Rise of Empires: The Age of the Afro-Techs

afrotech Nothing will get done until someone actually do something. Welcome to the new era of game-changers emerging throughout the African Diaspora and let me introduce you to the class of brothas and sistas who are actually going to do something. You are going to experience the rise of the Afro-Tech brothas and sistas who will execute a quiet technocratic revolution to transform our people, our communities and our future worldwide. While the rest of the basic brothas and basic sistas did nothing but shared their worthless ineffectual opinion and impotent outrage over the Internet and think engaging in Black Twitter shaming/meme sharing campaigns solve real problems, the real cats that will be behind the Afro-Tech been busy putting in the real work behind the scenes to execute real solutions to establish the foundation of progress and prosperity for Africa-descended people worldwide. hoodtrippn Let’s be honest about the background story – the majority of Afro-Techs grew up in an environment being shunned and ignored by the greater black community for being too smart and having too big of a vision to do something great. But guess what, the Afro-Tech eventually overcame and risen up beyond the pettiness of the negative black community beliving they can hold back a good brotha or a good sista. The Afro-Tech quietly went for theirs, developed the talent, honed the skills and went through the failures but never gave up and here we are today. ebony Meanwhile, the rest of these ineffectual hipster black folks are just around talking about social justice with their arms crossed, fist in the air and palms out and act like they doing something special. I’m going to be honest with you – what the hell are the hipsters actually doing? Really? Hipsters think posing like they tough and defiant and collectively engaging in Black Twitter shaming campaigns solve our problems or change things? I find it funny these hipster African-Americans pulling all of this worthless social justice warrior posturing nonsense in late 2015 and throughout 2016 when President Obama is in his last year of office – should have done all of this crap back in late January 2009, hipster. novlayoff So let’s just cut the ish and get straight to the point – you social justice warrior Black Twitter hipsters are going to start seeing November 30, 2015 announcements of major mergers and acquisitions, lowered forecast adjustments which lead to more mass layoffs. Always done the Monday before or after Thanksgiving – so laid off cats don’t spend all their paycheck up on Christmas. Take a guess who get laid off first, my social justice warrior African-American friend? Getting laid off isn’t the problem - no one can control that – you hipsters not having any marketable skills to get back on your feet is the problem. And then you will see more bleeding from public school closings, hyper-gentrification, see sponsorships and fellowships and de-funding from that very same white privilege structure you “social justice warriors” claiming you fighting against. And other groups (Vietnam is the one to watch out for) coming in to take yer job, take your community and take the good brothas away from you sistas so she can partner with him, marry him and love her some brothas – all is fair in love and war. And we will watch the black ineffectual hipsters continue to operate on emotions and posing and maybe resort to violence when none of them know how to counterattack a Switchblade kamikaze drone the militarized police just added to their collection, don’t know how to manipulate data being collected on us or don’t know how to make their own bullets and even don’t know anything about breeding fish, rabbits and chickens in the hood to butcher, salt and canned their own meat and vegetables when food supply start drying up on purpose to force us out of our communities and purposely terror-famine us (betting this the first time you heard that word "terror-famine" also). Or prevent the spread of sexual diseases running rampant in our communities after introduction – after all, we black people sho love to have unprotected casual sex a lot, don’t we? These ineffectual hipsters don’t even have an ounce of clue-ness on how cats can come at our communities while they posing like a black defiant hipster. hackarmy Many of you think this fight is against the government or some huckster-based trailer trash racists but what you failed to realize is this fight will be done in the 21st century by private entities with tech talent and strategic talent who others can outsource to do the dirty work. The same kind of groups that you pay to dig up dirt on a politician – well, the game is way more advanced than that in the 21st century, my friend. We talking global network of negative strategists and negative influencers designed to systematically oppressed and create negative changes using AI-driven algorithms, not emotional hatred. And remember – in 2015 and 2016, you black hipster folks are still operating on that emotional paradigm. Those of us in the real fight will be those brothas and sistas with actual skills fighting with actual skills to bring to the battlefield and arena while the rest of yall are still driven by your ineffectual outrage and emotions. And the battle isn’t just to fight negativity, it is also to claim opportunities that are wide open that can be seized and controlled. So we are looking at information warfare, data manipulation and social manipulation and the battle for urban reclamation while seizing wide open global opportunities out there for anybody to grab and take advantage of. And this is where you hipster brothas and hipster sistas will be just worthless and sitting on the sideline and watch the rise of the Afro-Techs come in to handle business. The Attributes of the Afro-Tech approach One of the things I laugh at all the time in 2015 and will still laugh at in 2016 is how African-Americans resort to silly socialite-based strategies while our are going through the most rough and challenging moment in African-American history. Focused all on who got the most likes, who is written up in white-privilege-orientated media, who got money – I mean “net worth”, who got a lot of Twitter followers and who sound the most “deepest” on YouTube and stuff like that. Real war going on out here against our people and this is what African-Americans resorted to – socialite stuff. The Afro-Tech will approach our challenges and opportunities using the following attributes: Solution-Orientated. No more Top 100 black folks with photos of them with their arm crossed and smiling and you sharing the story of this cute black kid or this professional-looking cornball like Tristan Walker. The Afro-Techs will explain the problem and explain the solution using expertise and methodology explained. The Afro-Techs don’t need social-acceptance or validation; they are solution-oriented and the job is to define the problem, formulate a solution approach and execute. When an Afro-Tech explain the problem and demonstrate the solution, not much of someone else opinion really matters, do it? Global-Orientated. The Afro-Techs got passports, visas and instant messaging and video conferencing and global collaboration tools. The Afro-Techs go worldwide and while you vacation there and take selfies, the Afro-Techs are also there to handle business also and understand what’s going on. And what the Afro-Techs have learned is the African-American community have more similarities and challenges as other groups around the world and other groups around the world created innovative solutions. And the Afro-Tech will research and adopt proven patterns and practices that drive solutions and adopt them while the rest of you guys are on some skin-color black-identity crap looking for someone on a Top 100 black people list to save you and the community. Measurable-Data. Black folks when talking about issues, like to be shallow, dense and vague and make up numbers and unproven garbage as they keep talking. The resort to emotional rhetoric to get a rise out of other people – solving nothing. The Afro-Techs will measure everything from the problem impact to the solution impact and the KPIs to measure progress towards a measured goal. If cats are talking about black problems and black solutions but cannot show measurements, then they are full of crap, plain and simple. Once the Afro-Techs deliver measurements, others will look kind of ignorant complaining about something they have not measured. Non-Apologetically Powerful. You ever notice when you read about cornballs in the tech industry talking about diversity in Silicon Valley and stuff how weak and untalented they look? Look at the black people making comment on Techcrunch comment section on the discussion on tech diversity - look at them. Let me give you a hint – the minute you learn technology and have the power to do powerful things with technology, you ain’t begging nobody for nothing – you letting them know you the one and ain’t to be played with because you have the power. That is like someone mastering the martial art of Fujian White Crane and then want to complain publicly they are not allowed to join a Shaolin martial art school, you know what I’m saying? The Afro-Tech will show nothing but power, not begging anybody for anything because they will make it happen. Like you see in the video above, solutions are explained, not "top 100" people being profiled. By focusing on solutions, global patterns and practices and measurable data, the Afro-Techs will subtly marginalize all of the fake black-empowerment cats out of the equation. The Afro-Tech will also shut down all the emotional rhetoric and our people will start seeing real work on real progress and see real things happening as a result. What the Afro-Tech will do, I already see this done in Asia where the focus has been on promoting solutions, measured results and adopting practices and patterns and show real results. The Afro-Tech is Serious about Solutions solutions Hey, what are you doing? Tell me what you are doing? So, what are you doing to solve the problem? Do you hear the lame African-American cats out there always asking this question trying to see if they can challenge someone? You really know what is going on right? What is really going on is these African-American pro-black characters want to believe or hedging their bet that no one is doing anything to rationalize their own ineffectualness and inability to do something themselves. These pro-black African-Americans talking that “what are you doing” stuff actually don’t want to see a solution and believe no one is working on a solution so they can shuck and jive about pro-blackness and so-called solutions as long as they are capable without putting in real work. Well, the Afro-Techs are doing something and been a work in progress and I personally witness it over the years. I saw the awkward failures but I also saw the Afro-Techs rebound and came out better when I and other provided with better data or built out a custom API for the Afro-Techs to improve upon to get better. So let’s talk about the solutions and the solution approach to kinda rub it in the face of you ineffectual emotional-laden black hipsters and show you the Afro-Techs are about it. Economic Solutions. Economic-optimization is collecting and measuring transactions to understand what is being imported and exported. What is most important is to understand global economics and find gap analysis of what our communities don’t do but could be doing and the level of work needed to make it happen. Focus on low-hanging, highly profitable solutions first and create a progression path that can be published and charted. Circular economics and cryptocurrency are the first things that you should think of. Media Solutions. Establish our own media not to focus on celebrities and scandals and debates on negative aspect of black relationships but to market and promote good in our hoods. Promote solutions and showcase solutions. Provide effective counter and relentless assault upon mainstream media in a way they will know the word is spreading about. Create a medium for real issues in our communities be addressed and acknowledged. And most important – hold elected officials responsible. Logistic Solutions. How do we transport goods from wholesale overseas to delivery to retailers and to home addresses? How can we empower regions in Africa with little transportation and let them leapfrog into future transportation options or upcycle anachronistic solutions such as using steam? When our communities and businesses transport goods, how to keep them from roving bandits and deliver the good safely to those in needs? How can we track in real-time and manage inventory and demand/supply effectively? Urban Renewal. Reclaim empty spaces in our hoods and use them to accommodate productive uses from farmers market to food truck market to min-park to mobile police station to mini-malls using shipping containers to workshops to solar farms to outdoor gardening to ridesharing drop-offs and public wedding atriums to promote black love and black marriage in our communities. In case you didn’t understand the last sentence, convert an empty space in the hood as a beautiful space for brothas and sistas to get married or renew vows so cats can not worry about expensive wedding stuff. Energy Solutions. Really don’t need to be dependent on utility companies that love cutting off the lights, phones and other stuff on older black folks who are on fixed-income. In addition, spaces in Africa can be reclaimed using solar energy banks and wind energy and hydro-energy that subsidized on resort taxes allowing the locals to focus on living well. This is a wide open massive field out there of opportunity to seize at a lot of Africa is uninhabited beautiful big country but lack energy infrastructure. Security Solutions. Crime in urban areas can be controlled. The Afro-Techs had technology for the longest time to help fight crime but the Afro-Techs cannot get love and support to bring these solutions to market. For example, the city of Chicago especially the South Side can be controlled virtually block-by-block using data collection engines where we can track crime data, track activity data and know the hot spots. For example, mapping data or GPS real-time tracking on phone allow us to see how the “good people” on the South Side of Chicago travel and if we see the majority of them not going through 69th street, then we know they know that area is not safe for them and we pinpointed a location to take care of. Smart cameras and remote surveillance drones in addition to block communities engaged in self-registration of data will wipe out and predict crime and events in almost real-time or beforehand. Wellness Solutions. Black people cannot enjoy solutions if they do not live long enough or stay healthy enough to enjoy them. Afro-Techs in wellness focus on activity tracking devices that works with medical providers in our hoods to help improve and monitor health lowering cost. Also focus on super foods and the right foods and work to get them into our diets and patterns for healthy enjoyment. Establish activities like virtual marathons and exercise parks friendly for seniors and children. Take the solutions worldwide to improve the health and wellness of African Diaspora to increase the lifespan of our African brothas and sistas. justdoingit So you can go and run tell that – the Age of the Afro-Techs is here and don’t need social media likes, Twitter followers and don’t need outside validation to handle their business. The Afro-Techs are global and developed the skills to solve problems they are passionate about overcoming for the betterment of people overall. Nothing gets done until someone do something and the Afro-Techs are the ones who put in the work and stepped up to the plate to do something. In terms of that “net worth” thing, the Afro-Tech will have that but they don’t have to show you anything. The Afro-Tech will be in multiple markets worldwide making money in every currency on a concurrent basis with billions of customers. They are solving global problems while helping their own people at the same damn time. From Mexico City to Hanoi City to Tokyo to London to Accra to Shanghai, it’s all on and the world is theirs. So all you cats out there chasing and admiring rappers, athletes and entertainers thinking that’s all our people can aspire to, you might want to re-think that silly nonsense - you want to be rocking with the best, the Afro-Techs. The Obvious Question question Of course you can continue to mouth off your worthless opinions and rants – there is nothing more entertaining to the world than an ineffectual angry person of color like yourself. It makes them feel superior and laugh with cruel humor to watch you black folks be angry and upset and protest but have no power to make anything real happen. I mean, I don’t expect you to learn how to master STEM, I fully expect you to run your mouth with you hoping/wishing someone out there actually gives a damn about you or your plight. You are the change you are waiting on, my brothas and sistas. There is no better empowerment than self-empowerment and you have to take the time and sacrifice to invest in yourself. The day you become free is the day you realize you have free will to take action. You must have the primal understanding we humans get better and improve when we try something, fail at something, try again and it works! Talking is depressing – actually trying, failing, finding a solution, then take it up to the next level – that is excitement and life right there. So yeah, you can talk all you want. But this is the Age of the Afro-Techs and we are about it. And if you ain’t about it, then don’t get mad or jealous when you see the Afro-Techs take over and handle business, just check the flow.

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  1. This post definitely ranks up there as one of my favorite “Classic Ed” posts of all time. Direct, to the point with just a tad shade. I especially loved “The Afro-Techs don’t need social-acceptance or validation; they are solution-oriented and the job is to define the problem, formulate a solution approach and execute.” I can’t agree with Ed enough on this one – please take heed, this is the missing link. Thank you for this post.

  2. As someone invested in the field of product design/ product development, it is imperative for these occupations and solution based activities to penetrate our communities. Respect.

  3. Awesome article as always, Ed! Black folks need to take CONTROL of technology (and I’m not talking about buying an iphone because it’s “cool”) and harnessing that power for overall improvement in The Black Community. And The Black Community needs to SUPPORT those brothas and sistas who want to and can do just that.

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