that be a sign that this is a female that he should leave alone? Later the bitch is obviously fat and pregnant and stank looking yet has the audacity to still try to holla at this now successful nerd and lament that she “can’t find a good man”. Why would she complain about that if the initial thug was such a “good” gentlemen that escorted her down the hall in highschool. And why is the thug absent from the second pic? I presume that it is probably because he is either dead or in jail at that point and thus no longer a factor. The nerd is clenching his money as a symbol that he is protecting his economic resources from trifling stank bitches like her with malt liquor pot belly and a kid in tow. Also his lambergini is just a symbol of his success, at least he has something to show for it along with his nice suit while the fat stank bitch is still wearing the same clothes she wore in HS which is funny to me. He’s telling her to beat it cuz he doens’t want her stank ass around him and why should he? She is not gonna do him any good now that he is successful. Brotha probably got a dime latina, asian or snow bunny to keep him company now he doesn’t need to fat ugly stank hood chick to entertain him regardless of if they grew up in the same hood or not. I as a pre success black male myself won’t even look at the stank bitches who dissed me in HS cuz I knew they weren’t about shit back then and I know they still won’t be about shit in the future. They didn’t have my back back then and won’t have it after I become successful so why would I even bother?

  2. My thing is this. Why couldn’t the cartoonist draw the nerd with a fly ass chick in the end. Instead it looks as if even though the nerd is depicted as “successful” why does he seem bitter in the end?

  3. LOL this old meme. I never realized how many brothers were bitter about their High School experiences until I came online. Some of these dudes be in their mid thirties carrying this baggage.

    I’m with you, I wouldn’t treat the sista like that. Can you really still be bitter at the life choices a woman made when she was still (legally) a child?

    And from what I see the sistas that “can’t find a good man” are the sistas that have degrees and good jobs. Maybe the successful nerd should be checking for them instead of going back to the hood and flashing his cash to make himself feel better.

  4. I find it difficult to give a weighty analysis because it is filled with conflicts and mixed messages, and still tries to have a moral to the story. I guess what the artist is trying to say is that black women should choose ‘nerds’ over ‘thugs’. But the message is muddled, not only with the choice of words, but by the depiction of the characters. On one had you have the weak and self hating individual longing for the healthy minded woman of his dreams. The woman that makes the basic human (like many female creatures) decision to avoid the hampered male is painted as vile and unwanted by the end of the story. This from the same male that has retained his’ yellow streak’ from high school.

    To me the moral of the story is. Stop being a biatch, get your bread up, and if the sista from high school is showing you love now ask her to get a baby sitter and paint town.

    You have to hand it to the artist though. What ever the ‘intent’, it has people talking.

  5. I say to each is own decision. Cartoon memes are about timing due to medium.

    I thought she kinda looked like Meagan Good. People told her she looked like Meagan Good. With a felony. After one gets past that…

    Intellect Reigns Supreme or at least be moving towards honest acknowledgement of chips dealt.

    How are we going to move forward when we are hustling backwards? Surface. Yes. I had to say goodbye to kinda look like Meagan Good. We both had some growth. I was willing to work with it, reason was not an option.

  6. This is funny. Classic. Mr. Right now. It happens the other way too. That Issa Rae in the middle type gets dissed from both sides.

    Dang this stuff is getting too personal. Let me hush. 🙂

  7. Does anyone know who the cartoon artist, for this picture, is? I’ve been trying to find him all week. He has a facebook page with other memes like this too

  8. To me the moral of the story is. Stop being a biatch, get your bread up, and if the sista from high school is showing you love now ask her to get a baby sitter and paint town

    nah just say what up and keep it moving.too many chicks out there to mess with folks who treated you like crap. it is a big world out there

  9. My first time seeing that meme. Love it! I am that nerd guy all grown up living abroad in my custom built house with all the trimmings including my trophy Asian wife and two beautiful children because of EXACTLY what the cartoon depicts. I was young, smart, hard-working, good-looking, fit, and not a thug. Obama, Eric Holder, and I could have been “boyz” type of guy. Loyal, respectful, supportive, thoughtful, chivalrous, etc.

    Now 47, over the past several years, I have been contacted by many ex-girlfriends (from the Li’l Kims to the Olivia Pope types) who are now waaaaay past their prime, depressed and alone, or in very bad relationships. The conversation is always the same: “Damn. You were the best man in my life and I messed it all up.”


  10. I think the author is reading way too much into this. I think the creator of the meme was pretty clear in what he was trying to depict, though he/she may have created some confusion by the choice of words in the meme. It would be hard to come up with words that can’t be construed to mean something different, but I think his message is clear. The hot girl goes after the hot, thuggish, aggressive, athletic guys. They think their life is perfect because they have a guy all of the other girls want. But this guy, for whatever reason, turns out to be a huge disappointment later in life. He obviously got her pregnant, and is now gone.

    But this is where there can be many variations. He never even went to college because he didn’t have the grades. He went to college, but majored in basket weaving, thinking he was going to make it to the NFL. Thus at the end of four years, when he did not make it to the NFL, he simply wasted 4 years because he can’t get a job with his worthless degree. Or, he did make it to the NFL, but only made minimum, and was cut after a couple of years, and also spent all of his money trying to be a playa.

    So the girl now realizes her mistake. She bet on the wrong horse. Now she wants a second shot. Now she realizes who the winner was. She couldn’t see it before because she can’t see potential. She can only see what is in front of her. The problem is, with this guy now being successful, he is in her shoes when she was in high school. he now has his choice of women. He certainly is not going to choose the woman with the thug’s kids. No, he is going to choose that hot, professional woman he had a business lunch with the other day. You see, later in life, who we are is revealed. Just as she can clearly see that he is a winner, he can also see that she is not. In truth, they both saw the wrong person as a winner. He thought she was a winner, just as she thought the thug was a winner.

    What i not in that meme is the nerdy girl who thought the thug was hot also, and wanted him, and couldn’t figure out what he saw in the trashy girl with the big boobs and but. Just as the nerd guy blossomed later in life, so will she, and she will be the hot professional girl he has a business lunch with.

    I assure you of one thing. If I have options, I am not choosing the woman with kids. Why would I? If I can find a woman without kids, and have my own with her, isn’t that what’s best for me? Of course it is. Why do I want used up, damaged goods when I can get shiny and new? If you could only have one car, and could afford just about any new sports car, are you going to choose the beat-up used minivan complete with 2 kids already in it? No! You are not. You buy that sexy new sports car, and live the good life.

    1. I respect your point of view, but I have to push back a bit due to the shallowness of it.

      A woman with a child (or children) from a previous relationship is NOT seen as damaged goods by good men. One of my kids is actually my step-daughter who I raised with my wife since she was just 2 years old. My love for her is as unconditional as it is for my biological son and my wife.

      Of all the relationships I was in prior to getting married, I enjoyed those where my new lady already had a child. A woman with a child is generally going to be more responsible, caring, and sincere than a woman without children because:

      1. She does not want multiple guys in and out of her child’s life.
      2. She likely has learned to APPRECIATE a good man when she finds one.
      3. She wants stability and has no time or patience/appetite for “high-school” relationship games.

      That said, good men should seriously consider taking up with what you refer to as “damaged goods”. I am 10+ years and counting into a strong relationship with no regrets. I am aware of several others who are just like us: Happy!


    2. JohnQpublic,

      We’ll have to agree to disagree. You paint a rosy picture, but that is not the reality in most cases. You seem to think women with kids are superior to those without kids. Your words. I disagree. A woman who has been careful not to have kids until she is married is more responsible. You can say that the woman with kids did wait, but then the daddy ran off, which brings us back to the meme. She isn’t a very good judge of character. She went for flashy and shallow, and wasn’t smart enough to see the hand writing on the wall until it was too late.

      A great relationship involves some honeymoon years to just enjoy each other without having to take care of kids. If she has kids, you don’t get that. You take on an instant family. Most men don’t want a huge family either. Not all single mothers have just one child. Most have two or three. What about child support? If the father isn’t in the kids lives, he may be a deadbeat also, which puts it all on you, and with many states, that can make you liable for child support if you divorce down the road. Sorry, but no way, no how. If he is in their lives, you have that added stress. Tried it a few times, and didn’t like it. There is always some form of drama or stress associated with it.

      And if they are so superior, why did the daddy leave? Maybe it’s because she really isn’t superior? Maybe she has issues. I’ve seen a lot of that. And who comes first? Me, or her kids? Most will openly say that her kids come first. Yeah, break me off some of that. Not.

      Like it or not, most women with kids made really bad choices that put them in that position. They almost always have a history of making bad choices. Most don’t have a degree. Many have no job, or not one that comes close to properly supporting her kids. They are not superior to a woman who kept her legs shut, and worked hard in school, and have now made something of themselves, have no kids,and are ready to find a man. That’s a woman who has herself together, and makes good choices. That is what I want to have in my life.

      If single moms are your thing, good for you. But, understand that for most men, that is option B, not option A, and for quality men, it isn’t even an option because option A is not hard for them to find.

      Have you ever heard of the term “cuckolding?” It started as a term to describe female mating behavior, and is now also used to describe a sexual lifestyle where the woman is free to play around. Well, as far as I know, the term originated by watching certain ducks mate. Often, the female duck would choose a male duck that has great resources. he chose a great spot to nest, and the female approves. But then the female goes off and mates with another duck. One that she finds to have superior genes. Then she goes back to mate with the other duck, but it is too late for him. He then sits on those eggs, thinking they are his, but what he is really doing is helping to bring another ducks babies into the world. Not what he signed up for.

      Well, it has been known that women often do this too…on purpose. The meme is not exactly that as cuckolding is typically done with a stable male helper already lined up to help raise the other duck’s babies, and the same when human females do it. But the meme is similar, and this is what makes guys bristle. The chick goes off and gets knocked up by some loser with great genes, then wants a stable man to help her raise this other man’s babies. Not a whole lot of difference. And many men find it just as distasteful as if they were directly cuckolded. he have higher standards for ourselves. We prefer women who see us as the one with the genes she wants for her babies. We prefer women who weren’t easy. We prefer women who have a history of making good choices.

      This does not make us a lesser quality man. This does not make us not a good man. I would argue that because we also kept it in our pants, and weren’t out whoring around, we are a better match for those quality women who did not let some hot thug knock her up.

      You said,
      “1. She does not want multiple guys in and out of her child’s life.
      2. She likely has learned to APPRECIATE a good man when she finds one.
      3. She wants stability and has no time or patience/appetite for “high-school” relationship games.”

      1. Many didn’t do that before getting pregnant. Many allowed way too many guys into their lives, and their beds, and babies were the result.
      2. Many only appreciate the man for his wallet because she needs help raising those kids.
      3. Many only appreciate the man for the stability (and wallet), but I have higher standards. I want to be the one that she sees as the best, and hottest man she ever had. I don’t want to be the guy who came in an rescues her after she made a mess of her life.

      I had dates some women who have kids. Not fun. You can’t just go over to her house, and on the spur of the moment, say, “Hey, let’s go see a movie. It starts in 30 minutes and will take us 20 to get there. No, not a chance. It takes at least 30 minutes to find a baby sitter. Maybe more for the sitter to actually get there. A cheap date is never cheap. Those happy meals add up. Going on vacation is a hassle…kids to keep in mind. Even if you leave them at Grandma’s the woman often can’t just relax and enjoy the vacation because her mind is on her kids. I had to wear headphones to watch TV because it is too loud. Never fails, at some point they need to holler across the house instead of going to the kid’s room to talk to them. Even worse, when you are trying to cuddle on the couch, and she either hollers at the kids, or has to constantly get up to go deal with them. Huge romance killer. In fact, romance was not common. Attempts at it are always interrupted by real life, and kids that want attention.

      I could literally right a novel about this stuff.

      And finally, a woman’s dating worth goes down with kids, but most seem to be in denial about this.

      In a few words, dating a women with no kids is just plain easier, cheaper, more fun, and more rewarding. Her body is still thin and hot, and she isn’t worn out from dealing with kids. After a few years together, then it is time to think about adding some kids. Maybe just one or two.

      1. “I could literally right a novel about this stuff.”

        When your relationship views and experiences have matured quite a bit more, and after you are able to speak authoritatively after having maintained a strong and devoted marriage for a decade or more, I do hope you write that novel.

        Until that happens, I wish you all the best.

    3. Quite the backhand you have there. I’m older than you, and seen more than you have. I’ve lived in the North, the south, the east coast, the west coast, and right in the middle, and also lived over seas. I’ve been through the majority of one of the special forces training (SEALS) before getting injured. Have 2 degrees. Been married twice. First marriage was great…awesome, but I was young and immature back then. Didn’t appreciate what I had. She was single with no kids. Loved being married so much that I overlooked all the warning signs and married the wrong woman the second time around. A single mother. I was devoted, and loving. After 14 years, sometimes a marriage can’t compete with the excitement of unfinished business with a boyfriend from the past that starts chatting on facebook. The Navy (now retired) is a hard place to have a family, but it was strong, until Mr. Excitement shows up because he doesn’t have a good marriage. It is what it is, and this does not change the fact that single mothers are not the best option. They do not have to be the worst option however. Not crazy, classy, educated and no kids, is the best. All of that with kids would be second. The rest aren’t even in the running because a wise man doesn’t deal with dysfunctional, or crazy. Those are the worst options, and best left alone.

      When you’ve matured enough, and seen enough, you will realize that you got lucky, and that most single moms are single for very good reasons, and best left alone. They typically have a history of bad decisions, and or, have little to no control over their emotions. The other guy left for a reason. The only question is, “why?”

    4. You misquote and reinterpret habitually. Attributing words like “superior”, “best”, etc. to me when/where they simply did not exist. It is readily apparent you have some deep issues, my friend. We all, I am sure, can certainly see some which may have contributed to the many failures you describe. This is not a “backhand” – it is real feedback. Own it and talk to a professional. Hopefully things will work out for you afterwards.

      I wish you all the best!

    5. The only issue I have is they way you think you are superior for having found one of the rare single moms whose not a train wreck. And don’t try to claim you didn’t. “How a real man would have ended the story?” Sorry, but you have issues if you think even half of those train wrecks deserve that kind of treatment. In fact, it makes me even question whether you are in fact who you claim to be, because it sounds more like what one of those train wrecks would say. And yes, most of them are train wrecks. I and many other men have more respect for ourselves than to play knight in shining armor to a woman who doesn’t deserve it.

      A Ferrari that is shiny and new, well kept, and clean, is worth a lot. If the owner beats the crap out of it, and it is now a shell of it’s former self, it isn’t worth as much. It’s beat up. It isn’t shiny and new anymore. The difference is that the car has no say in who drives it. If a woman makes a choice to look down on great guys, and chooses flashy losers instead, she has a lot of nerve then to go to that guy as if he should now want her, now that she is no longer hot and has babies in tow. The only men who choose that are men who can’t do better. Real men don’t have to choose that when they can get a woman who hasn’t had three kids, has a degree, and good career. There are a whole lot of them out there. Women earn more degrees than men. 140 for every 100 earned by men (Google it), and they want a guy with a degree. So the script has been flipped. We now have control. We now have the power of choice. We don’t have to settle for the train wreck with kids. That’s not having issues, that’s being aware of the situation, and knowing our worth. We don’t have to settle for some other guy’s table scraps.

    6. I think one of the big factors in our point of views is that I was not a homebase Brotha when I was single. I was a global jet Brotha. I dated nothing but Maxim-HOT single ladies on GP. There were benefits for sure, but there were a lot of drawbacks for a generally out of town guy like me. Complaints of not being around enough and lots of substituting gifts for various intangibles were the norm and often wore me down. Single ladies of the type I dated were high maintenance as far as my time and patience were concerned; whereas HOT single moms were by far more amenable, accommodating, and appreciative of all I had to deal with back then (work stress, etc.).

      For example, when in town to spend time with my single and free lady, I could expect demands to go here and there doing this and that with her as the centerpiece of all my time. However, when in town with my single mom lady, I could expect to be able to just chill. We had plenty of alone time together, but we both enjoyed making our time about bringing joy to her child. Going to the zoo, playground, etc. was a welcome and relaxing change of pace for me.

      When away, my single and free lady would stress me about being gone; and she would hang out on the town to pass the time. In sharp contrast, my single mom lady would be perfectly content to stay home with her child until my return. Often she would do little things like making art and crafts to surprise me.

      My free and single lady would make a list of new restaurants we could try while my single mom lady would serve up home-cooked meals. It goes on and on like that.

      So, as a former Road Warrior, I have a far different relationship perspective and experience than a homebase Brotha. Therein, perhaps, is the explanation for our differences of opinion.

      Anyway, I still wish you all the best!

    7. Once again, you attempt to insult. I have been to over 40 countries. Lived in 3 of those countries. Been to 42 of the states. I have lived in 6 of those states. Lived in the south (Florida), the north (Ohio and Illinois), the west coast (California), the east coast (Virginia), and right near the middle (Memphis, Tennessee). So I am not sure where you get this “Homebase” garbage.

      As for the childless women vs the women with children, the childless women cooked extravagant meals for me, and I cooked for them. We also were able to go out without making it a major undertaking, unlike the women with children. We would literally just decide not to cook in at the last minute, and go out to get something to eat. In fact, we could do anything we wanted without a lot of planning. Much more spontaneity. Having sex was much better. No kids to worry about when you decide to get frisky on the couch, or the kitchen table, the washing machine, the hallway floor, or bathroom vanity.

      You try very hard to portray single moms as the perfect women, Suzy homemakers, never jealous, doting, etc… You seem to forget that you aren’t the only one to date them. We have to, and while no woman is perfect, the average single mom is not better than the women who showed more good decision making skills in their life, and thus did not get knocked up by some thug that ran out on her. Like it or not, most single moms have a history of bad decision making. And most aren’t romantic. Most are just looking for somebody to share their burden. The fact that you are up for that does not make you better. Some might say it makes you a chump. I won’t go that far. I will just say “to each, his own.” Most of us will stick with women who aren’t going to saddle us with another man’s problems.

  11. I don’t think we should invalidate each other points but try to see the overall picture among us men. Let’s be honest – what you don’t see mostly in this convo is the sistas input. The sistas mostly show up to this blog only when I’m talking about relationship issues and them selling us all out for a welfare check or how awesome the global non-black sistas are for a black man to consider.

    All sistas who have babies are definitely not mature and look at Section 8 and church bread baskets and SNAP and WIC instead of a good man. Look at Timbaland divorce details as a good example. And I date a lot of single black women with no kids only to find why she single with no kids because she is nutty and may be mentally ill.

    I believe my last paragraph sums up my position – we are men and we act like men and we be respectful and leaders as men. I’m not dissing any sista I grew up with..I know my worth and don’t need to diss her to validate my worth. But I’m going to nice, tell her the baby is cute then go meet my Latina chick for lunch at the salad bar and walk/bike with my Chinese bae at the park….

    1. I agree with you ed. As I said, the best women are the ones without chicks, and aren’t crazy. Next up are the single moms who aren’t crazy, but they are a distant second. I really don’t want to raise another man’s kids. I want to raise my own. The woman is going to have to be a rare and amazing woman for me to overcome that. If she is, I m sure I can do so in a healthy and positive manner, but these women are rare. Rare but not necessarily more valuable than the woman without kids, because there are more of them who are rare and amazing, and they don’t have kids. The crazy chicks with or without kids are not in the running. Leave them to the losers who can’t do better. A real man doesn’t throw his life away on a crazy chick.

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