How to Code Session: Creating a Trusted Service Provider Cryptosystem Using Microsoft C# and SQL Server

Our readers requested for our How to Code session to discuss creating a solution using cryptology and we have answered. So in this article, we are going to discuss how to use code from the Global Urban Collective to create a Trusted Service Provider, a new business model we believe have a lot of massive disruptive potential. Let’s talk about the Trusted Service Provider business model, then talk about how to acquire the tools to start coding and we have the download and video for you to get started! Trusted Service Provider handshake A Trusted Service Provider or TSP is a new term and business model that came out of the Global Urban Collective. What a Trusted Service Provider does is provide a level of trust between two parties in a transaction using cryptosystem technology. We live in a global economy where people and businesses are now doing business transactions and buying/selling across international borders and also doing buying/selling on open systems like Craigslist. We have a lot of services now where people show up at your door delivering groceries and fast food and picking you up in their vehicle to take you somewhere. And these new way of doing business create risks and what people need is a way to trust all of these people now engaged in the sharing/global economy interacting with each other. Do we know the person selling the iPad on Craigslist and if the iPad is legit? Do we know the person showing up at the door is the person who was sent to visit us? Do we know the Asian vendor that is selling us items wholesale we sent payment to and if we going to get the product we asked for? Can we even do business with cats in Nigeria without feeling uneasy? All of this boils down to risks where we don’t have that trust factor established to engage in these kind of transactions and those that do, face risks such as getting ripped off or robbed getting in a situation. What a Trusted Service Provider does is quickly verify the people, product and documents in a transaction, whether they in the same town or on the other side of the world. This is done by having one party (usually the buyer) send an ID code to the seller which reference their public key. The seller provide verified information that is encrypted by the Trusted Service Provider. When the transaction occur, the seller must provide the encrypted data with the verified information and the buyer can verify using their private key (managed by the Trusted Service Provider) that the person who showed up for the deal or the product that was delivered is the same person they spoke to before the transaction. The Opportunity and Effort delivery The opportunity of a Trust Service Provider is massive – this technology alone sits directly on top of the trillions of dollars of the global trade between two parties and address the biggest challenge of any transaction – trust. In addition, it sits on top of the payment transaction stack and does not need a money service business license as no money is exchanged, just verified trust. It allows millions of cats to do global business with a level of trust and allow products to be investigated for a level of trust. So let’s talk a few scenarios. Delivery/Service Verification. If someone shows up at your door, you have already sent that person/firm an ID to go online to the Trusted Service Provider and generate an encrypted message about the person doing the delivery service that only you can decrypt, making you trust that the only person who could have the ability to encrypt a message with your public key that you decrypted with your private key. Credit Account Validation. If the bank want to open an account or a new credit card, that institution can use your public key encrypt a message at the Trust Service Provider level to send you a message that only you can decrypt with your private key, protecting you from unauthorized accounts opening up in your name, stopping credit and identity theft altogether because they do not have your private key, only the Trusted Service Provider have your private key. Product Ownership. Let’s say an Italian fashion house wants to create a limited line of purses that are only 499 in the world. All 499 users must be registered with the Italian fashion house as condition of their ownership and properly transfer it through code signing. To verify the purse if real, the buyer of the purse send their public key ID to the Italian fashion house Trusted Service Provider and information on the purse current location and . The Trusted Service Provider verify the owner of the purse and send back encrypted information for the buyer to decrypt to verify the Italian fashion house verified the purse as the real thing and the real owner. Keep in mind that places around the world such as emerging economies and growing middle class don’t have “trust” institutions and documentation due to civil corruption and are afraid of doing global business – this is where a third party Trust Service Provider can come in and establish the trust factor to have trade start commencing. Now the effort, all you need is a corner of your room and a Windows computer to generate encryption keys and create the online service for your Trusted Service Provider to get started. There is very little capital startup requirement to run this new paradigm of business establishing trust via cryptology on a global economic scale. Getting the Tools to Start Coding the Solution getitgoing The first thing cats will say is they have an Apple computer and not a Windows and my response is that this article is for hustlers, not hipster consumers. I had one guy come to me years ago talking all he had was a tablet as if I can help him or supposed to accommodate him. I went to the pawn shop and got a Windows laptop with great features and in addition, I have got one of those PC sticks like the Intel Compute that is very good as a coding platform. So if you do not have a Windows computer go and get one and if you don’t have one and don’t want to get one, that’s your problem..just keep reading like a hipster consumer on your Apple computer or tablet while holding your latte coffee. Both of the following software are free to download and the caveat is you may need to create a Microsoft Account but the last I checked, you need to create an Oracle account to download stuff so beggars can’t be choosey. Visual Studio Express Community 2015 community2015 The Community Edition containing all of the Visual Studio stuff is a free download and allow you to learn coding solutions. We will be using the Visual Studio Desktop for the coding in this example. SQL Server sqlserveradvanced sqlserveroption Make sure you download SQL Server Express with Advanced Services! When you click on the “Download SQL Server 2014 Express” you may need to sign in with a Microsoft account or have to create one – it is worth it to get this powerful free database. And make sure you choose SQL Server Express with Advanced Services for your computer 32-bit or 64-bit. If you don’t know if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit, go to Control Panel\System and Security\System in your File Explorer and look at the System Type section to find out. Download the Code and Enjoy the 3.5 Hour Video Here is the link to download the code: --> TSP_HourofCode The video is what I created to show you how to install and configure SQL Server, Visual Studio and implement the code. I’m going to warn you, this is a pretty gully video full of insightful commentary, a rambling self-talking weirdo, self-bragging, swagger, side attacks, dissing cats, telling cats they going down in 2016 and making fun of dorks and other foul ish but then again, I showed cats how to get everything up and running to demonstrate the concept of a Trusted Service Provider. The reason the video is 3.5 hours is to show you in real time with no interruptions how to make things happen in real time. I hope you brothas and sistas take advantage of Dream and Hustle ability to show you how to code out an empire and set yourself up to do for self in 2016 and startup businesses that don’t even require a loan or much effort to get up and running but can give you the world if you do it right. Remember that trust is the core of a transaction – you offer trust solutions as a Trust Service Provider, you created a major global economic trade solution and a global empire. And yeah, makes you wonder about those other cats who talking like they technology but cannot show you cats how to code like I can and cannot innovate like the Global Urban Collective.

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  1. Lol you know with the delivery service I was thinking how when movies show sting operations where they use an undercover cop to do the deal of delivering the “goods”, that if dealers had this TSP encryption ID code they would know who was the ” rat”. Or if it was the rival gangs boys. Just they detailed explanation of this breaks down different scenarios like this lol.

  2. I see, I didn’t get up to that point in the video yet, I’m quite interested in the RFID-card game model.

  3. Loved the video; I HAVE to do this; but my coding skills ain’t there. Have you got someone that can walk me through that part …I can do the downloads !

    1. There is little code involved, if you see the video, you are basically copy/paste text and configure. If you follow the steps you will see it all work out.

  4. I completed the steps for the code upload. My next question is how do I build the web app? Would I go through would this be the same for article about blockchain? I’m new to this but trying to learn. I want to make sure i’m taking the correct steps. Thanks

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