How Hipster Outrage and Tribalism Shifting African-Americans towards Radicalism, Revolutionary and John Galt

outlook Approaching the end of 2015 and towards 2016 I’m seeing African-Americans under 30 moving in three different directions that will have different outcomes and impacts on who we are as a people. Many of you who follow me and Dream and Hustle may have noticed I been infiltrating social media structures and networks shaking the tree for a few weeks to gauge the young black adults and you should have known this is what I was doing. I have confirmed everything we predicted what will happen for the Barackalypse late 2015 here in November is manifesting right on time and things are going down as plan. I have not blogged about it yet, but we have too much indicators that beginning January 2016 will be a massive start of a recession that will continue where it left off before President Obama first took office in 2008. President Obama did a damn good job stopping the economic downfall that had no bottom but the thing is, President Obama is leaving office in a year come 2016 and nobody got a plan or strategy in place that is convincing. In addition, we are watching a China buying slowdown and if you are smart like the Wall Street guys, go around rich neighborhoods or look at listings online – the rich are dumping their $700k+ homes like crazy in anticipation of home prices fallout because there was a housing micro-bubble for quite some time. Runaway capitalism, stuff like contactless payments and cryptocurrency and big data is shifting the flow of money globally and drying up the cash-based operations that most African-Americans rely on. And most important, robotic automation is taking over and will be killing those minimum jobs like crazy. Yeah, yall keep fighting for that $15/hour job and all you know how to do is flip burgers. There will be $15/hour fast food jobs but those jobs will require a person know how to maintain those robots and self-checkout computers. In light of these economic conditions, we are looking at our African-American brothas and sistas and are pretty much lost and hiding under someone else basement thinking that house is safe. In other words, the majority of African-Americans failed to do for self and still focused on the declining influence of white privilege due to a diverse globalizing economy. I look at the black students on university campuses all hell bent on protesting and organizing to protest and be micro-offended instead of focus on creating home-grown innovation labs and innovation centers to create solutions. Then I see cats becoming frustrated and want to lash out at anything and everything because they see no opportunities and no hope for themselves, which is true – no one is going to give them a damn thing. And then I see the talent brothas and sistas out here, telling me they just micro-financed a boutique store in Accra and is a minor partner and want to learn how to run a business. These are the three types of African-Americans we are seeing manifesting in 2016 and let’s talk about each one. The Radicalized. We are looking at African-Americans young adults who adopted a sense of entitlement that the white privilege structure owe them something. But they going to see judges siding with white privilege in court, see opportunities go to white privilege even though they are qualified and they going to see the media continue to bash African-American in a more negative bully pulpit matter and spare brothas and sistas no mercy. And when these African-Americans get nothing and realize they ain’t going to get anything, they will be backed into a corner and they will lash out. Eventually and this is the route, they will become radicalized and they will make a statement with that radicalization. However, these radicals will not be skilled to make any major impact and don’t have the hustle to fund their radicalization efforts and it will be mostly cheap hit and runs. The Revolutionaries. The revolutionaries are not rhetorical intellectuals or cosplay cats wearing black berets and kufis and stuff. These are going to be cats who read Dream and Hustle and learned a little about technology and business and data manipulation and know how to strategize and execute. They will have the skillsets to create pop-up media, establish media networks, manufacture artificial propaganda to get people to make a decision and will use this skill to transform the community and the landscape around them. These are the people who will decide for example to convert an empty lot in the hood into a solar power farm and rent battery banks powerful enough to keep a home lit in the hood, lowering electric bills and running electric heaters during the winter. They will be revolutionaries but will have the real skills to make things happen, not just put a damn fist up in the air and stuff. The John Galts. The John Galts are the super-talented African-Americans who are going to just get up and leave America and the worthless remnants of the African-American community behind. Who wants to still be in America after President Obama leave? America is just lame and boring after a President like Obama was in office. Really, what is so damn exciting about America after President Obama leaves office? If you are still here waiting for something after President Obama leaves office, I would like to see the look on your damn pathetic face and then say “told ya so” as Marine One lifts off from the White House lawn. The John Galts will be in Shanghai, in Singapore, in Tokyo and Manila and Hanoi City and in Johannesburg and Accra and Rio building up global business operations and can give two craps about what African-Americans are still doing back here in America and their over-sensitivity to micro-aggressions. tpp So this is what we are seeing manifesting in real time and I don’t know if many of you guys are ready for this. What are you going to be? The radicalized who will fight a worthless battle of black vs white in a globalizing economy? The revolutionary that will have to make a decision and covert solutions to marginalize poor and ignorant inner city blacks to reclaim urban communities for working middle class blacks to thrive? Or are you the John Galt who got plans to move to Hanoi, Vietnam to establish billion dollar fish farm operation taking advantage of the TPP treaty? You guys need to make that decision now because things are changing right now in real-time. I’m going to say it one more time and I will blog about this later – the economy is showing indicators of a serious slowdown in 2016 due to the election year. If you follow patterns, the economy crashed the election year Bill Clinton was leaving office and the election year George W Bush was leaving office and now President Obama is leaving office in 2016. You cats better figure out something.

4 thoughts on “How Hipster Outrage and Tribalism Shifting African-Americans towards Radicalism, Revolutionary and John Galt

  1. Ed,

    You are so right about the economy. I’ve been paying real close attention to it since the Greece situation happened. I heard about it 2 days before it went mainstream because people were running to the bank to take their money out. When I did research on YouTube, I saw sooo many videos of people warning that it was going to happen back as early as 2014. So many people think that won’t happen to us.

    And the people protesting for $15 at fast food restaurants are in for a rude awakening. Last night, I went to Wendy’s with a friend (we were out of town and it was late) and the register had dual sides. Meaning, if the cashier wasn’t there, I could place my own order because I had a register screen in front of me! Kind of like self checkout at the grocery store, only this time it is self ordering.

    As far as what category I will be in, I will probably be in with The Revolutionaries. I’m too smart to be seeing things as black and white, and I’m not leaving this country unless I can take my 3 nephews with me, I care to much for them and their future, so I’ll have to be with The Revolutionaries.

  2. I closed my US office during the last recession and have not been back there since. After 9 11 the US really went downhill fast, now with Obama leaving….

  3. Ed, great post. Do you think it is necessary for me or anyone else to get technology certifications or just save the money and use it for something better as I’m trying to invest for my future with barely any capital to start with ? I’m trying to understand if the best route to implementing these strategies or simply learning STEM is best going the career/job route where you get experience or starting a tech company from the beginning.

    1. Briana I would advise learning how to do small stuff at a time. Learn how to mind map and then learn how to create a collection in C# or Java and learn how to install and use a data base. Learn little things and watch it come together is the best approach.

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