Rise of Empires : Reprisals Against African-American Male Adults Who Let Down Our Black Youth

Black African American man business student computer user Once you succeed, one of the first order of business after celebration is to carry out retribution and reprisals against those who tried to stop you from reaching your goal. Two wrongs do not make a right so I suggest you try doing three wrongs or six wrongs or forty wrongs or a hundred wrongs or more until you feel you are made right dealing with those that tried to get in your way of achieving your goal and purpose. Don’t forget those cats who tried to make moves to take you down and now you got the power, it is time to flex that power to take their ass down and send a message to everybody you mean business. Liberia1980 Every historical moment when a new King or Tsar get in power, cats are lined up to get beheaded or face a firing squad – Game of Thrones type stuff. Many of you guys talk about dictators in Africa being brutal but when you look at the rise to power of that dictator, you will see so many petty cats/sellout to the British Empire cats trying to stop that brotha from rising to power to help his people. And once that African dude become the military dictator or the supreme leader, well it is time to start tying cats to firing squad poles and gather the crowd to show who is in charge and who the boss of this right here. Here in the USA when someone assume power in a new corporate or political position, it’s time for heads to roll and cats to turn in their letters of resignation for not being on the team or the right side of the battle. You saw the Godfather and once Michael got in power, he had to take care of business to show who is in charge of the family. So reprisals and retributions is a way for you go to deal with cats who were not supportive and trying to stop you from getting to where you want to be and a way to let cats know you are in power. And it is a morale booster for your army and crew to know you defeated your enemy and they are on the winning team. I have several reprisals in the works and it has nothing to do with me personally. I have to deal with the Silicon Valley culture that discriminate against African-American tech entrepreneurs and think they can pick and choose what black person they like to see succeed in technology. I also have to deal with the Boule media that recently ignored covering RushCard consumers who are our most vulnerable class of African-Americans so they can protect Russell Simmons image in their fake black media. But I don’t do personal reprisals against the hood I grew up in, people I grew up with and people that I see on a daily basis. The only exception are cats I run into on a daily basis who thought I was some basic f*cker and I’m going to make their ass recognize what silent power look like. Little Background on the Black Community hoodtrippn The one thing many of you ambitious and smart cats who grew up in the black community should realize is the black community does not support ambitious and smart brothas and sistas who want to do for self. The black community talk all that stuff about we need to build businesses, we need to keep our money in the hood but the same black community try to crap on the smart black folks who put in the actual study and training to run businesses and manage money. Everybody from the school district, to the teachers to the peers and even the parents and family try to make an ambitious and smart black kid doubt themselves as they come up instead of support them to grow up and give back to the community. Even the black merchant class see these kids but do not outreach to them. The black community instead want to celebrate the local drug dealers giving away bookbags and frozen turkeys or give the local hustlers like the corner church preachers and soapbox black power preachers their money and scream "preach!" all the time. bigpayback So what happens is that smart and ambitious black kid hustle hard and stay on mission and become successful as a grownup – this always happen. But the one thing the kid who grew up did not forget was how they were treated as a young black person by the black community and they leave the black community vowing to never come back and will sit back and watch the black community deteriorate into economic devastation while they live in the suburbs and date outside of their race with hatred of the black community that turned on them. What I want to do is appeal to those brothas and sistas the black community dissed as they were growing up and to come back and save the young brothas and sistas who were like us. And to reconsider carrying out reprisals against the hood versus abandoning the black youth in the hood who are just like us that are still in there. As living testimony, I’m one of those people that grew up in the black community this way where cats wanted to sh*t on me for wanting to aspire to be bigger and better. I been around so many black people as a professional adult who badly want to stick to the belief I’m basic as f*ck to them. Over time, I watch them tried to pretend the collection of cars I buy ain’t rolling, the clothes I wear ain’t Armani or Polo, the skills and talent I put out there don’t compile and the empire I built and the global team I have don’t exist. You see cats still coming around this blog trying to ask what I’m doing for the black community acting like I’m not doing nothing when I’m working and advising community activists all over this country who can vouch for me. They want to pretend Dream and Hustle has only one article and not a 10-year history with thousands of articles I got in my archives. And they want to believe HustleSpace is vaporware when I'm making announcements next week.. vaporware You should see in real-time with Dream and Hustle the extent the black community struggles to pretend I’m not publishing information to empower brothas and sistas and pretend this blog do not exist and they scared to talk about it to other people so they can rationalize following ineffectual media/content sellers like Tariq Nasheed, Dr. Claud Anderson or Dr. Umar Johnson or Dr. Boyce Watkins and so on and that is why I’m discussing this article – to discuss those reprisals and retributions for those actions by these sorry ass brothas that tried to act funky about black empowerment and these funky brothas chose to not work towards the progress of our people. These Adult Black Males Let Down Our Younger Brothas and Sistas Really Bad.. Years ago, I explained how generation after generation, the African-American elders did not pass down information and knowledge to the younger generation to build upon. I also talked about how the African-American elders failed to build foundations for the younger generation to build upon. I clearly asked and begged brothas and sistas of this current adult generation to work to change that negative into a positive and let’s build a real foundation for our future generation of African-American brothas and sistas to come up better than us. The African-American male at large failed to do this and resorted to basically the same bullsh*t as our previous generations. F*cked Around On the Internet. You can go to YouTube and look up a Dr. Boyce Watkins/Damon Dash video and see black male adults posting ignorant ass commentary that builds upon nothing. You can go to a Dr. Claud Anderson video or a Dr. Umar Johnson video on YouTube and look at the black male adults in the comment section and they make the same generic statements of “truth!” or “preach!” or “he is dropping knowledge!” or whatever. None of these black male adults are serious about doing anything and posting bullsh*t statements in these YouTube comment sections every damn day. Black Male Adults Focus on Like/Dislike. Instead of focusing on who got the skills and who can do the work, you see black male adults come around talking about “I don’t like him” or “I like this dude” type crap and not serious about saying what need to be done and what can be done. This stuff we going through economically and injustice is not going to be fought by people these black male adults choose to like and dislike but will be fought by cats who got skills and are about it. Cats didn’t like Dr. Martin Luther King or SNCC or CORE back in the Civil Rights days either. And those bitchy brothas running Black Enterprise magazine promoted that like/dislike crap the most out of everybody instead of recognize brothas and sistas really about the business. Promote their Ego Over Economics. When it comes to discussing economic empowerment, you will see over and over a black male adult come around talking about he worked at some airport crap in Washington DC or this other brotha make over $100K a year wanting you to personally admire their black bragging ass. It is kinda like a Godwin law where anytime we try to talk about black progress and improvement, these black male adults want to disrupt the damn conversation and talk about what they personally doing and they ain’t personally doing sh*t that matters. If they ain’t built out a hyper-local cryptocurrency system or engaged in urban planning, they ain’t doing a damn thing for the black community right now, I don’t give a damn what they talking about. I watch day in and day out these black male adults bring to the table lightweight conversation with that “preach!” and “truth!” bullcrap. I watch day in and day out none of these black male adults focused on 21st century approaches such as STEM implementations and instead try to act emotional all the time and want to profit off other cats weak emotions selling them corny black history crap on DVDs and speech circuits with the idiot black male adult audience screaming “preach!” and “wow!” after every sentence the speaker state. And they are on these BBS groups on some PUA stuff and more worried about black women chasing white men than the black community food crisis and prepaid card crisis and police militarization and anti-black mainstream media that can cripple the black community in days if we do not address these emergency matters right now. But the black male adults said screw the black children and screw the black community and they just going to talk online about “preach!” and “truth” in a Dr. Umar Johnson YouTube video comment section. These black male adults refused to become black men and put in the personal work to uplift their community and now we are approaching 2016 and it is too late for a lot of the younger brothas and sistas to get the help and foundation they need. It is going to take those with extreme real skills to come in and fight the relevant battle and overcome challenges in 2016 and because I have to get dragged in and fight this damn fight, I’m not happy about it. And if the black male adults running around said f*ck the black youth, then I’m going to say f*ck these black adult males and going to execute reprisals and sanctions. The black youth will be helped and I will do everything to make sure our youth get empowerment and help and at the same time, educate the black youth to not have respect for the black males adults who are up in those PUA BBS groups and YouTube comment sections posting “preach!” under a Dr. Claud Anderson video in 2015 while all this sh*t is going down in real-time. Getting Funky on these Funky Ass Brothas with the Big Payback One of the best ways and this is what T.I. said a long time ago – you handle your enemies with success. We will implement economic solutions and we will empower our skilled brothas and sistas to come back and do business in our hoods. So to effectively deal with the worthless black male adults who failed our black youth, we focus on success in the areas they fail. But the most important part is we mandate when we succeed that we stress and communicate the message that the black male adults failed our black youth and we came in to help. It is no secret – I will be on YouTube and also have a podcast early 2016 and I will directly call out these worthless black male adults and their worthless leaders and describe their ineffectual behavior. At the same time, I will do direct comparison with black folks who are doing stuff like what going on in Africa and the mayor of Atlanta and the brotha up in Blue Island creating a co-working spot and now setting one up in Saint Louis. And I will even highlight non-Blacks who are helping blacks and then make sure I point out what you worthless black adult males are doing which is talking about some chick swirling instead of empowering our people and supporting the black youth and their Black Lives Matter movement. I will specifically pull your goddam name and face and your commentary out of YouTube, out of Facebook, out of BBS groups, out of blogs and directly the out of United Players of America (got moles) and share with the black youth what you black male adults are saying and posting online – no solutions, no action or no concern about the black youth. I will share your black male adult direct quotes of “preach!” or “truth!” you post in those comment sections and tell the black youth how worthless and a loser you black male adults are and make sure the black youth have zero respect for you black male adults. Every Dr. Umar Johnson speech, every Dr. Boyce Watkins/Damon Dash Google Hangout session, every Dr. Claud Anderson talk we are going to reverse-engineer like software code and break down all of their main talking points and publish it in a special blog section. In less than 60 days, you will see they will sound like a broken record and cats are going to read our reverse-engineered summary postings before listening to the next Jason Black diatribe and start laughing and said that we already broke down his angle and what he was going to say. And then we going to break down the comment section full of worthless black male adults and how they respond and those talking points about “preach!” and “truth!” and we need to pool our money together and every other lame ass talking point you black male adults been saying over and over for years and years. I will make you worthless black male adults predictable and laughable to the black youth you have let down. And furthermore, I’m mulling taking the “swirling industry” away from these batty sistas and use that subcultural “niche market” to my advantage against you black male adult brothas as a demoralizing propaganda. I have media networks already setup and can take that industry and sign up cats to write content on that topic very quickly and with more firepower than the current sistas promoting that swirling crap. I can go HAM way better than that Beyond Black & White chick on this subject matter and you know damn well I can because I swirl a lot harder than them. And the truth is sistas will listen to a brotha faster than a sista will listen to another sista on any topic of relationships. I don’t have a dog in that fight, it is just a nice bonus +1 finishing strike to make sure you black male adults know that if you said f*ck the black youth and let them down, I’m going to make sure I respond that same f*ck you sentiments directly to your black male adult behinds.

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  1. I always wondered whyyou never had a podcast or a YouTube channel. I remember you did a guest podcast on rise and grind years ago.

    1. The reason why is simple – I’m not interested in entertaining worthless black males with audio and video media about the hustle. If they cannot read, they cannot do and if they want to watch and listen to someone on media they are just a spectator and not worth my time.

      My upcoming audio and video will not cater to weak wannabes that think this is entertainment…it will be different and interesting…

  2. “preach!”

    [Y’all know you wanted to be the first to post that!]

    On the real tho…

    I searched high and low for like-minded talent when I started my biz after chucking what was on track to be a stellar career working for Da Man. Finding nothing but negativity, fear, and ignorance, I did it anyway – solo (!) and semi-retired at age 32. That was 15+ years ago.

    I tried to reach back, but ya think a Brotha could get support from the Black community even AFTER I didn’t need them anymore? Nope. Just same ole same same. So, I partnered and expanded to Africa, but quickly discovered their tribalism was as worse or worse than our pettiness or the racism we experience in the USA. I’ll just skip the part about being abducted by those who stood to lose because I wasn’t about graft.

    So, like many others, I hired/partnered with Da Man to sell to Da Man as the chumps in the front while I remained the Black Mack in da back shot callin’.

    I do not hate my community, but dey’s ignant and fear the risk that success REQUIRES. Maybe I will give it another go, but right now Indian, Pakistani, Arab, Filipino cats are HONGRY and they ain’t playin’! They put in the effort and commit to being successful while young Brothas and Sistas stateside play on social media and let their minds atrophy on reality TV, sports, and anything else not conducive to or in direct conflict with self-improvement.

  3. …and just a little bit of learned advice:

    If you want to maximize marketing funds and sales, put a White face on your product and put White faces around your product. Blacks are pre-conditioned to buy regardless, but you won’t be limiting your product’s appeal. On the contrary, you make it globally appealing. You can live in the fantasy world of being all about being Black, but your competitors will snuff you out.

  4. People fail to read and then comprehend. Even with media. Comments are posted based in selective hearing and never to claim wrong doing. I have been about solutions and not just talking since being surrounded with better direction from D&H and the GUC. I’ve tried to bring people in my community together on a few things and I agree with JohnQpublic that it’s tough to get people in your community to operate as a unit. Many older folks I start to not respect in giving me direction unless they can show success because they are the main ones saying “good job” or “nice idea” etc but put forth no effort. Even some of my associates I put on game of how to create a viable hustle or use the skill they have to go for it and they tell me don’t give out info or I ask how is it going and it’s always an excuse why they haven’t started. I look at my situation as a optimist and know that by keeping concentration on building my skill I can help those who about it. It’s crazy how when you are an ambitious person how you do see people’s true side which I always believed people would jump at opportunities to make their community better.
    I mean I observe people a lot and came to the comprehension conclusion based off of it. However, continuing to go at what you want will help get you closer but people want to focus on the same ole what we need to do and not do it. I remember a group convo about black women success in education and entrepreneurship but failure at housing and eviction rates. I was the only one that posed group buying as a viable solution for siestas and only one sista reached out to link up. Another was stuck on how people loom down on your sacrificing situation when you working on your goals and a brother who just said that he thinks this was the only solution he seen in the whole comment section.
    I want more for myself as a first generation success in my family and at the rate I’m going I can see everything that I want to accomplish come to light.
    JohnQpubliq I had came across a few business minded blacks who mentioned the same thing as far as using white faces to make a global appeal. I think that’s the reality that I have to learn about business right now. I would like to reach out for some help in what I can learn in that area based on your experience. Great article.

    1. Ed has my permission to send you my anonymous email address. Reply with your phone number and best times to call and I will call you.

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