The Top 5 Movies on Netflix for a Grown Brotha Man to Watch

watchingmovies I’m going to share with the brothas my list of the best movies for a brotha to watch on Netflix in 2015. These are not movies you chill with your girl, these are movies for men when they got some free time or sitting up at night in the man cave and want to check out a movie that a man will appreciate to watch. Let me make myself perfectly clear – I do not watch campy movies, the movies I watch are full of sex scenes, blood, gore, violence and everything an American kid from the hood loves to consume for entertainment. All but one of the movies on this list are actually foreign films outside of the USA and require subtitles but this what makes these movies better – reading the subtitles help you understand the context of these movies better than just watching and being distracted with background noise. So with no further delay, let me introduce you guys to my top picks of brotha man movies currently streaming on Netflix: #5 IP Man IP Man is based on a true story of the legendary martial artist who trained Bruce Lee. What I loved about this movie was how we saw how a martial art school master was widely respected and revered and was a low-key leader during a period of adversity. Full of action from beginning to end and the fight scenes are considered the best ever made, period. #4 Capital This is a business movie and I don’t watch Power or Empire but assume you guys do but this one is a real global boss movie that spans from Paris to Miami to New York to Tokyo and then some – real global boss in this movie. What I like about this movie as a man is how he was able to remain rational knowing how cats were coming after his power and try to take him down. In this world when you brothas become a boss, you will see people all around you work to undermine you no matter how close they are and you have to stay a step ahead of all of them – this movie is a good watch for you brothas to see and the ending statement he makes is the best ending line that explains the whole game to you brothas. #3 El Infierno This right here is one of my favorite movies in Netflix and I can watch this over and over! I love this movie and they are trying to be funny on a real serious and cruel environment of the Mexican drug cartel war. It is one of those sick dark comedy where you as a brothas will love this movie if you have not seen it before. I can say too much but I wished we brothas can create these types of movies in our own hoods because I extremely love this movie and all I'm going to say is you guys will love this movie from beginning to end. #2 Love Me This movie is required viewing for the brothas in my book – it shows how these men got tired of American women and decided to look overseas and elsewhere. You will see the full game of where some guys thought they was going to game the chicks overseas and you saw chicks overseas gaming these guys. But what made this documentary great is you will also see cats who are real and chicks who are real made that connection. A lot of you brothas want a real chick and I tell you to go global because it’s some fine chicks all over – this is a good documentary to watch and look at all perspectives of finding love globally. #1 Happy People, A Year in the Taiga This documentary is the number 1 film ever created in history that explains and demonstrate what a real man is made of – period. If you are a male and watch this documentary and do not understand why this is the #1 man movie, then you need to keep watching this documentary until your ass figure out why this is the number one film ever in history that explains being a man and manhood. You are not a man if you do not feel this movie. I know my father and uncles and they would loved this movie and watched it with me, that's how much of a man movie this is. This is a real man movie and what you are looking at is real men at the raw and basic level. What you need to take away from this movie is can you sustain on your own as a man and do you know how to have a relationship with your dog. This is a worldwide highly regarded and acclaimed movie by men worldwide on how to be a man and this is a movie if it is not on Netflix, you order if off Amazon and add to the library to remind yourself what a real man is and if you can hold your own like these guys.

2 thoughts on “The Top 5 Movies on Netflix for a Grown Brotha Man to Watch

  1. I watched “Capitol” – good, but not gritty enough for me. I was hoping the protagonist would be making BOSS moves. Instead, he was essentially a Capo who revolted.

    I watched “Love Me” – Damn accurate portrayal of what is an infinitely complicated subject. I know because I live in a country frequented by foreigners looking for love. I have been “Big Brother” to many female friends interested in meeting foreign husbands, so I have a clear understanding of their perspectives and motivations. I have been witness to their happiness, sorrows, and fears. Likewise, I have witnessed the same from the guys’ perspectives.

    [BTW, Ed, please reopen the “How the Afro-Chinese Youth Explosion Will Destroy the American Black Boule in Less Than a Decade” thread. Being one of those guys, I can offer a first-hand (as opposed to theoreical) perspective on the subject. I’ve been living in Asia for 15+ years now. It is not theory to me. I have some “real talk” to share which might be helpful to others.]

    I watched IP Man long ago. Definitely worth a view. Solid “man-cave” entertainment.

    The other two are on my list for this week. Thanks for sharing!

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