Why We American Brothas Should Support Miss Japan Ariana Miyamato Like She Is Our Own Daughter

queen I had to pause my blog to show my support for Miss Japan 2015 Ariana Miyamato and wishing her the best at the Miss Universe pageant showing Sunday December 20, 2015. I’m asking all you brothas out there to support and rally behind her like she is one of our own. Like she is your daughter or your niece and you see her doing her thing – support her like that because I will, my brotha. The truth is that Ariana is the kind of awesome daughter I want and you brothas want and you brothas know it. And you brothas know you are not going to get that kind of daughter from some neck-twirling attitude-having drama-filled African-American sista and we brothas have to accept this reality. Miss Universe Japan came from a great Japanese mother and an African-American father who does not need explaining – look at his daughter and you already know the character of the father. Side Note: Did you notice once African-Americans learned of Ariana Miyamato winning Miss Japan, their first reaction is to try to paint her as a victim of racism and keep talking about she had to face all kind of racism like a victim? This is how African-Americans are programmed to think, like a victim. Ariana has a beautiful smile that many of you African-American brothas are not used to seeing because you never left the country and never saw an actual sista smile like that. These non-USA sistas do not focus on negativity and the kind of woman that will make a man elevate his game by her positive presence and her smile. We brothas are going to have to look globally for love and not put up with African-American sistas who overlook good brothas to chase knuckleheads and thugs and then want to come back around after the good brothas get his self-made status up and running. Ariana Miyamato is the proof we brothas can create phenomenal descendants anywhere in the world no matter who we choose as a partner as long as we are good fathers and can provide love. I’m more proud of Ariana Miyamato African-American father if you want to be honest and in a way, a bit envious. And to be honest, I’m seeing a lot of happy African-American brothas with half-Brazilian children, blasian children and Afro-Latin children who are proud fathers with happy children and smiling ear-to-ear, real talk because they know they blessed. To all you brothas out there who decided to look globally for love and got tired of dealing with negative energy from your own sistas, Tiger Woods and Ariana Miyamato should be great example of what a good African-American father can bring into this world and I salute you brothas for not settling for less like the rest of these brothas out here. And to you young non-married African-Americans brothas out there looking at all these other brothas in America catching grief, being caught up, seeing African-American sistas disrespect you while trying to put a thug/knucklehead on a pedestal, I strongly urge you brothas to look at Ariana Miyamato as the kind of daughter you can bring in this world if you find a good women outside this country and don’t let cats try to tell you to only date an American sista because if you go out in this world my brotha, you will quickly find women in this world made by the hands of their Gods, trust me on that. African-American brothas – we are in a new world and you don’t have to settle or put up with attitude and negativity. It is a lot of beautiful uplifting positive fun man-orientated family-orientated wife-material women out here in this world for you and will take care of your kids. Let’s start bringing more Tiger Woods and Ariana Miyamato into this world, real talk bro.

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  1. We don’t need to have a woman, or a child for validation that we are a good man. We can start first by escaping the stereotypes that we help perpetuate. This you and I can agree upon. Start speaking the businessmen’s English, for starters. We’ve been sold a false bill if goods when our mothers and peers told us we were talking “white.” Proper English is the language of businessmen, and not all white people speak it. But many do because they don’t have people telling them it is wrong to do so. If there is a real-life privilege, that is where it starts.

    Which brings me to a point you made, and I agree with. We aren’t going to stop thinking of ourselves as victims until we stop with the false notion that white people are our oppressors. The vast majority don’t care what skin color you have. I know because I live in a very diverse neighborhood. But I don’t act like an idiot either. For instance, when I am walking my dog, I wave at people walking, jogging, and driving by, but I don’t leer at the women as if so have never seen a good looking woman before. People don’t like that. Women don’t like that. It makes them nervous. So, don’t crap where you eat as the saying goes. Treat the people around you with respect and you will find that they will do the same for you. Most white folks these days care more about how you act than what color you are. When I asked a few white guys in the neighborhood about this, they tell me they would rather have me as a neighbor than some white trash red neck who doesn’t know how to act, or is a drug addict, criminal, etc…

    The first thing you will notice about them, if you live around average white folks, is that they are fairly thick skinned. They don’t take too much personally. They don’t feel the need to throw down for petty stuff. They have to be pushed pretty far to get them that mad. We can learn from that. I think it comes more naturally when you don’t view yourself as a victim.

    In fact, let’s look at who the real abusers are these days. Fellow blacks. Take a look at the crime stats, then compare that to the fact that we are only 14% of the population. We are more likely to suffer violent crime at the hands of a fellow black person than we are a white person, and there us a whole lot more white people out there. How could this be true if we are oppressed by white people? Don’t listen to the charlatans and race baiters because they are leading us into a race war that we can’t win. Why would they do that? Because the elite want to have an excuse for martial law, and when they get it, more of our freedoms will disappear. Why else would the media keep trying to stir us up while frustrating whites with one sided news coverage? Whites Wilbur start the race war out of frustration and anger.

    I can easily find many YouTube videos of young black girls attacking white girls for no reason, but I can’t find white girls doing the same? Why is that?

    I agree with you on many things. Stop having sex with women we don’t want to have kids with. Stop having kids with dysfunctional women. It perpetuates the problem. Too many brothas who act like life revolves around sex. No wonder so many are losers with no vision on where they are going in life.

    We need to start fixing our problems. Nobody is going to do it for us, and yes, one way of doing it us to stop having sex with, and children with dysfunctional women.

    And stop speaking in “thug” and learn the businessmen’s English. Look for women, black or otherwise, who speak proper English. Cracks me up when some white dude from the hood starts talking thug to me and I respond with proper English. The look on his face is priceless. Yeah, we black folk not supposed ta talk like we educated…right? Notice that Tiger Woods speaks like he is educated.

  2. I am a great supporter and reader of your blog. I appreciate the black male struggle when it comes to black women (vs. a sis-star). That struggle is real when it comes to a Christian, Europeanized, Self-Hating mind – like most ghetto, slave mentality black women have. However brotha, I would like too offer myself as an alternative archetype that maybe looked upon with more respect, awe, wonder and amazement as I am GOD and the Mother of the universe. See, the womb-man IS HEAVEN – it rests RIGHT BETWEEN MY LEGS. So, I am just politely requesting that your scope and view of the GOD of the Universe be uplifted to reflect THE BEST OF US, and not the worst that seem to so frequently cross your mind and keyboard to be documented and written about. Lot’s other of us got true goddess swag and I think we deserve representation aside from the negative archetype. IJS, imho… Oh – and I got a King that loves me to LIFE in a very unconditional, specially made for me kinda way just like I love HIM 😉 just for the record, or in cased you were wondering.

    1. That is such a beautiful anecdotal and narrative Reesie! Don’t understand why you wrote it or thought it would change/mean anything to a black man but I found it interesting…

      “However brotha, I would like too offer myself as an alternative archetype”

      Oh, you don’t have to offer yourself like that…we brothas already found that alternative archetype when we started interacting with global sistas, but thanks for the offer!

  3. I do not watch beauty pageants but I was actually impressed watching Miss Universe. Ariana made it to the top 10 which was very impressive because she had real competition on that stage!

    Wow it was a lot of quality on that stage! Miss Indonesia, Miss Malaysia, Miss France was looking hot! Man I was loving the show!

  4. I’m sitting here with a Filipino chick who been saying Pia going win all weekend and hearing her go nuts right now..Steve Harvey must have thought he was hosting the hoodie awards with his ghetto fan base screwing up like that..

  5. I can agree with you Ed, being that I have seen the black woman you are referring to as being loud, opinionated, disrespectful, and waiting on a handout. However, you do have black women who are out to change the stereotypes that perpetrate all of us as being desirable or wanted. I do not feel bad when I hear of men down playing the black woman because in essence there is truth. What I do not like is when we all are LUPMED together. I understand and respect your words because there is truth to it.

    1. Sedaria, this so-called “good sistas” are about as rare as a “good cop” where you hear people on the Internet talk about they exist but in a black man reality, we don’t see these “good cops” or these “good black women” that is spoken so highly of in a text-based manner on these Interwebs.

      As a black man, I go to war with sorry brothas all the time from this blog and other platforms. I make sure these sorry brothas do not represent us real black men and speak loudly on this and ready to deal with a sorry brotha if he want to step up to a real man. I’m not going to let a sorry brotha represent the best of us black men and I put out enough to show I say what I mean.

      On the other hand, I don’t see any of you sistas actively attacking the negative sistas the same way. I mean, yall keep talking over the Internet these stories but day in and day out, we black men see and experience what we see and experience and comment board text cannot change that. Brothas will step on a foul brotha in the real world, we can pull YouTube videos to back what I just stated.

      Let me know when any of you sistas can pull any proof you sistas stepping up when you saw these negative sistas disrespect or downplay another black man or a young brotha in the making. You sistas struggle to call out Cathy Hughes who play thousands of disrespectful songs on her Radio One network every day against young black women. So in all due respect, please show and tell these wonderful black women you so describe with actual proof other than alphanumeric text-based characters in a comment board or just admit the negative sistas prevail because good women do nothing as the current reality.

  6. Ed, I cannot speak for anyone else other than me-I am always standing up for our black men no matter what. I do not patronage anyone that demeans sisters & brothers (including Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden, and certain sister blogs that give out the same crummy advice). I go to war with black women on a daily about our black men. I tell them (including some family members), that they must stop trying to be the man and allow him to be the man. If you want proof, I know plenty of sisters who are taking a stance against certain stereotypes. Plus, as we all know, negativity breeds more than positive…so you will never see the positive things that transpire. I respect your opinion but I, among other young black women, are fighting this on more than one platform.

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