Dream and Hustle 2015 Brotha and Sista of the Year

dh2015 Our choice for 2015 Brotha and Sista of the Year are two individuals that simply stood up while others stood back. For too long in the African-American community, our people taken a docile, passive approach to issues of injustice and inequality getting us nowhere. The strategy to employ so-called “black pastors” to pacify the black community with a nice sermon, marches or a prayer gathering or some “behind the door” meeting is just a ploy that has to stop being tolerated. And everybody got an opinion on Twitter or sharing some political meme as if that supposed to create actual progress. In the past couple of years, we watched people all over the world rise up against ultra-oppressive regimes sacrificing everything from their reputation to their life to stand up for what is right and fair. And we look back at the African-American community being pacified with shakedown reverends claiming they can pacify black people with “peaceful protests” that are ineffectual. And then we got a culture of African-Americans that start typing on their computer or tapping on their mobile device to snap selfies, share memes and want to give an op-ed and act like this matters. Finally, in 2015 we saw two people who stood up while everybody else stood back and that is why we chosen Lamon Reccord and Bree Newsome as Dream and Hustle 2015 Brotha and Sista of the Year. Lamon Reccord staredown The past several incidents of police-involved homicide against black males, the black community responded with victim-mentality chants. “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot” walking around with their hands up looking like troops who surrendered to the victor army. Then the other one “I Can’t Breathe!” as if we are begging someone for mercy and no one sat there and realize this make us look weak and weak people do not get sympathy in this world for their cause. The African-American community led by docile media pundits and pastors trying to pacify painted the police as someone we should fear and comply and just whine/complain like a squealing pig in the slaughterhouse. Maybe the police will respect us, maybe the community at large will see the error of their ways supporting the police so blindly and maybe grand juries will start acting like black lives matter. This is the position of docility our people taken until this movement reached Chicago. Lamon Reccord who appear to be a stare-down artist did not stand down, did not hide from the police and just post comments in a comment section somewhere like cats on YouTube - he got on the ground and got up in cops faces. You can see Lamon Reccord in action in the video below (around 5:00 mark): Lamon Reccord stare-down may seem trivial to anybody who got nothing but a comment to add in an comment section but he sent the message and image around the world that the black youth are not scared and will stand up to the police. His stance is no difference than the historical tank man from Tiananmen Square. Bree Newsome bree How many years have this flag flew on that pole in South Carolina and nobody did nothing physical about it? Really, how many years? The African-American community in South Carolina just sat there all these years talking about it is a “symbol of hate” and the “flag must come down” and the flag was raised in the 1950s to protest integration. What was going on while this flag was flying all these years? Protests? Debates? Boycotts? Why couldn’t someone just keep trying to physically take down this symbol of hate if it meant so much pain? Finally, someone had it in them to just take the damn flag down. Bree Newsome trained in rappelling a flag pole for some time and then just went there and took it down. There is no words to say here except this is the kind of heroine we need in this world. And more important, we watch all these so-called pro-black men all on the YouTube comment section talking brave and acting like they going to lead a revolution but cannot even bust a grape. And most of these so-called pro-black men are sexist and anti-women, but they had to sit back and watch a black woman do something with more courage none of those pro-black brothas all up on YouTube comment section cannot muster to get up and do. We knew several years ago it is going to be the sistas that will actually step up and launch the businesses in our community and kickstart the economy and also be the one who step up and lead the charge against wrongs in our community. Because these so-called pro-black men are a bunch of comment board cowards, still on YouTube and still making comments as you read this article but cannot bust a grape. Well, we got a YouTube video of Bree Newsome actually doing something and when one of these pro-black brothas want to attack a sista like Maria Lloyd for calling out Dr. Umar Johnson or pretend a sista is not relevant in the fight and struggle, we can show them this video of Bree Newsome stepping up and taking action against a symbol of hate that hurt so many black people but none of these keyboard comment section YouTube pro-black males did nothing - Bree Newsome went and did it. After Bree Newsome climbed the pole and took it down, Confederate symbols start being vandalized all over the country and action was taken to remove Confederate symbols and rename streets named after Confederates because a sista decided she was not going to speak words, she is going up and take down that symbol of hate that was flying uncheck over black people for too long. Stand For Something The African-American community cannot remain docile and compliant and just have these so-called peaceful protests arranged by docile pastors who are quietly siding with the status quo, like those church leaders up in Ferguson, Missouri or bought-and-paid-for black politicians up in Chicago. It is nothing but ineffective cowardice, plain and simple. You guys see the local news media and cable news media go out there way to try to punk out the whole African-American community and our people play along with it walking around with their hands up like surrendered soldiers saying “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” and that has to change, right here and right now. I personally want to show my gratitude and thanks to both Lamon Reccord and Bree Newsome for having it in them to stand up and step forward when so many of us just want to add a comment in a comment section somewhere or share a witty social conscious meme nowadays and think that is progressive. I believe as a result of these two individual actions, the African-American youth can start doing what our people should have been doing from day one, let them know we ain’t scared and we are not taking this nonsense anymore and we going to step up and make sure we at least fight for our causes, not just talk about it.

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  1. I never knew about her but I saw the video footage of the brother when it took place. I applaud both of them and hopefully, others will follow suit and stop waiting on someone else to do it for them.

  2. I just want to say thank you for this blog and being willing to share so much. I’ve only been on your page since yesterday and I’m already hooked. I only wish I knew about your blog sooner!

    What’s funny is I found out about your page from another blog that was criticizing your comments about those 2 sistas who did that poem bashing black men. I actually agreed with what you said and it made me curious as to what was on your blog. I’m glad I choose to look at your blog.

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