Boule-ish Black Media Ignored Covering Low-Income Blacks Financially Crippled By RushCard Glitch for Weeks

rushrush Every African-American should be highly concerned about this episode with the Rush Card glitch resulting in their prepaid cardholders account balance go to zero (0) and they could not pull money out of their account to pay bills and buy things for quite some time. But there is a bigger story here – this was an organic growing story among lower-income black people suffering and complaining for days on end and I saw none of the “major black media” took up this story. Now that Time and NBC took up the story, you will see these black media pick up the story and we have been monitoring in real time how the news unfolded. And it is disturbing. What this article is basically going to tell you black folks out there is the very same black media you guys be supporting and you black folks be liking their stuff on Facebook – these black media are the first to screw you over when things goes down and all of this black media do not have your back. These black media are ran by some Boule characters who sell your unbanked black behinds as a demographic to the corporate advertisers and can give a personal crap about you and what you everyday black people are going through. Let’s look at what black folks went through. explain Basically what appeared to happen is RushCard switched payment processors and it didn’t go to well. So it sounds like some accounts were reset to zero balance during the switch and the money did not transfer over seamlessly. This left the prepaid cardholders of the RushCard unable to withdraw their direct deposit money and they found out the hard way by being denied at the cash register or trying to pay a bill. Then they went to the ATM and saw their account balance being zero. This was going on for over a week from the reports I read from people posting. So the remedy is to mail off a replacement card - wow, how long it will take in the mail for them to receive the replacement card? These are lower-income black folks, the majority of the African-American population that is going through this. You would think black media would realize this is a big deal but they didn’t. And when you are living check-to-check, you know things get out of hand fast. The late bill has a $30 late service fee and you see zero balance on your RushCard account. You ran out of diapers and formula and was waiting on your direct deposit to buy more but you cannot and see zero balance on your RushCard account. You need to put gas in your car to get to work but you cannot because your RushCard has a zero balance. This is how fast things can get out of hand when you are living check-to-check. And here are some of the postings that I saw that tugged at my bleeding heart: poorbaby1 poorbaby2 poorbaby3 poorbaby4 poorbaby5 But you know what I didn’t see? I didn’t see none of the black media outlets even covered this angle. Is it because Russell Simmons is one of those black media and it was a cover up to protect Russell Simmons image in black media? And if this was the case, who expense and who had to suffer? All of the low-income black people who couldn’t get at their money? You know how frustrating and crazy it feels to be poor and not have access to your money? blackamericaweb financialjunetheen newsone root thegrio You see none of these black news at the time of this writing had any specials, any top coverage to get to the bottom of the situation. You saw how mainstream news cover retail store credit card security breaches and other financial companies who had glitches but you saw nothing of black media covering the issue with our low-income black brothas and sistas who were suffering and going through financial problems. Like I said, some of them low-income black folks probably got car payment late fees of $40 and stuff like that piled on them because they couldn’t pay bills – who is going to eat that cost? Overall and like I said, you brothas and sistas don’t even realize the score and what is going on around you. You low-income black folks are patronizing these black media that don’t give a damn about you and you low-income black folks are dumb as hell to sign up to a prepaid card system giving them 100% of your direct deposit amount like a stupid dumbass – that’s why you low-income and busted in the first damn place, don’t know how to handle your damn money. If your broke black ass actually read Dream and Hustle, I blogged about the risks years ago about poor cats and these prepaid debit cards - You poor dumbass black folks follow celebrities too damn much talking about Magic Johnson is an entrepreneur and Dr. Umar Johnson is – what yall be saying Dr. Umar Johnson is because all I see him do is have a big mouth. But me on the other hand, I can build my stuff and put in real work and not be an empty celebrity endorsement cat like Russell Simmons and his RushCard stuff. You go to a health clinic Magic Johnson run, he ain’t going to be in there talking about let me draw some blood then accidently prick himself and then prick you and you stare forward pretending that ish did not just happened. You go to a strip club with Dr. Umar Johnson hoping to save some black queens off the pole and five minutes after you enter, you cannot find Dr. Umar Johnson because he is in the back banging a stripper. At least with me, I’m a real technology expert and when I put out stuff, I can work on it directly and you have my word on what is going down and how to get it resolved. Yall poor low-income unbanked check-to-check black folks be star-struck too damn much and that’s why yall all caught up giving some damn prepaid card all your direct deposit because you like some celebrity endorsement – man yall are stupid as hell, real talk. Look, stop doing stupid moves with your money. Now, I know I made fun of you cats and your low-income and being broke and stuff but let me give you a secret – you actually make good money, the problem is you don’t know how to handle your money and live in your means. And poor black folks have what is known as a ghetto tax but it is really a stupid tax because these opportunists cats learn to put fees and surcharges on you broke cats at every little thing you do like the RushCard be doing. Here is what you need to do. Find a Damn Bank. Very few black people cannot get a bank account, I don’t know who told you that you cannot get a damn bank account but that is some pre-Homeland Security stuff. You can still get a new bank account almost anywhere no matter how many checks you bounced or whatever – just go out and try and at least do a savings account. Do Cash, Dammit. Why do you need a prepaid debit card? You check-to-check characters don’t need any payment cards to conduct business! You ain’t traveling no damn where and renting cars and stuff. You can buy money orders from the supermarket, stop making up crap. Why can’t you just get a check from your job, then cash it at the bank the job write the checks out to? If the check from your job is out of state, then what you do is a partial direct deposit where you only put in the money to pay bills in a prepaid direct deposit but $150-$200 is a check that comes directly to you that you can cash or use as a backup. Here is the thing and we will be about this in 2016 but you brothas and sistas don’t need all this prepaid nonsense and I wish you stop all of this right now! Find a bank account anywhere or a credit union account anywhere and even a savings account will do. Direct deposit into that – in fact, there is no reason to even have a debit/credit card and you fooling yourself if you believe you need one. You know why you want to a debit card? So you can subscribe to monthly subscription services, swipe when your emotions want to spend and waste your damn money as a consumer. Switch your ass back to just getting cash in a savings account, take your poor black ass to the walking/biking park and go jogging and eat black beans, bananas and canned salmon and stop trying to be a damn spending consumer! prayer And most important - please stop supporting these fake ass celebrities and garbage black media outlets that don't give a damn about black people..

9 thoughts on “Boule-ish Black Media Ignored Covering Low-Income Blacks Financially Crippled By RushCard Glitch for Weeks

  1. Ed,

    I have been watching this unfold for a week now and I’m like, “No one is really saying anything about this. Only local tv stations.” I literally just got done reading the comments on the Rushcard Facebook page and my blood pressure actually rose. I would be livid if that was me or my family. These people can’t buy gas, food, lights cut off, etc. That’s why I keep more cash in the house then in the bank.

    I think the media in general (but including the black media) are not saying anything because it would seem as if they’re attacking Russell Simmons. And nobody wants to be seen as attacking a black man.

    People need to have a stockpile for a time such as this. People need to get it together and stop putting all of their money and trust in someone else.

    1. The real angle I was going to cover was how the Barackalypse is doing a test-run. A real hacker now know to attack black folks, they can just take out the RushCard system and financially cripple black folks. Our people have too many eggs in one basket as you correctly stated and we follow the same people like sheep..Russell Simmons, Tyler Perry blah blah…this is going to get us killed in masses by not being diversified….

      I learned how to live off little and I can even self-sustain if I have to, even though I make more money than most of these characters bragging about how much they make. And I’m the one who can submit a resume to Singapore or London any time I feel like it. Our people do not understand what can go down, just like we didn’t remember Hurricane Katrina and act like we are safe…this impacted our people for a week and the ripple effect will be huge

    2. Ed,

      I was thinking that this might be a test run and I almost typed that the people should go back and read the articles you wrote about the Barackalypse in my last comment, but I didn’t. But best believe I read them about a month ago just to refresh my memory.

      I might not comment a lot, but I’m here.

      And while I was reading the Facebook comments, I kept seeing people saying to call a certain number and if you get through then they’ll activate your card. A few people are reporting that they are getting half of their money (which doesn’t make sense, if you can really help me then give me all of my money), but the majority who are getting through are not getting anything. I wonder if this a scam to get people to give their name, social security number, date of birth and other info to steal their identity.

    3. Data manipulation is possible to scam people during this period of uncertainty that RushCard is putting out. This is a concern like MoneyPak and Greendot scams people can post fake numbers only to clean out accounts due to frustrations of not reaching a real CSR to get access to their money

  2. “There are 68 million [low-income], who collectively spend $89 billion on interest and fees for alternative products, such as prepaid cards or payday lenders. The average unbanked household spends more than $2,400 to access its own money.”

    1. Even in the days of the Old West, you had the itinerant Snake Oil salesman selling some “miracle cure” to the rubes.

      It’s just more of the same. Pimping the hardworking and undereducated for their money.

      It’s a screwed up game.

  3. good and very informative post, typically the black boule and black media never carried about the concerns of the black working class and lower income black people other than for political purpose or to enhance their careers, matter of fact some wish we didn’t exist.

  4. As of this morning – New York Times, Slate (parent of The Root) picked up on story and the fake black media has not covered it.

    I am exploring options to deal with these fake black media outlets as I have zero tolerance against those who treat poor and low-income blacks in this fashion.

    Martin Luther King Jr. would always fight for and side with the poor and so will I.

  5. I have been watching this unfold and I am not amazed at how no one (black media) has stepped up to even show concern for this. Just like all other entities that have security breaches or issues we know about it, but like someone said-when its the urban, poor black people, they are lost and forgotten about. There are options but because some of us have been brainwashed to not use credit unions or afraid to keep cash because of being robbed, it seems like they feel this is the safest option. I think this is a ploy as always to keep us down and expose our weaknesses-this is it. We will buy Jordans, put all of our money on Debit cards that charge fees on top of fees, and exploit each other versus help each other. SMH.

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