A 21st Century Black Woman Need a 21st Century Black Man Capable of Building Empires, the Family Legacy and a Temple in Her Honor

In general, women react to the state of her men in a tribe. If the men are strong Spartan warriors, then she will be strong alongside her man to support the tribe. If the dudes are on YouTube following Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Umar Johnson and so on, then the women will start talking about swirling with white guys and write off these worthless black dudes as fuckboys. We got way too many fuckboys that didn’t get culled fast enough before turning into an adult running around in the African-American community. Before I get started, let me reveal something as one of the Internet pioneers out here because I’m the one with the real stories to tell. Do you black dudes realize the whole concept of a “comment section” was designed for you losers? When the Internet started and the original W3C document by Tim Berners-Lee was created and I was around, the goal was to have people share information with each other over the Internet. We all make our own web page publishing information about ourselves or our educational subjects to others using the blink tag and transparent gifs. Everybody wanted to have their own “web page” back then, maybe some of you remember this. But we Internet pioneers began to realize in order to monetize the Internet, we need to attract worthless ass people to the Internet to increase our server “hits” to our web sites in order to sell animated gif banner ads. So the concept arose to create “conversations” or discussions boards and at first, we just had a BBS section on the web site ran by CGI and then we just integrated the discussion into the article itself later on. The goal was to allow the worthless ass conversation or comments posted by losers to increase our server traffic to sell advertisements based on "impressions". In addition, we lobbied Congress and got the DCMA act to not be held responsible for the stupid shit cats posted on a comment section or uploaded to our web sites. That’s the history of the whole “comment section” you black male fuckboys on YouTube are just a part of, commenting your damn worthless ass opinion away. You know the funny part right? YouTube is a platform for publishing your own media and you black males are all in the comment section typing up text. WordPress is a platform for publishing your own media and you are all in the comment section typing up text. All these web media publishing platforms and where the black males adults (not black men) are at? They are typing text in a comment section or posting up “you fine!” memes at selfie chicks like a worthless fuck that didn’t get culled by Natural Selection. The reason you fuckboys didn’t get culled is because someone just wanted to claim your ass on their taxes when you was a child and get child support checks from your daddy, remember that. In the natural order of the universe, the male species should have at minimum the ability to provide food, shelter and safety for his tribe to survive. In the year 2016, how many of you black males hanging on YouTube in those comment sections have the true actual ability to purchase a home, feed your multiple kids and keep the lights on and provide true safety and stability for your wife and your children? I can look at your profile picture on YouTube and tell you a lame ass fuckboy and read your comments and tell you cannot afford to be a man in 2016. You want to hate black women over the Internet but the truth of the matter is, you just a Tinder lurking lame dick not even capable of being a man by the standards of the 21st century and the year 2016. You cannot get a house, afford the upkeep, manage the saloon (that's a 4-door European car like the S-Class, 7-Series but I didn't expect you broke cats to know this) and be there for your wife and kids to provide them with security and safety. You brothas are the worthless ass characters following Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Umar Johnson like a damn loser. You want me to have beef with them – nah, stop trying to deflect because those are a few individuals I can give a fuck about and will thrash them around if they ever step into this arena. None of those characters I named are capable of doing a damn thing in 2016 meaningful with the shit that about to go down with our people. My beef is with you sorry ass excuse for a black man followers and the Hand of God need to come down and snatch your dick off for being a worthless piece of shit that cannot function as a man in the natural order of the male species for your tribe. I cannot even sit next to your ass in real world because I can feel the strong vibe you are in arrears for child support payments and don’t bother to go see your own daughter (some other dude like me buying diapers for your little girl) but you got a damn opinion in the YouTube comment section about black women or think you can have a conversation about black economic empowerment. Like I said, I’m the one that buy your baby diapers, fuckboi...remember that. Got your baby mother asking me to buy your baby some diapers. A 21st century black man at minimum standard should have an advanced educational background that he can apply as his talent and skillset globally. He should have enough funds and standing to find him a woman, spend money on Red Lobster and Outback and trips to Broadway plays in New York and nights at the Harlem Aloft or jet down to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica with someone local to take you in a Jeep Wrangler to your getaway with your woman. Then he can marry her, purchase a home that she wants and picked out and you carry her through the door. Then have kids and a family to take to soccer practice and go jogging with you at the park together. Go take her to see a ghetto Tyler Perry play once in a while because you cannot stop a black woman from liking that bullshit. And you can afford a weekly stipend to your 22-year old stripper girlfriend on the side and help pay on her rental townhome that is really your AirBnB hustle and she housesitting for you. That’s a 21st century black man and you black males on YouTube commentary section are not that..anybody can look at your face and your stupid comment you had to add and can tell all of this. To know the state of African-American male species, all you have to do is look at how the African-American women are acting. These sistas are running like the plague from you worthless ass black dudes and I see why..look at you. A 21st century black woman need a 21st century black man to build global empires, the family legacy and a temple in her honor and you black males are not capable of doing any of that. All you dudes can do is follow someone on YouTube and call someone else a “coon” or “agent” like a worthless ass excuse of a black man incapable of doing a damn thing for anybody and barely holding your own self down. It’s too late in 2016 to be arguing or dialoging with you worthless ass black males still on YouTube looking for a topic to have a comment on when all kind of shit is being ready to start coming down once Obama leaves office. Your black kids need you to be a full Spartan man and your woman needed you to be a full Spartan man and your black ass is on YouTube right now typing up a damn comment in the YouTube comment section. I personally don’t give a fuck about you worthless brothas incapable of 21st century black man stuff but I will give you a bit of directional advice - check yourself hard on being a sorry ass follower – God gave you life to be more than a follower or YouTube comment section contributor, think on that shit before you go to sleep. Log off that crap, if you got an Internet addiction to posting bullshit comments then admit it and seek help. But you better start getting your ass up in some vocational/technical training and take some online courses to get your damn skills up. I started on the Internet going to the bookstore and read computer books in the damn store and read web sites on how to code simple shit and built up from there. Look after yourself because when the shit hits the fan and most of us been through the worst 2001 through 2009, you going to find out real fast those online comments you spent all this time posting don’t mean a damn thing when shit get hard.

6 thoughts on “A 21st Century Black Woman Need a 21st Century Black Man Capable of Building Empires, the Family Legacy and a Temple in Her Honor

  1. ed you are hitting home runs knocking it out of the park with this post! “But you better start getting your ass up in some vocational/technical training and take some online courses to get your damn skills up.” that’s what I did back in the early 1980 and it worked, got me technical training in a field that was in demand, after graduation had three job offers, got me a well paying union job in “communication and signals”, married my wife, had children, bought a house, help all my children get a college education with advance degrees, it works, first know thy self and be honest with your self, college education is great however a college education and advance degree ain’t for everybody but you got to do something.

    “you can pray until you faint, but unless you get up and try to do something, God is not going to put it in your lap.”

    -Fannie Lou Hamer

  2. From a grown and independent man, a business owner, with a MIT degree, in a longstanding and thriving relationship with his wife and family, you seem to be a rather immature provocateur with a lot of time on your hands for confirming that point with your audience of “losers”. You’re doing a great job!

    1. Anyone who call themselves afrocology clearly don’t have much of anything going on. Hit dogs holla so it doesn’t surprise you show up to holla.

      Again you typing up that comment text about how you got it going on right? Selling the narrative huh?

      Joke ass web site you running .. do you have any visitors or content? But you got time to comment on Dream and Hustle but not write anything on your own blog…sounds like you spend more time here than publishing on your own stuff….

  3. I think there are many roads to freedom and all blacks dont think alike even when it comes to understanding freedom and the answers to our way of living in white America ! I also think any one who thinks they have the truth and tells everyone who listens that i am the only one you should listen to and all these others are not worthy of listening to are full of shit ..makes me wonder !! Case in point !! I have be reading these post for some time and i never know or heard of Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black . Well i went to youtube to find out why you all was always talking about him and Jason Black ,,and i find that Tariq Nasheed is a real dude !! I also check out his film Hidden Colors and i find nothing wrong with it but good in4 something i would not mind giving to my kids ! I still up to this day dont know why this site talks bad about Mr.Nasheed ? Many times when you talk or hate on a person so much it makes those who never heard of that check that one out ! And say whats the beef about !!

    1. You checked out a film and Tariq Nasheed is a real dude? Just a constant tale of no damn substance right?

      What were you trying to say? Who are you trying to convince? You trying to flip it towards Tariq Nasheed a 3rd party to avoid your own self-responsibilty – that is all Tariq Nasheed is, an enigma for you individuals to reference.Like I said you ran to that 3rd party reference real quick while the top guy in the comments talked about what he personally did.

      Let me stress again – real man talked about getting skills and training for his family. You come here talking about you watched Hidden Colors and Tariq Nasheed is a real dude…do you black guys realize how fucked up in the head you are right now and why this post was written?!

      Saying there are many roads to freedom is just being full of shit. Either you got the way or you don’t. You in 2016 bringing this lightweight shit and we are waaay past the point to give a flying fuck how you feel about Tariq Nasheed or Hidden Colors.

      We talking about Post-Obama shoring up and survival and being the 21st century standard of what a man is. This crap you typed up ain’t the business.

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