Afro-Tech Bringing Liberty to Cities While The Boule and Nationalists Fell Into the San Andreas Fault Line

gbp2016 Well, that was fast! It only took the first month of the year, January 2016 for the Global Afro-Tech to take over the black empowerment game from the lightweight mouthy fakers. We Afro-Tech already destroyed the Boule, destroyed the Black Nationalists, shut down the spiritual conscious characters and took control of the environment and momentum to look after our people in 2016. Not even the so-called Civil Rights organizations out there are relevant compared to the Afro-Tech movement you all been warned about. The Afro-Tech don’t have to announce we are in charge, we just let these other cats stay in the corner and shoot marbles by themselves – keep them playing among themselves to not bother us – we just took over and this is ours right now. The Black in Asia expats setting up global trade lines and now logistics, the African-technologists establishing media and communication infrastructure, the Afro-European crew ramping up the fintech space and the Black American Empire - I’ll get back at you with that in a minute. The global Afro-Tech revolution has begun this is the year as we predicted that is the breakout year for brothas and sistas globally with those STEM skills to start making major moves that is big and global and market moving. However, those who are not STEM will be simply left out and if in the way of the Afro-Tech will be pushed out. H/T Shay @ Global Urban Collective. Our African Diaspora brothas and sistas are using open source and Agile principles of self-organizing and collaborative ownership to spur rapid innovation and growth in the technology sector to solve problems and exploit opportunities. You can tell in that video above those brothas are hungry but you also see how ambitious the sista is in that video and how passionate she is about helping South Africa grow economically as a nation. Even further, if you had an ounce of real history – you should have noticed very fast that is Soweto which was a shantytown just around 10-15 years ago and now have gated housing. So they moved to shantytown to collaborative entrepreneurship culture in Soweto and if you are black enough to know the dramatic transformation of this place, you should be extremely impressed at the rapid acceleration of growth and innovation going on through the African Diaspora right now. Shout out to the University of Virgin Island for their agricultural and aquaculture innovation they spreading through the Diaspora, don’t want to forget them in the shout-out. merica Now, back to the Black American Empire – we may be late to the Afro-Tech global movement like we were late to implementing Alibaba, hookahs and twerking but once we get in, we the best! I can only tell you what I’m doing and what we looking at inside the Global Urban Collective. city I’m announcing the Global Urban Collective through discussions and code snippets here and there created a framework similar to the game engine dynamics of GTA world where we can have management and services above the time+space+movement stack of an urban environment. The same way GTA can track/manage people moving about, the urban buildings, the train schedule, car traffic, the time of day and make a phone call within the game through the time+space+movement dynamic – we have the capability to create an area domination framework to quickly take over a region and create an environment for rapid economic growth using sharing economy and distributed ledger patterns and practices. Ok, I know I provided most of that framework but the group is well aware of the technology and capabilities. This platform will allow for example, a person in the hood be able to create right now, with little to no money a USB rental service or a shoe rental service or a car rental service with geolocation and ledger and time tracking. That is rapid entrepreneurial development right there. This platform will also allow for example and will be our first prototype, a barbershop reservation system that allows nomad-based independent barbers and stylists to work multiple shops on multiple sides of town like doctors who have a practice and multiple offices to maximize their revenue instead of sit at one shop all week bored. I have not even talked about all the massive possibilities that can come from this platform but what we created was Grand Black Empowerment and this is what we going to bring to the Afro-Tech movement. One more thing - the 3rd Strategic Institute has tested in our lab and we believe our platform can dramatically reduce institutional crime in the urban black community - you would never hear of a home invasion or smash and grab or a drug block again with this platform. This is what coming out from the Black American Empire and what I told before is we are always late but when America shows up, we the best! 2016 is the year of the Afro-Tech and the world is yours if you are in STEM and you believe in your talent and skills to do for self and solve problems and not look for validation and acceptance by others. It is too much opportunity out here worldwide from creating drone travel in Africa to creating a black art peer-to-peer rental business (that can be quickly created on our platform) for anybody to be acting like a sellout fool. January 2016 we Afro-Techs already took over and February is going to be just as awesome.