Feeling Good Because I Think I Got My Mocha Back

Glamor shoot at club purgatory I’m kinda feeling good because I think I got Mocha to see the error of her ways. I had to just remember how to deal with a sista and remember we knew each other for almost 10 years and been through a lot of stuff together. So she not going to do what she did to me anymore and I’m not going to do stupid things either. Yeah – I do stupid stuff too especially if it someone I’m attracted to doing stupid ish back to me. Truth of the matter is, I won’t give up on someone like that who been there for me this long in my life. The one thing I like about Mocha is we can still talk to each other no matter how stupid things get and the truth is, I cannot get mad at someone who look like her and she can’t get mad at me because I’m 100% for her if need be and I got my ish together. The thing is I do consider her a good friend of mine as she was there for me in ways others have not. No matter how mad I get at someone, I need to take a step back and reflect - I cannot get mad at a country-thick Southern sista good to a brotha because chicks up North are crappy as hell in comparison. I got another country-thick Southern chick like her who I been with for 11 years but again, they can get stupid but you cannot get too mad at a thick Southern chick that look good as hell especially during the summer with the summer dresses. I'm still a work in progress and the lesson here is simple - always keep a line of communication and talk – me and Mocha can always do that no matter how stupid or bad one of us do something to each other. Right now, we got to basically try to mend fences but I know she got my back when I start making moves and she is the person I want with me as I go and get it. Hopefully we both can learn something the second time around but I’m just happy we are both have the ability to work with each other on it. Update: I don't want shit to do with this negative ass Mocha anymore. She cannot help but try to condescend a good brotha..fuck that...going back to dating Asian chicks....

3 thoughts on “Feeling Good Because I Think I Got My Mocha Back

  1. Sorry but it ain’t going to work out – just too negative and trying to downplay and disrespect a good man while praising trifling dudes – I’m better than to put up with that kind of nonsense.

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