This Thanksgiving, Let’s Understand Why So Many Black Successful People Say No Thanks and Not Giving Back When They Get Big

thankful When I talk to successful brothas and sistas and their come-up, they have the same experience I have. The successful cats talk about knowing the rough roads and structured racism that hinders brothas and sistas but they never expected to see so much non-support and side hating from their own people – they never expected that. Even deeper, their own family working to put self-doubt on their dreams and their hustle and not having any expectation of them becoming bigger and better. I actively go and out and try to seek brothas and sistas with real talent – not the fluff cornballs you black folks read about and share around on Facebook, but the uber-elite who me and my crew already researched their talent and skills. In the real world cats like us find you and know you if you got real skills, you don’t need to brag about yourself. Cats who want you to believe they the ish usually cannot produce to demonstrate they the ish, remember that. I need brothas and sistas to look at the hood and our black community and ask them to look at helping up our people and especially the young cats who are trapped in the hood with the gifted talent to make a difference in this world. hoodtrippn And over and over I hear the same story from the black talent I’m trying to bring back to our community – the black community shunned them for being smart when they were growing up. The black females chased recessive and degenerate black dudes instead of invest and stand behind a good brotha on the way up. The black dudes wrapped themselves in a misogynist culture objectifying sistas and only chasing after the ones putting out instead of stand behind a good sista and let her blossom into a full woman. And I can tell this hurt them more than anything on their way up and as they built their skills up and standing tall. Let me be straight up with you this Thanksgiving. The majority of you in the black community are extremely un-useful emotional-based idiots who cannot contribute much to help revitalize, rescue or repair the black community. You do not have true business skills that can operate on big data and KPIs and attract mass appeal. You do not have true urbanization skills to turn hood spaces into productive spaces to unlock hidden economic opportunities in our community. You know little or nothing about alternative energy that can be harnessed to offset overall community cost and help our seniors stay warm or keep cool. You cannot offer a damn thing but your opinion and your mouth and I don’t care how cats feel about what I just said because that’s all cats got to bring to the crisis in our black communities – their feelings. These other cats with talent, they can make things happen for our black communities and we need them back and helping us. But they didn’t like being shamed for being smart by the rest of you folks in the black community who didn’t want to see someone else make it because you wanted to see everybody else doing the same regular stuff like you working a crappy job and paying tithes. I’m going to do everything I can to bring these cats back and help revitalize and rebuild and repurpose the black community. A lot of these talented brothas and sistas are already rich, already got the good life going on and ain’t trying to look back. But I’m going to try to convince them not to look back but to reach back for the little brothas and sistas out there who have talent and look out for them. tv So to the black community at large, I have this message to say this Thanksgiving. You cats can eat your damn turkey and Patti LaBelle pies and post your selfies on Facebook and run to Wal-Mart to fight over a cheap flat panel TV for $150. But we are going to need those talented brothas and talented sistas you all in the black community shunned on the come-up and I’m going to work to bring them back to help me handle business. And I hope the black community be a lot more thankful and a lot more giving of support than they have done to these talented brothas and sistas.

4 thoughts on “This Thanksgiving, Let’s Understand Why So Many Black Successful People Say No Thanks and Not Giving Back When They Get Big

  1. Thanks for posting the article. I needed that reminder. It helps me stay focused on my goals. I was telling my wife the other day that we are the only group of people that shame each other for being smart. What I find so crazy is that those same people shaming the nerds end up working for the nerds later in life. I just want to know what can we do to break this hive mind mentality? What are your thoughts?

    1. @ Mr Styles – Just teach the ‘nerds’ to fight, to play sports (even if they suck), to be clever/funny and to get the girl.
      No one has to be a thug but they should never be a bitch.
      There is no need for a smart brotha’ to be one-dimentional.
      One has to become Black++.

      But no, we are not the only group that does this. Dumb people from all races resent those who are smarter than themselves. ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ are primarily ‘white’ stories (as examples). The problem doesn’t come from being smart – the problem is when one is weak, has no game and they are socially inept.

      Smart is still valued – even by dope-boys.
      My meetings are;
      White politicians and business owners on Wednesdays before the clubs open,
      Black politicians and business owners on Thursdays before the clubs open,
      And Black ‘street money’ on Thursdays after the clubs close.
      If one group needs to meet with another group a Sunday brunch is set up.
      The best conversations I’ve had was when a dope-boss, other street money, some rappers, others club owners and myself were talking shop about whether it was better to expand by creating a bigger

    2. …club or taking over other clubs.
      One of the dope-bosses thought it was better to expand one’s territory. Others thought it was better to consolidate one’s product. In the end we decided that we should begin to take over other areas.
      Any intelligence has to be relevant and relatable.

  2. You are one of few bloggers who promote the ‘can do’ philosophy. It’s inspiring even for me, a retired person. Thank you.

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