Don’t Be the Last African-American in the Room That Have to Turn Off the Lights

state President Obama will make his last State of the Union address and this will symbolize the beginning of the end not only for the Obama Era but also the end of the Entitlement Era we African-Americans been conditioned to enjoying, plain and simple. I just deleted 7 paragraphs of content and re-writing this article to keep it simple, the party is over for African-Americans who didn’t handle their business while President Obama was in office from 2009 to 2017. Some of you brothas and sistas still got time to make moves but the majority of our people are not going to make it. African-Americans quickly forgot what we went through after 9/11 because October 2001 I was there when jobs started laying off African-Americans left and rights and cats losing their interest-only McMansions as a result. I was there in the mid-2000s watching firms like IBM, Accenture and EDS were so-called “hiring” employees taking over accounting and IT functions then fire 20-year veteran workers and replacing/outsource those veteran workers with low-wage Indian workers and fresh college grads. I was there watching African-Americans sistas packing their stuff after being unemployed and I’m talking 20-30 corporate sistas in the parking lot crying and hugging losing their job and don’t know what is next for them. Laid off corporate chicks working at Macys at Cumberland Mall and other laid off corporate chicks started stripping at Magic City here in Atlanta – you know I was there with my $20 and wanted to watch. Then Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 and wiped out our New Orleans brothas and sistas and everything they own and known as a culture having to run to Houston and Atlanta as refugees and were called “refugees” for a minute in the media. But nothing had me prepared for what happened in 2008 because a lot of people just barely recovering from 2001 layoffs were laid off all over again and back to zero after the housing bubble burst and a global economic meltdown ensued. Black people were lined up for miles at a job fair where there were no real jobs. I covered that extensively here on Dream and Hustle and the upcoming book of short stories (many published here in the blog) is based on that time period. I started seeing young black people homeless living out of their cars at Food Lion. See, in a short summary, I remember full well what we African-Americans been through prior to President Obama getting in office and he saving the auto industry that would have wiped out more than half of the African-American middle class population, that is how vulnerable our people were back then. After all of this hardship our people been through – all this stupid cable TV chick can talk about is Star Wars is racist. Yeah, from 2008 to now, you African-Americans lost your damn mind and got caught up in some hipster crap and self-hating crap watching stuff like Scandal while Michelle Obama was First Lady. Cats talking about swirling and PUA and conscious black stuff like some damn fools. You African-Americans should have spent the past 7 years trying to figure out how our people will never go through what we went through 2001 to 2010. Let me tell you a story because I even have the video – the Tuesday after Martin Luther Day Holiday back in 2009 when President Obama was first sworn in, I had to go to the DMV here in Atlanta in Gwinnett County – the unemployment office was in the same area out here on Beaver Ruin. That place was crowded and filled with black people lined up wrapped around the building filing for unemployment. I was there and caught it on my cell phone camera as a video. And all of you African-Americans forgot what we been through and started acting like some goddamn hipsters while President Obama was in office instead of handle your business.
Fact: African-American unemployment continued to remained high and twice the national average the past 8-years despite improvement in the national economy.
All that stuff we been through from 2001 to 2009 against our people is going to come back in 2017 in full force – it just took a hibernation, that’s all. The smart brothas and sistas learned to start looking global for opportunities and started working overseas and getting global experience – including me. That is why I don’t care too much about you lightweight cats coming at me and Dream and Hustle talking up that African-American crap like it matters – homey, I got several things going on in several countries right now and got a Chinese bae, fuck your lightweight Tony Brown Journal problems. We got to be on bigger levels than that right now in 2016 and why I’m not even hearing that lightweight crap some of you cats about – now yall running around calling people coons like that supposed to mean something – homey, we about to lose it all as a people and your Tariq Nasheed/Jason Black following ass is babbling about coons and agents like a dumbass? theroom Don’t be the last one in the room that has to shut off the lights and let me tell you why. See, that "last one in the room" analogy has a very tragic ending. The last one in the room reference is basically how change and opportunity is quiet and those in the room who first see it will never tell you or anybody – they quietly walk out the room. Then other cats will see the best and smart cats already left the room and they going to be like they know something and walk about the room too. And who is left in the room are the clueless and stubborn cats. But let me give you the awful ending – you will realize you are the last one in the room but cats are going to turn off your lights and deal with you. The same way those Jews stayed in Germany and Poland knowing what was going down back in the 1930s while everyone else left. The same way those old white couples stayed in Harvey and Dolton on the South Side of Chicago not realizing that area was turning into the Rolling 100s. You don’t want to be the last one in the room, it is never a happy ending. Get off the dumb stuff and get your act together. Learn some skills and start getting some training. Even I have to look at moving to London or Hong Kong or Tokyo for a minute on a special skills visa – this ain’t a damn joke and soothsayer stuff, this is real planning I’m doing right now as necessary measures. If you going to stay here, you definitely going to need to learn how to create a local economy that have global trade lines to shield yourself from greater economic pressures. Meaning you need a structure and black community where black people can find jobs and sustain themselves because if not, yall just going to be a victim, a real victim, not a hipster victim but a real ass victim. Better learn how to grow food, slaughter rabbits and chickens and fish processing and growing greens and grain and harness renewable energy because they like to starve cats and deny them energy on the sly and under the radar. I cannot stress enough – this is not a joke and things will be going down, you better learn how to handle your damn business for you and your family and start right now and stop the nonsense you been on the past 7 years.

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    1. Join the military. Because if you didn’t know CS meant computer science (not in college) and think South Africa (never been there) is still need to be around some grown cats and in an environment that can shape you up to handle yourself.

  1. i am in college right now and from what i seen the black people in south afica are under a system of white supermacy and white people still countrol a majority black country

  2. look i am not trying to be disrespectful im hust what else i can do right i own a couple of vending machines in my area and i got them set up in some places. i mjust to get other angles of making money some i can apply to my life again if i am coming rude i do not mean that. not trying to cause conflict

  3. also i after listeting to jason black i get your point about not him not building anything he had a podcast episode about building a brand and 30 minutes into it he starts rambling about that has nothing to with it the topic

  4. You’re right. I’ve been guilty of some of this, but I’m changing that. That’s why I’m trying to learn how to do code and start thinking like the revolutionaries you talked about in another post.

    “Get off the dumb stuff and get your act together. Learn some skills and start getting some training.”

    “If you going to stay here, you definitely going to need to learn how to create a local economy that have global trade lines to shield yourself from greater economic pressures. Meaning you need a structure and black community where black people can find jobs and sustain themselves because if not, yall just going to be a victim, a real victim, not a hipster victim but a real ass victim.”

  5. Miguel the one thing I will advise you is don’t speak on anything you haven’t experience firsthand especially if it is a negative perception. Always go and see for yourself. A lot of us been around the world and we know firsthand… if you watch the YouTube video of African-Americans who moved to South Africa to start businesses the first thing come out of all their mouth is they don’t have to deal with racism they dealt with back in America.

    Don’t pat yourself about the vending machine because that an old physical model like phone booths. I really believe you wasting time on this with you being in college. Dont let ego/pride get the best of you believing you just own something and focus more on market demands than owning a business. You don’t need to own assets and that’s how cats go down owning fleets of physical assets in their micro-business when the economy take a dive.

    I can assure you those micro-enterprises cats were running like mall kiosk booths were destroyed quickly during 2001-2009 as well. I strongly suggest you learn how to create digital services and mobile technology while you in college with access to good computing resources while in college.

    For example in 2016 have a cloud-based mobile app that allow people to find empty lot parking spaces and rent out and it scaling worldwide. This is what someone your age should be focused on mastering. It not hard to build just never waste your time listening to Jason Black or Tariq Nasheed again and use that time/space to experiment/create while in college.

  6. I was telling one of my friends about EDM/UDM and trying to put something on in our city for this genre. He’s real interested. My concern is I ‘m not really sure what kind of following EDM/UDM has here. Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how best to gauge how big of an audience/following an area may have? That way we know what kind of venues to look into.

    I’ve been digging through post on here from 2013 and 2014 trying to get as much info as possible on this and few other things. Any suggestions is appreciated.

  7. Carter g Woodson. Told us we was crazy(miseducation of the negro) Elijah Muhammad told us. In the thirtys . Whiteys put out the bell curve and tell us( naw they lying we say-“with a 72 buick an the American flag in the window”. If any of this is true its only so long before we become laggards, point of no return. Our craziness is that we don’t connect the dots. I see the young brother got the slogan for the times”white supremacy”. You wrote in this blog months ago that a person cannot operate like theres a “jedi- master” at the top guarding the riches of the world..pause the founder of yelp is on Colbert talking about reputation economy(trusted service provider) fuck these ningas lets get back to the money.Wasting time talking to the tech god bout bullshit. I got an error i think on the sql part, where can i post to show you? I went to a site called, that site has over a billion hits(trusted service provider). Forget everything that you know, and learn what u havent been taught .Happy new year to you and all the dream and hustle readers who bout that life

  8. Whew! This article has absolutely blew my mind but we all knew this was coming. I know we did not think for one second that Black people would continue to benefit without a plan?? Ed, you have really put us up on game so i am hoping we all got our plans together.

  9. Ed,

    “and those in the room who first see it will never tell you or anybody – they quietly walk out the room.”

    That’s me right now. My eyes have been opened since that Greece situation last year.

    ‘Cause I remember 2008 in Memphis, when gas was $5 a gallon and I had to pawn a flat screen TV that I had gotten for my birthday to put gas in my car and buy a little groceries. I remember struggling to pay rent, car payments, and increased car insurance because where I moved to was in a not so nice area. I didn’t have cable or a house phone and I was getting killed financially. And I was working 2 jobs! I remember I couldn’t stop crying for hours one night, because it was just too much.

    But not this time. I got money stashed. Car paid for. Food stocked. I’m working a lot of overtime at my day job, while I sitting here watching my black female coworkers call off for stupid reasons, not paying attention to the fact that the boss hired a “per diem” white employee who is really “full time” and the boss is about to start pulling everyone’s absences. They think they can just play victim and cry about how hard their life is and everyone will over look their laziness.

    Since last year I’ve really had a laser beam focus on my side business. I sold my ebook to a customer in the UK and shipped a product to Australia. These weren’t my first international shippings, but now that I see what’s about to go down, I’m open to get money by any means necessary.

    A guy that I’m talking to can fix cars, used to be a landscaper and is now a nurse. My number one question for men now is what kind of skills do you have that you can use to make money?

  10. Why the military. I’m 27 and have two degrees (Marketing and Educational Studies). However I have very little hard skills. I’m learning SalesForce now. I always thought about joining the Air Force part time on Reserves. Any advice, I’m trying not fade away when Barack leave.

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