Black History Month: They Couldn’t Compete with 1880-1920 Black Inventors and Entrepreneurs So They Turned to Peddling Pseudo-Religion and Pseudo-Knowledge to Our People


During the Victorian Era and Edwardian Era in the late 1800s to the early 1900s, African-Americans who many were born in slavery became phenomenal inventors and entrepreneurs and contributed products and services to help drive the American Industrial Revolution as well as urban innovation. Ex-slaves and direct descendants of slaves who owned their own merchant ships and traveled the world, black cowboys and explorers who family line is still in Arizona and Colorado and STEM scientists who made breakthroughs working in universities and other prestigious institutions. Black entrepreneurs who learned how to sharecrop and sell their crops on the market. This is our history and our legacy as a people, directly after slavery.

But what happened in the early 1900s as we began to become a professional class, our people created novelty social clubs like the Flintstones had the Buffalo Lodge where the theme (remember this was a “theme” and not serious) based on quasi-religions and quasi-organizations modeled after early 1900 Jim Crow white fascination with Middle East naming their towns Memphis and Cairo and such. White people were fascinated over Moors and Hebrews and Islam and themed themselves up and designed their buildings with Islamic and Egyptian architecture using symbols and the black folks just copied it. But someone within the black community like a jive hustler took that Middle Eastern novelty stuff just way too serious and start selling the twisted white interpretation of Moors and Hebrews and Islam to poor blacks around the Great Depression Era – no need to make all of this up because this is what happened. And what happened is black people perception of these quasi-Islam, quasi-Hebrew and quasi-Egyptian stuff transform from social lodges and clubs towards pseudo-religion and pseudo-knowledge as black escapism but that black escapism is now negatively ingrained into our body of black history as a people up to today.

Today in 2016, we still have these pseudo-religion cats talking about quasi-Hebrew and quasi-Islam and cats talking about red pills and blue pills claiming they dropping some quasi-knowledge. All of this quasi religion/knowledge crap is nothing but a bunch of silly sideshow crap spitting in the faces of our African-Americans ancestors who put in real STEM work and real knowledge and real hustle and innovation building real products and backbone of economic activity in our black community. Well, in 2016, the Afro-Tech is on the scene and we are going to both take back our true black history and we are going to make our black history happen. We are going to honor our true ancestors who were innovators, entrepreneurs and carry their spirit of pursuing excellence, STEM and looking for solutions and keep trying until we get that breakthrough. And we are going to wipe out and treat as a bad stain on black history all this quasi-religion/quasi-knowledge nonsense coming from mostly Philadelphia New York City characters peddling this quasi-escapism crap that too many African-Americans over the years adopted as realism.

Granville Woods, Elijah McCoy, Benjamin Banneker, George Washington Carver and so on – we are going to put in that real work like they did and we going to work to create solutions to problems and we are going to use science, technology, engineering and math. No junk about quasi-religion or no junk about quasi-knowledge – just real-world solutions to real-world problems. We are in an point of black history that is a critical juncture and African-Americans do not got time for cats pushing quasi-crap when we all got real-world problems. The Afro-Tech took over and these other cats are just going to play marbles in the corner pretending they still relevant not realizing the Afro-Tech seized our power in silence and we will keep moving in silence to make things happen. So again, the State Farm or McDonald’s sponsored Black History Month crap and parades – go enjoy it. You want to hear some Philly/New York fool talk about they got knowledge when the Afro-Tech can show you real talent and skill based on knowledge, go ahead and enjoy the Philly/New York soapbox characters talk that crap. But this February 2016, the Afro-Tech got work to do and we are going to make our black history by showing honor to our true black history and our real ancestors who put in that real work.

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