How Centric TV attacked a Black Woman Asking Brothas for Money but Said Nothing about a Black Woman Groveling Shark Tank for Money

patronagemachine One of the things the real sistas in our community is going to learn fast is their biggest enemy is these fake “arrived” sistas and black media running around selling out for attention and frustrated they are not winning. Centric TV now bills itself as the “first” network designed for black women but a recent article by show they are not about the sistas but another garbage black identity media trying to sell some sanitize version of black women to corporate advertisers and try to shit on our real sistas out here in this real world. I really do not understand why you real sistas support all this crap like black radio that diss hood sistas but you hood sistas win tickets to a concert then you sistas show up at the radio station and see stuck up light-skinned curly/long hair chicks looking down on you as they give you your prize. Or read these magazines that try to ghettotize you real sistas but you sistas look behind the scene and see those same stuck up sistas and cornball sistas writing the content and trying to diss you sistas on the sly - I don't understand why you real sistas support this crap and yall wonder why someone like a real brotha like me stay far away from you sistas. The reason why I don't do sistas like yall anymore because I cannot find love from self-hatred, I just want to be real with you sistas and hope this article shed some insight and light about what is going on around you real sistas. In this article you are going to see real hypocrisy here where there were two recent media events where we see a dark-skinned sista from around the way ask brothas for money but was derided by this fake “sista media” called Centric TV and in another instance, we going to talk about some self-branded light-skinned curly headed chick begging and crying and groveling on Shark Tank and nobody from Centric TV said nothing about that. The overall goal is to show how our own people use so-called “black media” to perpetuate hatred and stereotype against our people more than any white person ever does. In fact, this article parallels an earlier blog where I discussed the same pattern where a dark-skinned guy blogged about the HP web cam that tracks only white people and not dark-skinned black people and the light-skinned guys from the Grio claimed the dark-skinned guy was wrong and said the HP web cam tracked his light-skinned behind – this was a real incident and a real response by the Grio and this is not made up and I blogged about it years ago. HP fixed the issue but the point was the Grio ran out there to attack the dark-skinned guy for bringing it up and getting national attention. Criticized for Crowdfunding crowdfundchick The thing about crowdfunding is the open environment marketplace for requestors and contributors on any topic that brings both parties together. Someone want to bury their dog in a pet cemetery instead of double stuff it in a garbage bag, they can crowdfund for that. It doesn’t matter – if a contributor want to contribute, they can and if a requestor want to request something they can. The good part is the traditional investor is not in the picture and not needed – crowdfunding is people powered. CentricTV reported on a story about a sista Victoria Byerson and ghettotized her as a welfare handout chick begging dudes to “pay her bills”. ( In the comment section, you see black people trying to deride her. You will also see a comment by me she didn’t respond to but I don’t think she know who I was and if I was bullshitting – I was not. But I found her original GoFundMe page and will respond on that later. Now, I want to bring up two points – the first thing is I contribute to chicks asking to go to a club or a concert all the damn time on GoFundMe! It’s plenty of non-black chicks asking dudes to help her go to a festival or concert and show a picture of her dressed all ready to go and we crowdfund up to $3,000 and more in crowdfunding so Victoria Byerson request for funds isn’t unusual at all. dvd Second, patronage is practiced by women in various cultures as men who are of worthy status give gifts to the family for favor towards the beautiful daughter. You saw how they did this in The Tale of Princess Kaguya where the nobles tried to win favor. In Japan and we already talked about this – they already have patronage machines where women give guys money and guys give women money in a similar crowdfunded manner and this been practiced for centuries as custom by "Kings and Queens" as you black folks like to say. However, when an African-American woman like Victoria make this request, our own black media come around and try to paint her as some ghetto single momma asking dudes to pay her bills – those chicks in Japan are single moms too, don’t get it twisted as they don’t have “father rights” in Japan. And these same sistas criticizing Victoria will give another worthless dude her baby daddy child support money or will give her worthless pimp preacher tithing money while criticizing Victoria at the same time... law of attraction Here is the part I find funny about Centric TV coverage of Victoria request – these same sistas talk about how black dudes harass the sistas on a constant basis from being out in public to social media with dudes constantly bugging them for friend requests and pics and stories about what dude can do for her. Victoria message was basically expressing this same frustration with the harassment and you would think Centric TV would have covered the fact she was being harassed online by all these dudes and focus on that angle. But instead, Gerren Gaynor a dude who pic look like Ray J as the writer credit of this Centric TV article decided to focus instead of portraying Victoria as a ghetto single momma with babies begging dudes to pay her bills. What Victoria actually done was put a tax on these dudes and told them to put their money where their mouth is to shut them up – that is exactly what Victoria done. This is no different than sistas talking about pulling a dude credit report who around her flashing acting like he got money around her. I’m going to be blunt – the real thing is Victoria is dark-skinned and this black media outlet decided to attack her to entertain their bougie black audience. And noticed the black women in the article of that comment section attacking Victoria for her GoFundMe request. Groveling for Validation and Acceptance on Shark Tank investinmeplease I don’t watch Shark Tank, my family and people around me like to watch Shark Tank and think that is how the investing world works. The same way I don’t deal with these cornballs talking about getting VC funding and stuff like that. Because if any of you guys had a common ounce of sense, you would know these institutions have talent scouts that hunt worldwide for talent – they don’t need you begging them for a damn thing, they go and find you. If you got sport scouts coming to high school to scout out talent and recruit and you got music labels A&R scouting out a local act to sign to a major label deal, when why the #$%#$ did you believe or think business investors don’t scout talent and just sit there like Shark Tank and hear your stupid “elevator pitch” or whatever? Yeah, yall are really that stupid if you buy into this Shark Tank crap and think that is how it works. Which is why I laugh as cats talk about getting VC/investor attention when investors contact me all the damn time. As of last night, I walked by the TV and saw this sista that looked like Raven Symone on TV and said “ooh look! That’s so Raven on Shark Tank!” and I was corrected and this was another sista. So I sat down and watched her do her pitch and saw her meltdown and I walked out the room embarrassed as hell for her groveling the Shark Tank panel for a chance. Let me tell you what I saw because this just happened last night on Friday and today is Saturday October 3rd. This self-branded Mikki Bey sista and I don’t have a problem with her self-branding and think she did a great job, that was good. The problem was and Shark Tank panel told her is she self-branded herself around a “service” of installing falsies and lashes. Mikki Bey talked about she had a trained staff and she was going to do a patent which sound like a utility patent on how to install the lashes on her clients. This is not far-fetched because if I’m correct, the Las Vegas strip steak is actually patented on how the butcher cut is performed – this is real. Mikki Bey real issue and she wasn’t listening is she should have already had that utility patent before even going to investors to have some intellectual property to invest in. All she had was a good self-brand and a good story and a good demonstration to bring to Shark Tank but nothing tangible to invest in. If Mikki Bey get hit by a car, the whole brand goes poof and that is the problem. But instead of understanding the feedback did you know what Mikki Bey did? She did that Viola Davis move of crying and begging them to give her a chance and was looking very pathetic as she threw a tantrum. When I heard Mikki Bey say her business was her husband, I instantly knew she was one of those sistas – those who gave up her soul and sense of rational to pursue her goal at any cost. Burn bridges, make absolute judgement calls and think this is her against the world and need to prove to those against her dream. That she was going to prove to the world with validation and acceptance from Shark Tank that her dream is real. So you saw on Shark Tank her speaking fast to defend herself at all time. The guy who speak last, Mr. Wonderful basically was the first to tell her upfront, no one is going to invest in her and that when she broke down and started groveling. Mikki Bey groveling the Shark Tank panel to give her a chance was grossly embarrassing as she was begging and crying and pouting and throwing a child-like tantrum. One of the women investors told her about that crying too. But overall, you not going to see anything by Centric TV talk about how Mikki Bey embarrassed black women entrepreneurs on national TV by groveling and throwing a tantrum. Understanding What’s Ahead upthegame Here is the takeaway and what I want to disclose – earlier in 2015, we talked about how to transform the strip club industry to deal with free agents as a result of class-action lawsuits against strip clubs demanding to be classified as employees. ( we worked in 2015 and still working in 2015 with the industry to finalize a new business model that brings free agency to the strip club industry. Our findings is so dramatic and disruptive, it will change history as we know it. In summary, we created a draft/free agent model that gives fine ass 18 year sistas a free agent contract with advance bonus of $250,000USD right out of high school and $500,000 or more right out of college similar to fantasy football and real sport draft and free agency deals for the strippers. You heard damn right – fine ass sistas are going to be drafted and signed to multi-year contracts worth millions of dollars right out of high school and college and backed by a global investment trust to self-brand and model similar to what we see done in Japan with the whole idol/otaku thing over there. Kim Kardashian and her sisters already validated the model so it is not anything you can argue and doubt – I would like to see the look on half of you so-called independent, corporate looking sistas faces right now after reading this. contract Well damn, kinda mess up that pecking order of looking down on the fine hood sistas don’t it? Remember that cartoon where the nerd got money and wanted to diss the hood chick? Well, in our model, that chick will have corporate housing and Lamborghini Huracan provided by her Chinese investors she doesn’t have to pay for when she turn 18 and she will be self-branded incorporated and her own CEO and she can be a single mom, who gives a damn. That nerd in that cartoon ain’t going to be happy come next year when we start the beta testing and I can tell you now – the strip club industry and the overseas investment community is excited. We talking million-dollar or more contracts for good girls wanting to go bad and girls who can self-brand as early as 18 or younger in some countries. We talking the actual draft where brothas can sit around and wage bets on fine ass sistas draft round pick and what management agency going to represent her on signing day or have her as a residency at their club. We are also talking scaled PVC dolls, playing cards, posters, pop-up stores, fast fashion branding and other branding on these young sistas just like college football and sports branding. You chicks and you brothas can thank the 3rd Strategic Institute for another one. So in summary, this takeaway from this article is really about us doing for self or us begging for validation and acceptance from others. The dark-skinned Victoria chick went to an open market and asked brothas who checking her to show and tell and put up that money- the brothas proved they ain’t got the money and she done nothing wrong but prove her point she got busted dudes keep coming at her instead of being a real man who can take care of her and pay her bills. I can pay Victoria bills because I’m a real man and that is what real cats can do and I made that comment and meant that statement. But she backed down and it pissed me off Victoria did not keep it 100%, I was going to drop a serious statement in her GoFundMe if she stayed true but she backed down and I don’t do waffling semi-real chicks. Next time Victoria, better stick to your guns and say what you mean and mean what you say sista, it’s real brothas out here who love our real sistas like you – stay 100. Now Mikki Bey was on Shark Tank, crying and begging and groveling and throwing a tantrum hissy fit but Centric TV won’t criticize Mikki Bey for those actions. You want to know what this all about right? Centric TV as black media want us black people to beg and grovel others for validation and acceptance and these same black media outlets shun people like Victoria and me who go out and get things ourselves in an open market. The Urban League, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, NAACP and others beg and grovel for money and attention so they want other black folks like me and you begging and groveling also. The black media beg and grovel for advertising dollars and want you black folks not to create organic black media where you don’t have to beg and grovel like them. And Victoria did a straight peer-to-peer crowdfunding for money instead of beg Shark Tank to pay her bills and Centric TV was mad enough to call out this Victoria sista for doing her own thing, her way without Centric TV prior approval. That is what this is about.

4 thoughts on “How Centric TV attacked a Black Woman Asking Brothas for Money but Said Nothing about a Black Woman Groveling Shark Tank for Money

  1. I’m so hooked for life to Dream and Hustle. Disruptive from day one. I just froze. Speechless. Thanks.

  2. Ed,

    I checked out the video based on this article, I wanted to see for myself. Said Mr. Wonderful,”You don’t cry for money, it NEVER cries for you.” Lol..preach,sir. Now, I do applaud any woman who’s not on the welfare rolls FOR LIFE and is truly building a sustainable future for herself. And while I don’t watch shark tank for the very reason you mentioned above (the groveling aspect, basically begging them to take over YOUR hustle, where you will ultimately end up working FOR THEM), it was an opportunity for Ms. Mikki to learn something. The key point she missed was that she was a service and not a product. Truthfully, eyelashes is a niche market, not really something that appeals to the masses. So she needs to step back and figure out how to make it a product and appealing to a wider base. But in typical know-it-all fashion, she spent her entire “moment” with her mouth open and running instead of keeping her ears open and absorbing game. Hopefully, in time, she will get a grip on that ego/pride (it will kill your money) before it’s too late.

    1. Good point about ego/pride as this is the #1 problem with black entrepreneurs, taking business too personally and not removing their ego/pride from the operation.

      Now I’m wondering if sistas can actually self-brand in a way that remove her ego/pride because this Mikki lady could not and I seen this way too many times, especially among black men where it is also embarrassing.

      We got to learn that entrepreneurship is a journey, not a status.

  3. I am just reading this article and I am in agreement with you. We should not have to grovel to anyone for “our” businesses. It doesn’t seem logical to ask someone to fund you, when you will owe them and practically work for them. We do have a lot of sisters out there not helping each other but putting each other down-I, for one, try not to be intimidated and continue to do me. However, we have to at some point, get this media under control. I really hate to see US (black women) put down on so many levels.

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