Chicago Black Lives Matters: Enjoy Driving in Heavy Traffic with those Northsiders Empathetic to Rahm Emanuel and Cops Shooting Black Kids

This article was written a few days ago and I haven’t had a chance to published it but it look like the Chicago cats are beginning to figure things out. The current Mayor Rahm Emanuel is acting like he is not going to step down so it’s time for cats to shut things down until he steps down for fly out like that cat in Ukraine and trust me – it’s plenty of steel drum garbage cans that can be quickly half-field with cement and tar (shredded tire chips work too) to smoke up and block off a part of downtown as well as we stand fast like those cats in Ukraine – don’t think you social media keyboard warrior Northsiders characters want to fuck with the West Side and South Side like that and doubt how West Side/ South Side will bring the shit. When I was a kid in the projects, the BGDN showed us how to roll with them into the segregated white community and collect a “bigot tax” from bigots who didn’t want to live next to us but got something to say about us. Then I moved around the CVLN on the West Side and cats crewed up and all up on Addison and Lawrence and Belmont and Clark collecting a “bigot tax” from these Northsiders because you can’t be a bigot for free in Chicago against the West Side and South Side when I was growing up. Like Ben Franklin said, when you want to be a bigot, the two things are guaranteed is death or taxes when cats on the West Side and South Side tired of cats talking too much up on that North Side. I will leave the story alone about meeting up with corporate bigots in the corporate parking lot who tried to get brothas/sistas fired up at US Robotics and stuff like that in those far north and far west suburbs – that’s called collecting corporate bigot taxes. But enough of the storytelling.. rahm Well, today you young brothas and sistas don’t have to collect bigot taxes and you can do something actually with a little bit of data intelligence and operate as a stand-alone complex. See, the thing with Rahm Emanuel and why he won’t step down is you have to look at what he values and do not value. Rahm Emanuel is paying no attention what happens on the West Side and South Side of Chicago and can careless. He already let you guys know that but let’s make something very clear – black folks on the South Side and West Side overwhelmingly voted for Rahm Emanuel when there was a viable Hispanic candidate who could have done better than Rahm, let’s not pretend these cats in Chicago didn’t vote that way the same way these dumbass South Side cats voted for Jessie Jackson Jr knowing he would not hold that office from the conviction basically giving someone outside their community the power to appoint someone for those Chiraq cats and that’s exactly what happen. Basically, Chicago have some dumbass black voters that don’t vote their interest and they wonder why their black community is all fucked up, basically. The fact Chicago cats can vision Rev. Meeks as a viable Chicago politician is enough to just laugh as how dumb and stupid Chicago black community is about strategically finding someone viable to bring to City Hall. Ok, let me get back to topic. So here is the thing and this is for you young Chicago brothas and sistas out there and I’m speaking to you as a real old-school Chicago brotha that actually about it. First of all, it’s all on you because the older Chicago population is on some bullshit and never game a damn about black youth, ever. You see these old ass Chicago people, over 40 years old on social media trying to shine to the rest of us while you black Chicago kids are dying. Really, old ass Chicago people talking about they steppin or dancing or hanging out at some lounge while we here in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, Boston, Baltimore, Houston, Denver, Dallas just looking at Chicago black kids dying and no one in Chicago grown folks doing nothing but taking selfies and shit on Facebook and Instagram. Like we black folks across America don’t notice that shit. So young Chicago, the grown black folks in Chicago don’t give a fuck about you and ain’t done much of shit for you but up there portraying themselves as special running to Las Vegas all the time. The rest of black America notice this so don’t worry my little Chicago brotha/sista, the rest of us out here don’t have a lot of respect for Chicago black adults if they don’t respect their own youth population. What I explained to you is Rahm Emanuel sees the Chicago black political machine as weak and that is what the black political community in Chicago actually are – weak and crumb snatchers. The black aldermanic community can revolt the same way the Northside aldermanic community revolted against Harold Washington just for being black, but you don’t see the black aldermanic community rising up like they should, do you? Cats in Ukraine rose all up in that Parliament and tore shit up when they wanted things to change. So Rahm Emanuel ain’t worried about the South Side and West Side and think grabbing some black pastors supposed to pacify. But here is the thing – you black youth and young cats need to handle yourself because no one else is going to do it for you – and you have to rise up on cats. trafficmap What Rahm Emanuel do care about is that bigoted voting base and newspaper bigots and local news media bigots on the North Side of Chicago. But if you do a bit of geo-intelligence, you can just analyze Google traffic patterns on the North Side of Chicago and see where the heavy traffic is at on certain times of the day to see pain points – you and your crew might want to go in dozens of separate cars and check out why that traffic is so heavy and look at driving legally in these areas. Just like the Civil Rights sit-ins and the bus boycott affected business and overall revenues, driving around the Northside heavy traffic and legally driving the speed limit and waiting for the yellow lights to turn red and take your time driving off when the light turn green just being careful at those spots highlighted in red, you just being you and doing nothing wrong. But man, slow traffic and constant gridlock can really cripple the Chicago economy up there on the North Side, don’t you think? Rahm don’t want to step down, then shut shit down until he step the fuck down.