You Can Lead an Million Man March to the Water But You Cannot Make Them Drink

cantdrink This right here is a broken record where I’m tired, brothas tired, sistas tired and the youth generation of brothas and sistas are tired. You know and I know African-Americans overall is looking to do nothing but rely on emotions such as being inspired, feeling motivated, expressing outrage and being offended or to tell someone else off or tell it like it is – you go boy! It only takes 7 days to get real work in motion, just 7 days. So you and me know 7 days later from the Million Man March event on Sunday October 18, 2015, we are just going to see brothas and sistas back on social media sharing memes and posting up “did you know this 8-year black kid started a cake business?” crap instead of do anything tangible. But here is the thing – when I heard Minister Farrakhan speech and he ended with he want to talk to the scholars, I realize this whole event was unavailing. What I see over and over and I come to realize exactly what the problem is. The problem is not Minister Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Dr. Claud Anderson, Dr. Umar Johnson, Stephen A. Smith or the NAACP or the Urban League or 100 Black Men. The problem is consistent – it is the African-American population at large that continue to let ourselves down collectively as a people that do not want to do nothing until it is too late to do something. It’s the lame ass brothas who want to keep following Tariq Nasheed and keep watching Hidden Colors 1,2,3,4,5 and ish. It’s the lame ass sistas who want to chase everything from thugs to white men instead of a black man who have the full capability to provide for her and a family. And brothas and sistas act too bitchy on petty stuff majoring in minors while I’m sitting here in real-time watching 20-30 year old people from other nations take over leadership of their country, their GDP and their future generation. You cannot solve black problems if black people don’t want to do anything. You cannot help black people if black people don’t want to be helped. You cannot tell black people anything if they don’t want to listen. It’s funny because in less than two months, Dream and Hustle talked about building electric vehicles and the approach, talked about mix-used development employing manufacturing/sector + residential, talked about drone opportunities in Africa and these are all real and attainable solutions that requires a level of work and research but it can be done and it is a big opportunity. In addition, I talked about how to use blockchain to know how to keep circulating money in the black community and provided an example of how to determine and pinpoint circular economic opportunities. And I still have idiots coming to my blog wanting to talk about lightweight matters. Come October 18, 2015 you will see African-Americans distracted and on something else like worried about a reality TV star, angry about what someone said about black people or whatever. Our people are not serious about improving or progressing and to be honest – it’s kinda too late for all of that. We are in October 2015 and in terminal velocity mode with no point of return. Other groups are already moving super-fast buying up real estate and innovating while African-Americans brag about our purchasing and spending power as docile consumers. You cannot be a black leader leading worthless ass black followers and one of the things we have to accept is the reality that a group of people can be fucked up beyond all repair (FUBAR) in a point of history where there is no turning back for that people and culture. The majority of us ain’t got what it takes to move forward and progress, plain and simple. I’m not feeling the Million Man March because I know exactly what is going to happen. The leaders are well-intentioned but the followers ain't going to do a damn thing. African-American brothas are going to run back to YouTube and watch the vlogging cats run their mouth and the African-American sistas are going to run back to reality TV and other TV shows and consume media that disrespect African-American sistas more than any other group. Cats are back on social media passing around memes and me and my people are planning global empire deals and I will be working with cats on building their hustle up. Only those among us that are already strong will stay strong and didn't need a march to know what we have to do right here and right now. Nothing will change and let’s keep it moving.

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  1. I had to cope with this realization about just focusing on helping the black community. It is a passion that I have to see the good in my people but then I sounded like a woman trying to fix a man who already made it up in his mind he is However, you can help those who don’t want it or the fact you pointed out that we are beyond repair as a whole unit of people. It sucks but you can only do what you can as I have experienced similar instances.

  2. I completely agree. I was just talking to a friend about how it amazes me that we still have Black folks blindly looking at Obama as some savior who is going to magically do a 180 and “turn Black” in his last year. It’s like the overwhelming majority of Black folks are just hell bent on becoming extinct.

  3. Less than 72 hours after the MMM, our African-American people is back to the inspirational/meme-posting business as usual….we ain’t going to do a damn thing..we really ain’t serious about anything are we?

    1. Brothers and sisters mostly want to cheer success from afar, they use pieces like the Oswego kid scientist above as a “cheer-on” piece, hoping that he will rise up and do the “saving” of Black people rather than your “average” Black person taking an inventory of their own life and the neighborhood around them and focusing their mind on making it better. Symbolic achievement by others is used as a crutch and a cheap placebo for real progress.

      Getting up off your butt and investing time to develop your mind and body and advance yourself takes real hard and focus work and discipline. The effort and discipline required to do that is too hard for most brothers and sisters, so it’s a more comfortable thing to do to lounge on the couch or in the sports bars on Sundays obsessing over a favorite franchise and bickering and trash-talking over social media, or watching and gossiping about the latest ratchet reality/Tyler Perry/Lee Daniels/Shonda Rhimes show. To indulge in processed junk, food-like edible substances in boxes all in the middle of the grocery stores…to stay intoxicated and addicted to diversions and distractions.

      Now to be a little more fair, that’s a trait of humanity, to skate off of the achievements of our geniuses and entrepreneurs and to have a love-hate hypocritical relationship with them with the rank-and-file coming off anti-intellectual and often downright stupid…but that’s a luxury that American majority “race” has that Black folks do not. Truth is, we need as many hands on deck as possible committed to putting in work in our hoods for its betterment.

      You don’t need everybody on board to Get Stuff Done, but you do need enough…and we’re not close to “enough” quite yet.

  4. Within 72 hours, African-Americans totally forgot about the Million Man March and now chattering about Lamar Odom being found in a brothel unconscious and he was married to a Kardashian and was on a realty TV show.

    Don’t worry, the painful demise of our people is just as predictable also…

    1. I haven’t been to this blog in a long time and plan on reading everything Ive missed. As soon as I got near the end I said “Lamar Odom” and I chucked to myself as I read the same thing I was thinking….

  5. I attended the 1995 MMM with 3 of my “boyz”. At the time, we were 20-ish and already making moves. Attendance was our way of showing support for ideas that we were already manifesting. I passed the CPA exam the year before and leading the accounting department for a $1+ billion subsidiary of a major Japanese electronics company, two of us (an actor and a filmmaker) were making moves in the entertainment industry, and one was wading deep into cyber-security and its global applications.

    20 years later, and with Obama well into his last term, it is sad to see that there has to be another MMM.

    What SHOULD be happening now is that those who attended the1995 MMM should be providing opportunities for the new blood after having created opportunities for themselves to do so. That is how Jews, Indians, and others have moved ahead.

    We [my post-Civil Rights era brethren] are now the leaders for the Millennial generation who need to put foot to tail-bone because we should not be in the same position we were at in 1995(!). The way forward is to encourage our youth to:

    1. Vote (!!!) so our voices are heard and our concerns addressed.
    2. Get elected to public office so we can change the laws to suite OUR agenda.
    3. Pursue careers in law enforcement so we can protect and serve our own.
    4. Extend a hand down to pull our own up wherever/however possible.
    5. End distraction activities such as those mentioned in the OP.

    I’m still doing my part and hope there is no need to have another MMM.

  6. Great article but the problem is not the masses but leadership. The majority of people are followers regardless of race or ethnicity. Inspiring leadership is good but leadership that can command capital and human resources is better. We have very little of the latter leadership which operates outside of white overseers.

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