Dream and Hustle Top 10 Articles of 2015 Reveal a Lot of Backstory On the Minds of 2015 African-Americans.

top10dh African-Americans are terrified about the Afro-Chinese youth explosion and brothas leaving sistas en masse to start raising some blasians - the data don’t lie. Yeah, LOL, when I saw the top 10 articles of 2015, it revealed a lot of insight about the mindset of brothas and sistas that is extremely revealing. The best thing about this blog is we go deep on topics and go very raw and when we do, we see exactly what brothas and sistas are thinking, not what they say. So as much as yall want to claim this and that – numbers don’t lie and the data speaks volume. So with that said, let’s talk about what yall brothas and sistas was really thinking and about with our Top 10 List. Number 10: A Grown Black Man Response to Crystal Valentine & Aaliyah Jihad – “To Be Black and Woman and Alive” num10 http://dreamandhustle.com/2015/07/a-grown-black-man-response-to-crystal-valentine-aaliyah-jihad-to-be-black-and-woman-and-alive/ What I found interesting on this article was how some swirling chick and I cannot remember her name Crystal or something like that used this article to say we brothas are boycotting the sistas. We brothas have already started boycotting the sistas but let me tell you my story. I published a few years ago something I did not expect – it was the first time I went an entire year without dating a black woman and dated women from other races. And I did not realize I done this and the reason why was the non-black sistas made themselves available to me more and was more friendly and the next thing I know, I’m no longer dating sistas..it just happened. But here is the thing, I mentioned how ugly and nasty and negative these two skank hipster poets were and basically said this is not the way for you to handle any business, trying to go negative because all it does is go south. Well, what those ugly cow-looking chicks over there at Beyond Black and White did was try to come after me in a negative fashion and see if they can shame me. But there was a problem – shame me to who? I stop dating sistas, remember? Then another problem these negative Nancy chicks had was the sistas out there in the real world had my back and supported me because I’m real with empowering sistas while these ignorant ugly chicks at Beyond Black and White had nothing to offer the marketplace but negative vibes. Those negative sistas got backlash from the real sistas saying they ain’t going to fight their black man and get involved with these ignorant sistas at Beyond Black and White, causing Crystal to shut that nonsense she started down. They extremely failed to recognize how well connected I was and I move in silence. The bottom line here and what I gathered from this is that these sistas thought being negative was going to get them somewhere and it didn’t and it never will. Sistas cannot approach anything negative and those stupid ass chicks who I believe are not real African-Americans but self-hating skin-bleaching chicks from Trinidad or whatever ain’t going to divide real brothas and real sistas when it comes down to it. Number 9: The Real Reason Brothas Post “U Pretty” and “Damn You Fine” Memes on These Sistas Social Media Selfies num9 http://dreamandhustle.com/2015/03/the-real-reason-brothas-post-u-pretty-and-damn-you-fine-memes-on-these-sistas-social-media-selfies/ This article has been flashing a lot on Facebook and I believe sistas are educating other sistas on these black males out here on the Internet acting thirsty harassing chicks. But the truth is, these chicks are posting up these butt pics having brothas harassing her for the attention. But what these chicks seeking attention don’t realize is these thirsty ass brothas don’t like sistas like she think they like sistas and he is really deep inside, someone who resent women and can hurt women. And they have hurt sistas out there seeking attention. Look sistas, it’s brothas out there that will shoot Martin Luther King own mother while she play the church piano – don’t be underestimating the hate some of these cats who are online are about and the savagery of them. We had a story here a while ago of some brotha just killed some “cute selfie chick” after raping her because he knew he was going back to jail in a few days and just wanted to go back to jail with a bang. Don’t try to be a social media butt model because there is risks involved in that and a lot of these cats ain’t up to no good. Ain’t no real black man posting up some damn you fine Kevin Hart meme when you show a photo with your butt sticking out. Number 8: The Black Woman Guide to Dealing with Radicalized Black Men Hating Black Women Online num8 http://dreamandhustle.com/2014/03/the-black-woman-guide-to-dealing-with-radicalized-black-men-hating-black-women-online/ This article has become the poster article to address the online hatred of black women perpetuated by black men, mostly on YouTube. It is good to see more and more sistas are learning about the story of Asia McGowan and what happened to her years ago and I’m glad her story is not forgotten and sistas are waking up to this climate. I believed I mentioned this but let me mentioned it again – my crew identified the original source of anti-black women propaganda being perpetuated online from brothas that were attending Clark-Atlanta University at the Atlanta University Center near Spellman College. We believe there was another stronger cell back then in several Virginia black universities but we found out later the anti-black women sources you see going on over the Internet is coming from brothas attending HBCUs – that’s your primary driver of these anti-black women propaganda and it kinda make sense if you think about it. But the bigger picture here and sistas need to realize and I still see this problem is black women are supporting a lot of black men making a career shitting on the black woman as their come-up with self-esteem and relationship bullshit topics and performing creative arts degrading to the black woman. To this date, black women done next to nothing to address this matter and it will be a matter of time before some brotha who get too caught up in the anti-black women sentiment act out in a violent mass spree. But I’m guessing we just waiting to see it actually happen to see innocent sistas get killed before addressing this topic, right? Number 7: Top Five Foreign Films to Watch on Netflix during the Holiday Break num7 http://dreamandhustle.com/2012/11/top-five-foreign-films-to-watch-on-netflix-during-the-holiday-break/ This entry is in our top 10 because the previews have sex and violent scenes, particularly the scene with quick flashes of some Columbian brotha doggy styling some Columbian chick – cats that coming here to play that one over and over and the Indonesian movie with sex scenes. Cats are typing in the search engine Netflix movies with sex scenes and that’s why this article shows up and get so many views. So it’s not really much to comment here on the brotha and sista angle except I will update this article soon as most of these movies are no longer available for streaming on Netflix. Number 6: 2 Damn Mistakes by Dr. Claude Anderson and Derrick Coleman Trying to Invest in Detroit We Can Analyze and Learn From num6 http://dreamandhustle.com/2015/06/2-damn-mistakes-by-dr-claude-anderson-and-derrick-coleman-trying-to-invest-in-detroit-we-can-analyze-and-learn-from/ This article I believe may have bruised some of these fanboys of Dr. Claude Anderson and yeah, I spelled Claude with an ‘e’ just now because I simply don’t give a shit how his name is spelled, cats bringing up unimportant minor shit. If Dr. Claude Anderson want to hang around someone named Jason Black or Tariq Nasheed, then he ain’t really top flight material for black economic empowerment and that’s why this article is getting views because cats are mad Ed Dunn and the 3rd Strategic Institute can speak at this level and they wondering who we are – I don’t need losers and followers to know who we are, hope that answers that question. Here is a classic example of cats going around my back like they did at thecoli.com trying to talk shit about me and this article and you know what happens right? They want to try to shut me down but cats come and read the article and realize that I’m putting out sound information backed with information to validate my points. So basically what happened is the smart brothas came to this blog after seeing these fanboy trolls tried to diss the article and Dream and Hustle won new converts to this blog as a result – it always happen that way. And you want to know the real backstory and I mentioned this in the comment section. The real story is Dr. Claude Anderson ain’t the rainmaker in the article – Dorian Harvey was the actual developer who brought the money and work to create AfroTown and Derrick Coleman is the one who put his own money where his mouth is – millions of his own money to make shit happen. But these clowns coming to this article wanting to talk about and defend Dr. Claude Anderson who wrote a Powernomics xenophobic feasibility study that resulted in killing the AfroTown concept due to the backlash. This is the bottom line here – these silly ass “conscious” black males running around with Dr. Claude Anderson name in their mouth ain’t even understanding where the money is at or know how to follow the money which would be Derrick Coleman, the real cat in the article but they want to talk about Dr. Claude Anderson because they like his speeches so much. This article reveals the level of ignorant brothas we got out here who ain’t even capable of creating economic empowerment and to this date, have not even explained Powernomics in an academic fashion and just blabbing some emotional nonsense. This article was cited so much from these cats trying to hate on it that when cats type in Dr. Claude Anderson or Claud Anderson in Google it is a top search engine result. Number 5: Two Videos Worth Analyzing – Dr. Claud Anderson and Ghetto Mall Incident num5 http://dreamandhustle.com/2013/01/two-videos-worth-analyzing-dr-claude-anderson-and-ghetto-mall-incident/ I believe this article is two-fold based on the two videos. The first video is Dr. Claud Anderson talking but not providing any real solutions of substance. The second video is a damn hot mess all around – the security guard acting a fool and the ghetto ass sistas showing their ass in front of their kids and this whole roachy ass MetroMall down there near Underground Atlanta – who shops there and what is they selling there? I believe this article is popular because the tasing video of those ghetto chicks is not easy to find and cats come here for that video. But that tasing video is extremely embarrassing and a sad state of affairs because this is supposed to be the Black Atlanta economic center and this place turned to crap and it appears cops are not around and this whole area is just wildin out. But recently, the Underground Atlanta area has been sold and they looking to tear that place down and create something new and get all of them out of that area and rebuild downtown. There has been gentrification going on a few streets down and all of this is fluid right now in Atlanta and we will see how it turns out. Number 4: The Guilty Conviction of Warren Ballentine: Special Coverage num4 http://dreamandhustle.com/the-guilty-conviction-of-warren-ballentine-special-coverage/ LOL, yall couldn’t get enough of this and even when I read this (this is private and not accessible at the moment – working on a book), I fall out laughing because damn I kinda went way the fuck in on Warren Ballentine case progress as I blogged about it. But there is something bigger here and a real backstory and the most important – what I did is demonstrated a new concept called pop-up media where we brothas and sistas do not have to own media outlets but we can start creating pop-up reporting with special coverage and analysis on topics and become subject matter experts on that topic. See, what happened is all of the black media outlets tried to hush up the topic of Warren Ballentine being convicted and you saw exactly what I did – created the conviction of Warren Ballentine special reporting! So that made me the sole reporter and complete owner of this story and I was able to go unchecked anyway I wanted taking advantage of black media reluctance to cover this story. And because I forget to take my meds, I just went off the rails covering angles and perspectives. You guys can do the same thing on your end – create a pop-up media covering a specific police shooting and follow a specific trial, may get your ass on TV as someone who been following the case and blogging about it. Or do a pop-up media on tilapia with breaking news and analysis on recipes and sustainable fish farming practices. Number 3: How the Black House Music DJs Shut Themselves Out of the Global House Nation Explosion num3 http://dreamandhustle.com/2013/04/how-the-black-house-music-djs-shut-themselves-out-of-the-global-house-nation-explosion/ This article is extremely popular due to the number of famous people in the scene making comments in the comment section, not necessarily the article. We had a very lively discussion about opportunities and looking at problems and solutions with how black DJs became so underrepresented in the dance music genre that they created and made mainstream. However, in 2015 most of the conversation revolves around one aspect of the article – brothas and sistas who have a non-mainstream or underground sound but cannot find a channel in the black community to express themselves. With that said, let me showcase the Dench party with Lethal Bizzle. The reason why I show this video because the question is obvious – why don’t we have so-called “black radio stations” play a diversity of our black artists and only play some cornball R&B bullshit? Why can’t they play Lethal Bizzle and why Black folks in American can’t have a damn Dench party? I don’t even listen to that R&B bullshit and listen to stuff like dubstep and drum & bass and we got brothas and sistas all over the world with unique styles of music and creativity but have no channels to express their music and be heard. We are going to work to resolve that damn problem of just pushing bullshit R&B songs in the black community in 2016, trust me on that shit. Number 2: How the Afro-Chinese Youth Explosion Will Destroy the American Black Boule in Less Than a Decade num2 http://dreamandhustle.com/2014/06/how-the-afro-chinese-youth-explosion-will-destroy-the-american-black-boule-in-less-than-a-decade/ This article exploded in 2015 and a sizable chunk of that growth came out of Korea where there are Korean chicks wanting them some of that raising a blasian action too. But what touches the core of fear in this article is not necessarily the rise of the Afro-Chinese and they will overtake African-American eventually in global power and clout – that is not even debatable. What hits home in this article was the picture of the one brotha who had to go to jail anyway after correcting a mistake with his employer child support payments. The brotha going to jail hit the chest hard of every young black man and every single black man out there and they responded - they are not going to jail over some trilfin ass African-American woman and better off raising kids overseas in Brazil or Asian with a Brazilian or Asian chick. The African-American brotha finally realize that the African-American sista can be a trap game and he can go to jail and lose his children fucking with her liberal feminist indoctrinated ass if he picks the wrong one. I believe this article and a few other endeavors kicked into gear for black men to start discussing and start taking very seriously dating and marrying not only non-black sistas, but non-American sistas. Compound that with the fact there are a lot of global sistas that want a good black man with a big slong and is an accomplished provider and a lot of sistas start freaking out also because African-American sistas realize the brothas got options and don't have to put up with her shit anymore. This article has ballooned and went viral over social media throughout 2015 Number 1: How to Keep Ballin Hard Like a Boss with the Hair Extension Hustle num1 http://dreamandhustle.com/2012/05/how-to-keep-ballin-hard-like-a-boss-with-the-hair-extension-hustle/ The reason why this article is our most successful article ever on Dream and Hustle is because everything works here. This article is highly cited as a reference and I allowed the comment section be a place for sistas to network with each other. But this article has a great gift – it is one of our biggest conversions. When some sista want to attack us, the sistas come to this blog to see what we about and they see this article and see we are providing quality content to uplift the sistas and help her do for self and discuss in details the sista-to-sista economy and opportunities. Those that try to be negative against Dream and Hustle are easily destroyed by our empowering positive and upliftment content we provide here and that’s why so many people want to hate on Dream and Hustle but cannot and get frustrated.

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