Don’t Be Discouraged By Our People Stuck on Stupid One Week After the Million Man March – Stay Focused and Forward.

keeppushingon This article is written Sunday October 18, 2015 one week after the Million Man March 20th anniversary. What I predicted a week ago in an earlier article came true and everything I say would happen did happen. Black people treated the Million Man March as a social event to shoot selfies with a selfie stick and post to social media. When they came home, they posted up pics on social media and complained that mainstream media didn’t cover the event. Then African-Americans resorted to posting up inspirational memes on social media about black whiz kids and stuff and then talk about a reality TV celebrity athlete who was found unconscious in a Las Vegas whorehouse. Look, there is no need for me to be preaching to the choir among you guys because the bottom line is you and I both are disappointed because what happened was predictable and African-American people keep letting ourselves down and still want to blame other people for our current situation. Cats want to talk all the damn time on the Internet, AM talk radio and blog talk radio but won’t spend five minutes in a solution-based session with action plans that can be executed to make some kind of positive difference. I look at web sites like the Root, News One, Rolling Out and see the same columnists pushing out stories of someone victimizing us instead of laying out strategies of how to better ourselves. Yeah, just cut to the chase – our people are full of crap and you are disappointed and sad and probably demoralized and a bit depressed about how African-American people are acting right now. And President Obama is leaving office and there is nothing there after he leaves office and African-Americans are acting like some damn fools right now. This is a short article and here is what I want to tell you because trust me, Dream and Hustle is almost 10 years old and started in December of 2005 and cats in 2015 come to this blog talking about they just discovered us when I was putting in hours to put out empowerment materials for years and years and not getting any love or attention. I actually watch other bloggers give up and become discouraged and just withdrew from helping other brothas and sistas looking at our people more interested in f*ckery media. I don’t want you guys to be discouraged and I’m just going to tell you as a real cat on how to move forward and keep your head up. Get Rid of Negative and Indifferent Black People Around You. You don’t need loser black people around you reminding how stupid and ignorant our people are overall. No, you don’t need them in your life and if some of these people are family, just be on some hi and bye and put a schedule in your smart phone to call them every Tuesday at 7:30pm. Focus on surrounding yourself around positive people and get rid of everybody negative and slowly build up positive and productive people. Filter your view and perspective because you just have to in these times. Unsubscribe from Negative Media and Unfollow Victimization Blacks. Don’t follow some damn loser pundit on social media who whine everytime someone called someone else the n-word or a cop beat the crap out of some African-American idiot resisting arrest instead of having a lawyer on deck to spring their black behind out once they get pinched. Switch it up and subscribe to media that focus on solutions and become a solution-orientated person and look at global patterns and practices of solutions. Watch BBC/Japanese TV programming and listen to EDM instead. Learn to Organize and Architect Solutions. Focus your time on learning how to solve things and gather solutions to problems. For example, you should conclude to solve the crime problem in Chicago, you convince a Chicago South Side black community block club to impose martial law and big brother upon itself and give up privacy rights to install smart computer-vision powered cameras that detect and recognize faces and license plates and install long range 900mhz RFID readers so everybody know everybody and quickly detect outsiders. Crowdfund a drone program that flies over the block and ask the Dept. of Homeland Security to subsidize the drones - they will and have done so in the past. And you argue these solutions of yours in your own blog and on Patch and other places and in YouTube. Learn to think of solutions and advocate your solutions in your own media. Accept Continuous Learning and Continuous Improvement. I need you to realize that advance education do not stop. You are going to have to spend hours learning new techniques, new trends and new research. I personally study more than an average post-graduate college student on topics that matter to me on any given day. Also you have to accept continuous improvement where you are not perfect now but you take incremental steps to get better and create better solutions – here is a secret – the top paid people practice continuous improvement while broke people talk about success and failure like a binary output. Move to Places that are Progressing. Look at packing up and move away from the losers around you and focus on hub markets like London, Shanghai and New York and I just met this fine African chick over the Internet living in Shanghai right now – I mean damn she fine as hell! You can move and still be loyal to the movement but you may need to be in places where you are going to thrive. I may need to move to Shanghai and maybe I can start customizing technology and manufacturing for the urban markets back in the USA or help urban development throughout China and take those skills back to the hood working with urban architects. Overall, a lot of African-Americans ain’t going to make it because they sitting around complaining thinking someone gives a damn and think ain’t ish going to happen to them. These African-Americans think middle-class emerging Asians, Indian and Latinos who are now in America ain’t going to make economic and political power grabs. I watched the Boule been decimated over the past 5 years to the point none of yall should be talking about them like they some elite power group – I even predicted here in Dream and Hustle the Boule would be the first to go down in case yall forgot. And these African-American sistas out here who are extremely acting stupid and ignorant and self-hating are up next. But what you need to do is recognize and accept all of us African-Americans ain’t going to make it and that ain’t your damn problem. You worry about you, your family and your quality of life. Keep in mind the world is changing and with change comes opportunities. God did not put you here to take care of a bunch of ignorant culture of people and you saw how Noah had to watch some cats swim with the fishes and saw how Moses threw those Ten Commandments down on those fools creating a golden calf and you saw how Jesus was like forgive these cats got me nailed up on this cross when I came to save them. The African-American race is no longer in your hands – you have to take care of your family and yourself and positioned yourself around the changing landscape and opportunities out there and reinvent yourself. Don’t worry, you will see things work out and you will be alright but keep moving and staying forward and focus on the things you can control.

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  1. Very well said I love it. So true when you are focused on goals and obstacles to get you into a better place nothing but blessings will pour upon your path. I am a living witness to it. I love your truth to life and whats really going on. I am one who believes in action being so much more powerfull than words. You keep on what you are doing more and more will wake up soon.


    “…our people more interested in f*ckery media…” – [MmmHmm…]

    “…if some of these people are family, just be on some hi and bye and put a schedule in your smart phone to call them every Tuesday at 7:30pm…” – [Weeeeell..!]

    “…the top paid people practice continuous improvement while broke people talk about success and failure like a binary output…” – [So true!]

    “…all of us African-Americans ain’t going to make it and that ain’t your damn problem…” – [Preach, Brotha Ed!]

    “…focus on the things you can control…” [BAM!!!]


    Just to add to your comment: “Watch BBC/Japanese TV programming and listen to EDM instead.”

    Access to Aljazeera English (NOT AJ America) is blocked from the one country that condescends other countries about of Freedom of the Press. Get a Tor browser and start watching and learning how a REAL news organization is supposed to be run. The nearest equivalent stateside would be PBS NewsHour (shout to our sista Gren Eifel who gives the news to you the way it is supposed to be delivered). If you miss out on any of these suggested news sources, then for goodness sake, at least tune in to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. If you consume your news from any 2-3 of these sources, you will be a much better informed person able to make much better informed decisions regarding things that affect you and your future directly and indirectly.

    Find the time! I first tried FB when it became popular back in 2006-ish. During the first week, I discovered I had wasted far too many hours perusing meaningless crap that was totally irrelevant to my moving forward. So, I stopped that time-sink activity right then and there. Cut out local media, FB, and other social media crap and use that time savings to get and stay informed about national and state politics and the world beyond USA’s borders.

    If you understand Kim Kardasian is foine and married to Kanye West, but have no clue what time her show airs or the name of his latest album/project, you are on the right path to enlightenment.

  3. But what you need to do is recognize and accept all of us African-Americans ain’t going to make it

    HA HA a older black man used to tell me this when we would talk about what was happening with our people “bro everybody not going to make it” was his exact words he told me 15 yrs ago

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