What a Good Woman Do to Make a Good Brotha Greater

quality An exceptional woman will make a brotha elevate his game, change his life, better himself even when he meet her for the very first time. I mentioned this before and any real man will verify my statement – a man will know within seconds of meeting a woman that she can be his wife and several seconds later of talking to her, decide she is worth changing his life around to be a better man for her. When I was young, the very first woman I fell in love with made me stayed in the military and motivated me to go to college so I can be in a good situation for both of us. Even though we never married, she gets full credit for making me the man I am today because I built my life up to create a prosperous world for her – what is what a good woman can do to make a brotha greater than the vision he has for himself. She is still in my life today and I really hold that to be one of the best blessings in my life. Lately, I have been meeting high quality women from all over the world and as a result, I’m beginning to step my game up big time and also going to change my ways on a lot of things. In this article, I want to show brothas how to move away from negative angry sistas who try to discount her own brotha and hold brothas back and move towards global sistas all over the world who is willing to support a brotha and help him become a greater man than he can vision for himself. How did I found these high quality women lately? From the Ethiopian sista who is thick and a listener and the Lebanese chick who is also thick and unselfish and my Chinese bae who is helping me stay focused on business and technology and then the Hyde Park Chicago sista and the Afro-European sista and the Argentinian sista? I done the following things and recommend brothas do these also: Strip Away Negative Females. I immediately removed from my life any female exhibiting negative behavior I didn’t like but I tolerated because I was brainwashed to believe an African-American man should be race loyal to these African-American women not loyal to us brothas but to these feminists and social entitlement programs. I don’t do lazy ignorant sistas who watch crap on TV like Scandal or live blog on Facebook about Empire or Power and just not going to tolerate that crap anymore. Any chick that likes going to drama chitlin plays or tithing to mega-church preachers can also go take a hike somewhere far away from me. So as I got rid of these crappy African-American sistas I used to put up with, the global sistas began to show and appear in my life because I made room for the positives after getting rid of the negatives. Changed My Environment. No longer do night clubs or shopping malls where I meet these trashy African-American females. I don’t talk to the broke ass chick working minimum wage jobs at the clothing store acting like she ain’t checking a brotha who got his act together. Nowadays, I go to Starbucks, I go to small music venues where you may see groups like Slum Village performing or go to an EDM show where the music is more energetic uplifting and positive-orientated in terms of experience. I change where I go for lunch and where I shop and visit to be in an environment away from loudmouth pork-eating stuck up African-American females embarrassing our people. As a result, I’m meeting more and more global women who actually like what I like and working on their startup over a cup of Pike’s Place coffee. In addition and most important – I removed race-loyalty relationship from my mindset and this is the best dating decision I ever made in my life. Changed My Presentation. After the Afro-European and Hyde Park (Chicago) chick showed me the path, I now focus more on dressing casual professional and carrying myself in a manner that show I’m a proud progressive black man, father and uncle and have a major plan in the work for my life to take care of me and my family and creating a world for my upcoming wife. What I saw immediately happen is the trifling African-American sistas are now avoiding me and I literally do not see them anymore and I don’t care to see them either and I’m happy as hell about that – bye Felicia! I forgot all about them and what is good is they removed their own trifling negative judgmental behinds out of my life by themselves – all I did is changed my presentation to show I’m about something and looking forward and proud of me and where I’m going in life. So what I’m explaining to you brothas is I simply removed negative “noise” out of my life and created space for the positive elements to enter my life and that is how it played out. I’m now meeting quality sistas from all cultures and backgrounds and so damn happy right now because I’m exactly where I need to be in life. I’m actually meeting quality global women who giving me something to look forward to in additional to my professional goals and what I want out of life. Couple drinking beer together When we meet the right kind of sista, what are we willing to do for her? Earlier in life when I came across the right sista, the first thing I did was see what she was into. If she was into running, I’m at the store buying running shoes. If she was into shopping, I’m all in the fashion blogs and whatever she is digging, I’m digging. She will notice I’m trying to be cheesy trying to get around her but at the same time, she going to notice I’m bringing nothing but A-game to the table because I want to be the best man possible for my future wife and our family. Here are things you brothas should immediately do when you start meeting the right kind of sistas. Clean Up the Image. It’s time to get rid of the rouge image and focus on being a quality well-rounded brotha. Don’t fall for that “rough edge” crap because only self-hating African-American females buy into bragging about dating rappers and drug dealers and knuckleheads and pimp preachers. It’s time to re-image the social media profiles, change up the dress code, wear good smelling cologne and regular grooming and personal care, including getting nails done and taking mannerism courses. Also a good woman should immediately make a brotha give up negative vices like drinking and strip clubs and shooting dice with the street cats. It also pays to hire a fashion consultant to dress you up right and you be surprised what you can buy at Goodwill nowadays. Get The Empire Up. Don’t think “empire” mean starting or running a business. Being passionate about your career and becoming a subject matter expert is an “empire state of mind” as talent is your trademark of an empire. A good music artist and a good athlete like Floyd Mayweather fighting skills are an empire within themselves so always remember to focus on your talent and passion, not show and tell. Podcast or blog about your industry and trends and speak on it and invite her to your functions and write e-books and let her know you hustle like Steve Harvey out in this world so you can be just like Steve Harvey when you grow up. Get the Life Skills Up. This means learning how to cook at a cooking school and take her with you – but you go first to learn skills to impress her. Learn to make summer salad blends and winter comfort food as well as canning and other man stuff like fileting and steaking salmon cuts. Also learn how to select wine and also learn how to arrange flowers and take photos of flowers for her to send to her while other guys send her “damn you fine!” Kevin Hart memes on Facebook. Get the Getaway Skills Up. Find you a nice spot in this world like a bed and breakfast in Granada, Nicaragua or Pacifica, California that you are familiar with and can take her there on an excursion. Learn to book tickets in advance for the football and basketball games and even soccer just to be curious or the hockey game. Also learn to book tickets for concerts and plays in advance and surprise her with those also especially what she likes. Groupon and gift certificates are great conversation starters also but the best is walks in the parks and along the beach and watching sunsets and sunrises, remember that. But the number one thing for you brothas to get is purpose – does she gives you purpose and a reason to be something greater than what you are right now? Imagine you were in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban and you just ordered a 1,000lb JDAM drop on a location where the fire is coming from and as you hunker down, you pull out a picture of the girl you got back at home. Do you want that picture to be of some ghetto or awkward African-American female who watch Scandal or Empire or rant about feminist crap while you up in Afghanistan sitting in a warzone? Or do you want that picture to be of a woman that give you hope and faith and something to try to come back home to and promise you will marry her if you can make it out of this alive? That woman you want in your life have to give you purpose and a reason to be a greater man that you are right now. As for me, now that I removed the negative African-American females out of my life who been trying to discount a good brotha and now that I made space for high quality global sistas from around the world come into the landscape, I do have a purpose to be a greater man that what I’m trying to do for self. I’m now accelerating all of my business, I’m going to launch Global Urban Collective on a more global scale and I’m getting my connects up around the world so I got destinations to attend and I’m going back to cooking school and watching wine-related videos on YouTube. And I hired a dude here in Atlanta teaching me how to dress and present myself professionally for the ladies and business. Brothas, a good woman can make a good brotha greater – go out and make room for her and prepare to change your life to make space for her to help you find the purpose and motivation you are looking for.

8 thoughts on “What a Good Woman Do to Make a Good Brotha Greater

  1. Hi Ed,

    Very interesting article, as usual. I’ve been following your posts for about a year now and I appreciate your forward-thinking and unique perspective.

    While your work is thought-provoking, the grammatical errors and typos throughout can draw attention away from the important information that you share. I offer light editing and proofreading services that can help your work appear more polished, credible, and professional so that your message is never lost.

    In reality, it bothers me to see websites and blogs that don’t adequately reflect the talent of the entreprenurial folks who developed them. I’ve seen first-hand how simple grammatical issues within a site can cause a potential client or consumer to doubt the competency of an individual or business. One of my goals is to help remove this stumbling block for the brave people who take the time to share their thoughts and talents with a world that is both benefiting from their efforts and judging them at the same time.

    Since I am subscribed to your blog, I assume that you can locate my email address. Please contact me if you’re interested in discussing this further.

    All best,

    1. Hi Arayle,

      Thank you for your kind offer. I’m kinda curious why you picked a relationship article like this one to be concerned about grammar instead of my business articles. Wouldn’t you agree that you placing these concerns of yours towards a business article would make you appear more genuine in this grammar police service?

      Here is the thing I learned in life Arayle as a software engineer which are concepts called continuous improvement and iterative development so please let me as a software engineer who obviously make more money than some copywriter help you understand these concepts.

      Continuous Improvement (CI) means that you release a product or service knowing it will not be perfect but you have a system to keep improving as time pass and errors are discovered. No one expects perfection in software engineering but we developed a system to apply fixes and update features over time. This blog work the same way. It has grammar errors but over time, I will correct them – continuous improvement.

      Iterative development is the concept where you release a product or service in iterations to improve over time. So the first iteration may not have all the features but the second iteration will have it in the next release.

      The purpose of these software life-cycle concepts is to get to market fast to offer a solution. All big software companies practice this concept. This is also with fashion and you may heard the term “fast fashion” if you are in that industry also. Today, the goal is to “fail fast” meaning quickly fail and recover. Unfortunately, people like you are still stuck on trying to be “presentable” so much you become too slow to market and eventually will fall behind and not be competitive.

      So I publish articles knowing I will correct them and update them over time so not too worried about being grammar perfect on day of release. I accepted I’m not perfect and will fail but I have a system in place to constantly improve and get better. That is what makes me credible not trying to present myself as perfect, not having grammar that only professional readers would be bothered with – my blog is not for professional readers but those who get the message and will move on the message.

      This CI approach is no difference than my dating life and the point of this article for the brothas to incorporate continuous improvement and iterative development to move away from race-loyal relationship with sistas and for good brothas to go and find a relationship based on love and partnership and look at the pool of attractive beautiful global women out there to marry and raise kids and find purpose and fulfilment.

    2. @Arayle: I concur with your points. That having been conceded, I am also imperfect. I have lived abroad for the past 15+ years and often participate in forums where English is not the first language of the majority of posters who post in English. Grammar and spelling errors are the norm. I learned to ignore them and focus on the core point the author is trying to communicate as effectively as they can. I think we all should allow for considerable leeway for personal blogs. The author of a personal blog should not (in my opinion) be anal about grammar or spelling errors as much as, say, an opinion piece written for the New York Times or other reputable publisher.

      Just my opinion – offered respectfully.

  2. Ed. Over the years I slept on some of your sound advice moving forward I take notes and execute .

    Born and raised Bronx l Harlem my interactions in my youth started with the sisters and has the crew became exposed to the hustle we migrated to the Latino sisters then the Dominica sisters which led to the traveling etc etc. If your game was tight and your conversation was not on some bullshit it eventually led to us meeting woman from everywhere.

    I thank god for those moments.

    I agree bruh. The game today must be elevated if you want to experience a full life of Art – Music – Tech – Ownership & Opportunities in the international global platforms movements and moments.

    Great post and those links posted are solid resources.

  3. Ed, I could hug you as if you were my prodigal son. 🙂

    I arrived at the same conclusion and solutions 20+ years ago when I was in my 20’s.

    I started with my first trip abroad to Puerto Rico, and then Trinidad. Mind-blowing. I hoped I might find women like that back home if I put myself in the position to meet them. So, I did ditto what you suggest – and found myself in interracial relationships thereafter. I was in relationship heaven. First, a NYC Puerto Rican (wonderful 2 years), then a Filipina (great!), then a Japanese grad student (amazing!), then a Vietnamese lovely (fantastic!). I was hooked. The relationships ended for various amicable reasons (distance, their family issues, my hectic work travel, etc.), but I was HOOKED. So, I hustled and saved and created an opportunity to travel the globe for 2+ years experiencing this and that here and there. With that REAL knowledge and experiences, I made my plan and then made my great escape. I have been living my dreams ever since.

    So, to those reading Ed’s article, I can attest that he is spot on. There are awesome non-Black women and Black women from non-American cultures who can make you a better man and share your values and aspirations. Go for it!

    That said, given my experiences, I would say Black American women (born and raised) always had my back when things got thick/real. I have to give my Black sistas an ovation for having a brothas back when other non-Black women might not. Likewise, I have to give same an ovation for being a better mother to Black/mixed children. However, on the relationship tip, being real (i.e. no wigs, fake nails, etc.), and maintaining oneself for her man in the long-term along with many other intangible attributes – the ovation must be for non-Black American women.

    All in MY experiences – offered respectfully.

    I have a GREAT wife who made me a better man; and I strive to be even better every single day.

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