African-American Sistas Ran Out to Defend Steve Harvey Not Realizing Steve Harvey Found a New Flavor

playaplaya Let’s just make this short and sweet – Steve Harvey felt bad and apologized to these beautiful global sistas but never apologized to one African-American sista for the negative media programming he targeted them with. So the executive summary here is short and sweet – this is another example of brothas learning to rise up by crapping on the African-American sista and using her as a stepping stone to get to the global sistas and the African-American sistas don’t mind as long as she can continue to consume negative anti-sista media and be wondering why we brothas don’t want to date/marry our own sistas any more. By all means, I perfectly understand turning mistakes into opportunities and Steve Harvey is very skilled at keeping it moving forward. But African-American sistas come running to defend Steve Harvey referencing some Black Enterprise magazine article saying he has a stake in the pageant. When I heard several African-American sistas said that about Steve Harvey trying to defend him, I walked to another room away from the children and started laughing hysterically and then I curled a smile. light You see, my African-American sistas, what you looking at in the photo above is Steve Harvey finding his new flavor and realize he can expand now to the global market of global sistas which is a bigger opportunity than anything the African-American sista have to offer in terms of market size. Colombia and Philippines are emerging markets – that is where your fish and fruits are being raised and outsourced IT and creative jobs are moving transferring to the Philippines rapidly away from India. And the rest of the nations out there – they now know who Steve Harvey is. Steve Harvey just blew up with the global sistas and a global audience. In other words, this is a turning point for Steve Harvey and this all plays out well in timing with President Obama leaving office within a year and the next presidential election will be decided by the next 2016 Miss Universe. Steve Harvey was extremely remorseful but what you sistas didn’t realize was he was never this remorseful towards you sistas. Looks to me Steve Harvey can now focus on moving up to global markets and global sistas with his TV shows and leave you African-Americans sistas behind and that negative media programming he was about with you sistas. But don’t worry, I’m pretty sure DL Hughley can come around and continue the negative media against sistas to keep yall sistas laughing until DL Hughley also get that big break with the global sistas. And in the meantime, I saw Miss Universe for the first time as a grown black man – I really liked what I saw on the global market for a brotha to holla at and I bet a whole bunch of other brothas have too. Hehe.

2 thoughts on “African-American Sistas Ran Out to Defend Steve Harvey Not Realizing Steve Harvey Found a New Flavor

  1. I just relocated back to my city of Birth NY…yesterday I left Harlem which was not motivating and headed downtown to Central Park & Rock Center to check on the sites…ED all I saw was international flava, Asian, Euro, Latin, etc etc…Beautiful to see , the only sistas I saw out there were typical blah blah blah. I was peeping the eye contact most of the Global honies looked a brutha right in the eye and gave that shy smile…Standing there hearing all the different dialects, seeing the different fashion flow honies rocking discreet high end luxury gear on the low. My thoughts aligned with your flow and what you been intelligently speaking about since day one this world is GLOBAL.

  2. I thought black women don’t support enough? Now Steve is making the writer mad? Over a silly beauty pageant? This man was getting called n-gger on social media. I is also odd that this ‘new flacour’ is not even set in stone yet. So basically since steve MIGHT look to make money outside the US (not set in stone) black women should not support him.

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