The Reason Why YouTube Have So Many Experts on Why No One Wants to Date a Black Woman

Have you ever made a mistake to look at a Tommy Sotomayor video on YouTube and then all of a sudden in your recommendation list is a 100+ videos of people explaining why no one wants a black woman? I mean it is like everybody is an expert on the black woman and everybody want to talk about why no one wants to date black women, why black men are dating white women instead and so on and so on. And even news media is having this conversation over and over. Damn black woman…how it feel to have the whole Internet crap all over you, girlfriend? No one wants to date you, your man checking white chicks and everybody talking about you and your attitude and every other thing about you? Let’s look at a few videos out there: sorry but I have to comment on this video above – what is the barber trying to comb at 1:15? I know it is crazy to see video after video of everybody coming at the black woman calling her basically a negative worthless piece of sh*t and a mistake for any man to fall in love or even try to fall in love with. But I want to be Captain Obvious here – I already explained why you see all these videos black women and it has nothing to do with relationships. chick Let me be very straightforward and simple and answer the question. The reason no man want to date some of you black women out there that is single is because you sistas got a flat booty, plain and simple. It ain’t nothing more complicated than that and despite all this extra chatter all over the internet and elsewhere, if you sistas got a flat booty, cats ain’t checking you. Now, if you got a booty and look anything like the chick in the picture above, cats will be lined up around the corner to get at you and don’t give a damn how you act, how stupid and trifling you are and how many kids you got. They would try to marry your big booty even if you told them you divorcing your husband after he found out you cheated with a thug, if you have a booty these same dudes will still line up around the corner trying to get at you. It’s the booty – let me do an audit and see the booty of all these chicks complaining no one out there checking them and that is your 1/0 binary of true/false and yes/no – do she have or do she don’t have a booty? Now, the real question is why all these experts are talking about why you black women are not dateable and single on YouTube sounding like experts? The answer is extremely obvious. The reason why is because all these guys are profiting off the discussion of crapping on the black woman. YouTube pays anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000+ with expectation of $15,000 based on the number of views and advertisement for these videos. I have explained over and over the profit machine of Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden and others who make a lot of money portraying black women as negative, poor self-esteem and crappy and undesirable and bitches and hoes on radio and music videos but you sistas go out and support Tyler Perry. Notice the majority of drivers on this conversation are – black women who are perpetuating the negativity on black women. These self-serving sistas are selling black women out looking to make money crapping on black women and promote negative reinforcement upon black women to make a buck. Another thing you should notice is how broke and stupid everybody look – they driving generic cars you get from AutoNation or DriveTime or they in a room that look basic and their clothes are tacky – but they talking to you guys about relationships. Look, I’m a technology expert and I make money creating technology solutions – real damn money. I don’t need a buck crapping on any sista or pushing any hustle to any of you. This blog been around for 10 years – do you see any damn ads here as if I need to pay bills? So I’m not the one to BS you sistas so you can listen to me because I don’t have the “make a buck” motive you see others have in this conversation crapping on sistas to pay their bills. I am self-made through my profession and none of these other cats are self-made and these other guys built themselves off crapping on the black woman or playing on the low self-esteem of black women, like Tyler Perry and Michael Baisden and so on. You sistas need to realize all of these people from DL Hughley to Tony Gaskins business model is 100% based on keeping you sistas as this perpetual victim with low self-esteem, always single, relationships always full of drama. Tyler Perry will never talk to you about how to self-brand yourself like Dream and Hustle where I have articles that taught you sistas how to run a non-profit that compliment your for-profit operation – Dream and Hustle wrote that. Tony Gaskins will never talk to you sistas about how to create a hair extension operation and promote a brand at the same time – Dream and Hustle wrote that article and it is one of our top articles on this blog. Everybody have women conferences that gives sistas nothing but motivation speeches - I provided the Global Urban Collective as a professional group where sistas are comfortable and welcome to discuss their empire/business and we are supporting the sistas to work towards big things and think big. Everybody who ain't got nothing going for them in our black community realize the best way to hustle up is to sh*t on black women by dissing her and downing her as their comeup, calling her a b*tch and all that good stuff as a stand up comic, radio show host or a relationship expert or YouTube vlogger. You sistas need to open your eyes and stop supporting negative media that target you black women under the guise of dating / relationship subjects because as you see, everybody from Steve Harvey and that negative strawberry letter crap to these videos, everybody is making money by being negative against the black woman. So until you sistas learn to stop supporting negative stuff like Tyler Perry, Tony Gaskins and Michael Baisden and you sistas cannot realize they making money portraying you sistas as miserable and bitchy, I cannot find you black African-American women dateable either.

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  1. WHOA!!!! In the second video, what is that gut-wrenching protuberance on that negroe’s lip?!?!?!?! Gottdayyum, if you’re ground-zero for herpes world-wide, how-in-a-phuk you expect to have anything valid to contribute to the conversation? Jes-sayyin;…,

  2. reminds me of the below quote.

    There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. Booker T. Washington

    1. That sums up the profile of a mass communications coon. Don Lemonade, Raven Simone, Larry Elder and the likes. What book was that from?

    2. I cannot agree with attributing Booker T Washington statement to Raven Symone or Don Lemon because it waters down and takes away exactly who Booker T Washington was specifically referring to.

      It is a very strong distinction – Raven Symone, Don Lemon or Larry Elder are not trying to tell Black folks emotionally what they want to hear – that is the clear distinction from the people above who are specifically appealing to black people with emotions and grievances.

      Booker T Washington was specifically referring to the “grievance machine” in our community

  3. This entire discussion needs to be qualified. Every video (and almost every discussion I have ever encountered online) is about AMERICAN Black women ONLY,

    Generally speaking, Non-AMERICAN Black women are totally different. I challenge anyone to find this same discussion and gripes regarding non-AMERICAN Black women.

    I am a first-hand witness that Black women elsewhere are a stark contrast to AMERICAN Black women. My Brothas with thick passports can back me up.

    This is a uniquely AMERICAN Black woman phenomenon. AMERICAN Black women need to checkup on how Sistas elsewhere roll. Totally, totally different mindset, values, and priorities.

    1. I agree – there are beautiful non-American black women personally sculpted by the hand of God with grace and beauty to make a man a King but we are referring to African-American and Jamaican women for this conversation..

    2. Ed when you say that there are non American black women personally sculpted by the hand of God but leave out the American black woman you are not better than the people who continue to crap on black women. All black women including American black women are personally sculpted beautiful creatures in God’s image.

      1. We in America were bred and mixed up via slavery.

        I’m pretty sure you want to badly believe in the Christian slaver religion forced upon us and happily believe in what you just said…

        But those people in Africa were personally sculpted by the Hand of God..anybody can look and tell which is why our ancestral African family been persecuted.

        Not caring about how one mortal human walking around indoctrinated by a slaver religion feel or think..the African people are the original man and woman with culture older than the Abrahamic religions and was definitely sculpted by the Hand of God. And the women are dropped to knees gorgeous and surreal and their aura and real man can lie about this…

  4. This article really had me thinking. My problem is I can’t seem to find any sistas who wholeheartedly agree with your points, Ed. I have stated from the early days of Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey that these guys are hustling black women and profiting off of their pain and we keep taking the bait. What is a free-thinking woman do to Ed? When I make reference to these Black Women Hustlers, my fellow sistas give me the side-eye look. The only credit that I give these guys and other “Experts” that that they have come up with a good business model. to hustle black women.

    1. One of the things we have to accept is something I learned reading the Bible – God goes after groups of ignorant people and their whole ignorant culture, not necessarily individuals.

      If a group of African-Americans want to promote ignorance and self-hatred and other activities not beneficial to them, you have to distance yourself away from those people. I have personally been deleting African-American women I knew for decades out of my contacts, social networks and life who are on the Internet taggng and linking to Michael Baisden and Tony Gaskins and so on because I’m removing myself from those kind of people. The same way I cut out any brotha once I become aware they follow the likes of Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black, Dr. Umar Johnson and so on. I’m removing myself from these kind of people.

      There is little you in 2015-2016 can do to save a sista that want to still allow herself to be crapped on to make a black man rich or a black self-hating woman rich and the rest of the world rich. Best you can do is remove yourself from them and that whole environment immediately. The other smart sistas will do the same and you build up only with the sistas that woke up to the game and you all work on building up things the right way (S2S business, media channels, global partners, land/asset grab, etc.).

      Like I said, God ain’t going after ones and twos – God taking out that whole culture and flooding all that land so you get away from that environment and take care of yourself and like-minded people. There is a book I saw called micro-cultures or micro-communities Tribalism in a bookstore and this is basically where we are moving to and I suggest you establish your own.

  5. This article is truthful and hurtful. I am tired of the hating black woman drama that comes from all of these people. When the book “Think Like a Man” came out, I was immediately turned off…I feel as though the world craps on us enough and now, our black man is doing the same. The media portrayal of us are not all of US! Wow, Ed, you have hit onto something. This is the reason I do not go to women conferences because they do not give you anything tangible to take back and continue to build on. Maybe I should do a conference on business ideas from the GUC and charge them for it?? 🙂

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