3 Choices to Choose the Dream and Hustle Hour of Code Session For Me to Instruct You Brothas and Sistas How to Code a Global Empire

codegirl Do for self or worship someone else – your choice. This week in December 2015 is computer science week and I’m going to show you brothas and sistas how to code a business model out to get your money and hustle up. Now I already put the Global Urban Collective through a challenge kit this week and see if they can figure out how to code and now it is you cats who read this blog turn to learn how to code on your computer to build out a digital business model. Before I continue, let’s listen to our US President and what he has to say: Knowing how to code is knowing what self-empowerment means. When you can code, you are building something real out of your thoughts and watching it work right in front of your eyes. You get the instant gratification that you thought of a problem/opportunity, planned how to code it out and watch that code solve that problem! Nothing is more powerful and uplifting than being able to code out a solution or craft a solution or build a solution. When you become a powerful technology expert and know coding like Neo from the Matrix, you don’t have to worry about dodging bullets because you don’t have to. In other words, it is oxymoronic to be a class-A hacker/coder and be seen groveling someone in Silicon Valley for a chance/opportunity. You would tell Silicon Valley to go somewhere because you have the skills and power to create things, manipulate things and solve problems. That's why you see the cornball black techs running to Silicon Valley while I been chillin here in Atlanta because I chosen to work in the ATL and you know why..fine sistas down here! Now I hate to kind of be honest here, but all these so-called black technology cats that want to brag about themselves and how special they are to the black race – are any of them going to show you brothas and sistas how to code? Or are these same “technology” brothas and sistas just in this to have you black folks admiring them for validation and respect? techdork Let me ask you to think about something and hear me out for a moment. A black chef can demonstrate and show you cats how to cook up some serious dishes in the kitchen, right? A black fitness instructor can show you how to perform functional workout routines, right? So why these black technology characters running around have issues/problems showing you black folks how to code? The answer is simple – they fake as heck. We real over here at Dream and Hustle and we about it – we are going to show you how to code out a hustle and it’s all skills and freestyling over here. Now I’m going to give you 3 options and you are going to have to choose 1 for our hour of code session here on this blog. Our theme for this code session is do for self or worship someone else. Many of you cats like to talk about other cats and they are special and what they are doing but you can be the person doing for self and making things happen. See, Dream and Hustle isn’t like cornball blogs like Urban Intellectuals and that BS they publish over there about what someone else supposed to be doing that “inspiring” or whatever. Nah, my man, Dream and Hustle is over here telling you, yes you how to get something done and we are not here to inspire you, we going to sit down with you and show you how to make things happen for you and yours to go and get it. So after we provide the coding session, you can choose to worship someone else reading “inspirational” blogs like Urban Intellectual cornball crap or you can choose to start doing for self with your newfound coding skills and blaze your own trail and hustle hard and the world is yours. So here are the 3 choices – choose wisely. Cryptology Technology for Asset Tracking. This is what I have the Global Urban Collective working on. This is basically creating an encryption verification scheme where you use bitcoin style transactions to verify who the owner of a product or digital asset. A good business case is selling this service to Nike to help them create a verification system so a limited-edition shoe created for 499 people can be verified and will never be stolen or sold on the black market. Or luxury bags or other limited items. This is one of those business models that require nothing but code to start making money offering a digital service. Razor Subscription Model. Many of you are celebrating some Techcrunch favorite face of tech diversity Tristan Walker and his razor subscription service, the best he can come up with as a business idea..wow. Well, we can show you exactly how to create a subscription razor service and get it up and running where you take pre-orders and have a shipping options and notifications and pricing tables as a full functioning operation where you can have any kind of local or national or international subscription business to run with after I show you how to code this out. Personally, I wouldn’t choose this model – I’m only putting it here to show how lame Tristan Walker actually is. RFID/Card Game Programming. A while ago, I talked about putting RFID chips in the Homies to create interactive mobile games. I also learned there is a big market for card-based role-playing games where you can role dices and use chips/tokens and pull cards or use cards to determine your next move. I will show you how to design a game like this you can create your own urban-based card game or PVC character game with RFID or QR code to scan or maybe a Facebook game for you to market. Think about an urban game where you have characters who have to navigate the hood for crooked cops, drug dealers, pimps, politicians and preachers and fight them as you build up the black community – I can show you how to create the characters, define the gaming rules and show you how to program the gameplay and package it to sell on Facebook or as a card-based game you put in stores everywhere and then try to sell on Shark Tank for publicity. So those are your 3 choices for us to show you how to code something out for the Hour of Code. We are real coders here at Dream and Hustle and us being real make phony black technology characters real maaaad and they hate us because they ain't us! Yeah, these cornball black technology characters cannot show yall black folks anything, can they? They just want you black folks admiring them and they got nothing to show you on the how-to of doing things, right? A chef can show you how to make cordon bleu chicken but these cornball black technology cats cannot even show yall how to code any kind of black urban empowerment solution. Look how Bill Gates can freestyle how to code because he is real and real cats can freestyle and just talk to you in the code and use examples you can understand. Meanwhile the other cornball brothas and sistas get write-ups in Techcrunch and Forbes with no explanation of the code or a code review. See, that’s real vs fake. Ok I digress, go ahead and make your choice for what you want me to show you how to code out and let’s make something happen. Do for self or keep worshipping someone else – your choice.

20 thoughts on “3 Choices to Choose the Dream and Hustle Hour of Code Session For Me to Instruct You Brothas and Sistas How to Code a Global Empire

  1. Look…I know #1 can create business models like mobile ticketing validation and membership validation and tracking hair weave shipments and do trade with Africa and Southeast Asia and combined with the previous blockchain article can give you a powerful resume to work anywhere in the world you want and launch all kind of businesses just from lines of code shorter than this article. Also you can learn how to store encrypted data without worrying about being hacked and comprised.

    But what’s wrong with a subscription packages and creating urban-based games? I know you got only one choice but everyone ain’t the person to make money from mining crypto-keys and selling trust-based services to the global trade economy, just saying….

  2. Damn! I’m for all three lol. Gaming would be good that is a huge industry as well. Even using bitcoin for gaming can work.

  3. Gaming! I can learn the basics of that and then apply that to offering unique gamification solutions to schools and businesses!

  4. OK. Look like its going to be the Trusted Service Provider business model using a cryptosystem platform. That was a good choice as TSPs are needed to establish trust in the trillions in trade transactions around the world and a massive global opportunity.

    The same way Paypal helped EBay, TSPs can help Alibaba merchants and buyers trust each other and create validation and verification. This is a billion-dollar opportunity with just digital assets and little startup efforts.

    See I can just build this myself and be smiling in Techcrunch like Tristan Walker acting like I need you to admire me but I’m going to show you cats how to code and build next generation business empires. Good choice guys.

    But be warned..the tech bigots know my skills and as soon as I publish they will steal this faster than they stole rock & roll from Chuck Berry…you better move fast..

  5. I have been checking out coding and I believe I can do this; but my long range goal is choice #1 and my immediate goal is more revolutionary for my hood…any comments about applications?

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