Straight Stuntin in 2015: How Dream and Hustle Dropped that Science of Black Economic Empowerment While Others Brought Nothing But a Big Mouth.

stuntinhomey We are near the end of 2015 and it’s time to lay those cards out on the table – who done what and who talked that and who actually was about that. Internet celebrity book-writing dvd-making pro-black folks and their silly followers all on YouTube, blogs and social media talking all this pro-black ish in 2015 but now it’s time to show and tell and report to the black community. Overall you know the West Side of Chicago got this because (1) we born hustlers and (2) can launch empires on $5/month GoDaddy web hosting and (3) show you cats how to create a global empire using nothing but your PC and real talk in a 3 hour video on how to make it happen. Really..I mean..unless someone else showed you African-Americans how to do the blockchain and create C# encryption using a Trust Service Provider then ain’t much out there to compare against the Dream and Hustle, right? Warning - this is one of those articles that will make the lame cats run from Dream and Hustle and pretend this blog don’t exist, lol. Yeah, cats be running like roaches when the lights are turned on because Dream and Hustle stepped in the room and flip that light switch. Just remember, no matter what anything think or say – I can deliver an end-of-year report of what Dream and Hustle put out for brothas and sistas to do for self, their people and their community and future. Bet those other cats got nothing to show you what they done so let’s put it all up in yall faces and show yall Dream and Hustle been about it in 2015: clusters Financial Solutions We declared the most critical element to establish economic empowerment we can control is to take ownership of transactions. I have demonstrated step-by-step using a database how we can use the blockchain and learn how money is moved in the black community and discover new opportunities to keep transactions within our community. I provided a mobile payment model called PayMe.Ninja that describe how to deploy and leverage the community to get up and running. In addition I have also showed our people how to create a Trust Service Provider using C# that allows P2P transactions occur with trust using a cryptosystem platform. Using Distributed Ledger and Blockchain Technology to Analyze Hyperlocal Economic Spending Patterns in African-American Communities How to Code Session: Creating a Trusted Service Provider Cryptosystem Using Microsoft C# and SQL Server Sista-Based Solutions Dream and Hustle took a position to help move sistas away from the African-American degrading misogynist culture and towards an empowered sista-to-sista (S2S) economy through self-development. We dedicated a whole month in 2015 for content for the sistas and discuss how to create a mixture of a non-profit operation and a for-profit operation that complements each other to develop a socialite brand for the sista to build her empire upon. And we re-written the hair extension article in 2015 now making it our most popular article ever on this blog. Strategy Guide for Sistas to Leverage Her Non-Profit to Boost Her Self-Branding Framework Selecting the Right Product-Mix to Sell as a Self-Branded Sista Such Great Heights: The Top 5 Skyscraper Business Models for Sistas Strategic Analysis for Sistas to Establish Accessible Economic Clustering in Atlanta Transportation Solutions evplatform Travel lines, supply chain and logistics is one of the identified structures not developed and mature in the black community that will help create the import/export trade system and move people to and from residential to manufacturing and commercial sectors in our communities. We were excited to bring forth the concept of African-Americans designing our own urban vehicles based upon open-source EV platforms and laid out the plan of how it can be done and involve the whole community. But another concept that we found exciting so much that I’m putting in a major investment is the use of drone freighters for Africa or Latin America to deliver much needed food and supplies and medical to remote villages. African-American Strategy Guide to Building Our Own Urban-Based Automobiles Anachronistic Design Considerations for Afrofuturists Interested in Creating Drone Transportation Solutions throughout Africa Commercial Solutions promenade One of the major observations we made in 2015 is how the black community should convert our commercial strips to pedestrian walkways and remove the worthless car parking and 4 lane road in between. This pedestrian mall area can be repurposed for night markets with vendors tents to support small local business and provide greater density for shoppers to congregate in the area and in addition, boost the local economy rapidly as a result. Watching a Video Made Me Realize What the Black Community is Missing for Economic Development Residential Solutions economicinfrastructure Mixed-used developments are being popped-up all over the country but we discovered many of these developments have extreme short comings. While mixed-used developments are great for Asian countries that see little crime and have respect for neighbors, USA do not have this dynamic. For the black community, we recommend mixed-used developments that did not contain retail but focus on industrial and sectors to attract economic talent and special skills. We were also the ones to break to the black community the danger of hyper-gentrification due to services such as home sharing services. How HIPPO Will Transform Suburban Mixed-Use Developments into Crime-Ridden Agnostic Ghettos While Charging Hipsters $1750/Month for Rent The Hyper-Gentrification Threat to the Black Community Disruptive Solutions upthegame We presented a few disruptive solutions that are designed to change the game for the better. One example is the black strip club and we proposed to move this model to an agent-based model where strippers become free agents and managed by an agency and contracted to clubs or can be a resident stripper – this has been well-received as a win-win for everybody and is being worked on in 2016. Our modeling predicted we can give young chicks and overseas chicks up to 250,000 to 500,000 multi-year contracts similar to sports team draft picks and medical residency picks. We also discussed how felons can take advantage of the circular economy to start businesses and do for self in their own community. Transforming the Black Strip Club Game from Pay-Per-Performance to Patronage and Clienteling [NSFW] The Strategy Guide for Former Felons to Do for Self and Make Right by the Urban Community Wow, Dream and Hustle really threw done in 2015 and to be honest, we didn’t even tried. We laid down the true foundation of what we can do right here and right now to make it happen. There is little to next to no excuses to why no one can get their hustle up but that is why Dream and Hustle is hated so much by lame cats. See, cats want to believe they are held down and held back and will ignore Dream and Hustle and try to dismiss with some silly comment. Also, you can tell we put in real, original, in-depth research that focused directly on our people and our plight and our problems with the goal of achieving progress with solutions. This is our 2015 delivery report on what Dream and Hustle provided to you brothas and sistas and you cats been briefed. Now that Dream and Hustle reported on what we provided to the black community in 2015 - hmmmm what these other black bloggers, black folks on YouTube and black folks talking on speech circuits got to show and tell the black community as their report for progress huh? What they doing? Why they cannot list out what they done for black people at the end of 2015 like Dream and Hustle did, huh? Why? Why, Why, Why!? Let me tell you why – Dream and Hustle focus on empowering black people while these other characters are about telling black people a load of bullcrap. That's how we did it when I grew up on the West Side of Chicago, we showed each other how to hustle and come-up and make moves and that's all I know how to interact with my brothas and sistas. Dream and Hustle want you doing for self, not worshipping someone else and we show you how to do it, not talk about what someone else other than you – we want you to go and get this and we love you and we support you. That’s why Dream and Hustle can deliver what we about at the end of the years and the rest of these cats got nothing to show the black community except having a big ass mouth. See, we about it over here and like I said – this is one of those articles where you going to see cats run and hide, duck and dodge because we hold ourselves accountable to the upliftment and betterment of our people, our community and our future while the rest of these clowns are on some jiving crap. And we don’t talk that ying-yang here at Dream and Hustle, we do homework, we research and we provide an original perspective directly for our people on what we write on this blog. Like I said, ask those cats what they got to show in 2015 if they so pro-black or whatever because Dream and Hustle just delivered our report.

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  1. Wow. This is what I’ve been looking for! So many black people on social media and YouTube telling us what’s wrong with everything and everybody, but no one presenting solutions much less actually do something. I definitely respect what you are doing.

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