No One on the Corner Has Swagger Like Us: Introducing Swagg-Scientific and Our Solutions For the Global Urban Economy

swagsci I would like to announce and introduce my firm, my empire Swagg-Scientific to you and give you the overall briefing from the founder and guide. We have been years in the making and Swagg-Scientific has not been a big secret. We are a global firm that is in business to create urban-based solutions around the world based on our own experience growing up and living in urban communities. Whether we are talking about emerging economies or urban revitalization, our firm is designed to create solutions that create smart urban economies and smart cities, anywhere in the world. Our initial launch, we are going to launch 10 operations that address the immediate needs of African-Americans living in urban communities but these operations will quickly scale to other regions worldwide. The reason I’m targeting the African-American community with Swagg-Scientific solutions is because I’m from the West Side of Chicago and have the talent and hustle to make the kind of moves that need to be made to address challenges others are not stepping up to handle, plain and simple. But more important, the African-American community has the most experience and depth when it comes to urban challenges and issues and we have some of the best organic talent I would love to see rise up and contribute to creating global urban solutions for people worldwide. Swagg-Scientific Corporate Web Site and Social Media URL: Facebook: Google: Swagg-Scientific will be launching very soon and we are scheduled to launch 10 brand operations the first half of the year and we have over 25 backlogged operations that we hoping to launch the second half of the year. We are prepared and expected to experience rapid growth and deliver rapid results as we have the full capability to scale from local to worldwide on demand and would like share our journey with you as we work to deliver solutions to urban communities worldwide. MochaStar! mstar We identified MochaStar! as our first priority realizing the first thing the African-American community need is control of their own image. MochaStar! is a microstock agency that promote authentic curated media to be used in localized media and marketing material. So this means an African-American blogger can now have access to authentic images and not the corny stuff you see on these other microstock agency web sites where they afraid to have two dark-skinned black people in a stock image photo together – that is going to change with MochaStar!. Photographers and graphic artists are going to be able to upload their images and media buyers are going to be able to quickly purchase a license to use creating authentic media and marketing material to portray African-Americans without a third party trying to tell African-Americans how they should look or appear in their own media. This solution will quickly expand to India where they have the same media portrayal problem as well as other parts of the world including Brazil and so on. Corporate: URL: Facebook: Google+: DBEXX dbexx If you are familiar with FanDuel or DraftKings then DBEXX is somewhat similar but DBEXX operates off binary option contracts. We discussed this on this blog (actually the majority of business models been discussed on this blog) where someone can list a binary option contract and it is bought and traded in a market exchange. So if I list a contract that states I will pay $10 if a sports team win the championship weeks before and the starting price is $1, then buyers can buy the option contract at $1 and later if the sport teams is doing good and looking like it going to happen, someone buys it from them for $4 and the original guy get a $3 profit and the new guy looking to make a $6 profit if the sports team win and if not, the contract is not honored and they all lose – binary, all or none. Obviously, this involve regulation behind the scenes in America but we can set this up in a global city that attract ex-pats so this is going to happen. Corporate: URL: Facebook: Google+: Dream and Hustle dnh This blog format will be going away and transitioned into a story-based/documentary narrative. We will be more focused on short stories and documentaries and publishing more than the current articles. Our research showed that this format will be better and more effective than the article blog. Anybody who followed Dream and Hustle for years will know we used to do short stories here and they made a positive impact as a result and we moving 100% to this model. So basically, Dream and Hustle is going to be based on a fictional city like Liberty City from GTA or Gotham from Batman series and in that city will be hundreds of individual stories of people looking to come up and dealing with the same issues that happen in the real-world. Some of the stories will be ripped from the headlines like Law and Order which will make the new Dream and Hustle very interesting. I already written a lot and I will say you guys will love the new Dream and Hustle. Corporate: URL: Facebook: Google+: HustleSpace hspace HustleSpace original mission was straightforward – take out Black Enterprise magazine at any cost or effort. Black Enterprise is a piece of garbage and a joke and have no credibility as these are uppity idiots trying to pick and choose what black people they consider successful or worthy and this is not how black business and black entrepreneurship need to be covered by any black media. However, HustleSpace was being edited in the Philippines and we discovered the interest and demand for the topics we originally geared towards African-Americans could go worldwide so HustleSpace is being revamped for a global audience. But do not be mistaken – it is being presented from an African-American community perspective but marketing our people to a global audience. You have to understand that African-American urban issues are not unique and others have the same opportunities and challenges we have. So with a global magazine operation, we will be better funded to help take down that garbage Black Enterprise nonsense and bring real business coverage to our communities and for our urban entrepreneurs. HustleSpace main benefit is the library of business models and local intelligence to help cats know what kind of business to create in their community to thrive and what is probably needed. Corporate: URL: Facebook: Google+: Mix Party Zone mxptz Streaming media is one of the most challenging business models where we had to re-write the business model over and over and start all over and tear down existing plans. But I think we are close to what we want and let’s explain what we are going to do. Streaming music is a commodity and I already reached that conclusion. Now, if you are a classic househead from Chicago, imagine an anachronistic scenario where the Hot Mix 5 or the Magnificent 7 mixers created their own streaming station playing tracks from their mixes and they broadcast their mixes and also perform at local clubs around the area. Las Vegas and Miami is doing this somewhat but we are going to bring this model to the city of Atlanta. We are planning to recruit around 5-7 DJs (they will be transformed to mixers when I’m through with them) to relocate to Atlanta to cultivate the EDM scene here. They are going to operate in the same spirit as the Hot Mix 5 and Magnificent 7 mixers who established the house music scene and dance music genre as we know it. That’s all I’m going to say for now but this will be a growth journey of mixers who love their craft and love mixes and love bringing people together whether it will be at a park or a parking lot or a club venue, they are going to work together to bring good vibes and talent and help create a music scene worldwide and let’s hope they become a global mixer a result. Corporate: URL: Facebook: Google+: PayMe.Ninja pmninja PayMe.Ninja is more of a framework and not an end product but it is basically a fiscal localism solution that allow money to be recycled in a local community and will use technology such as the blockchain to discover spending patterns and business opportunities to further grow local economies. This project was talked about on Dream and Hustle years ago and the original name was Black Money Framework or B.M.F and we were going to have money denominations called meeches so a cat can send 100 meeches to another cat via mobile payment creating our own hood-based currency. We have also showed a presentation on this solution and how to implement it on this blog and you can see the original presentation if you look around. I cannot go into details on this as we are still in development but will tell you that we will have a solution that allow fiscal localism to occur in the African-American community and other global urban economies to help revitalize the local economy and establish organic growth. In addition, we expecting this to be so disruptive where we can do peer-to-peer lending and peer-to-peer services with each other. We have studied Japan utility pre-payment models and realize how urban payment solutions allowed Japanese to rely on utility and resources allowing Japanese have some of the biggest savings per household in the world, just sitting on money by staying local in their economic activity. This is what we are looking at. Corporate: URL: Facebook: Google+: Shop Wall Star sws I will be working with a member from the Global Urban Collective and working with my bae for the Asian market on this but this is an extremely disruptive model that has been revamped. I spoke about this on this blog for years but the new version is basically a new paradigm shift. This is going to be an IPTV and digital out of home advertising network designed to promote local businesses to local businesses within a community. In addition, major advertising can be accommodated but the goal is to allow a local community have a way to promote their local businesses to drive local economic activity. Ok, I’m BSing yall with big words but wait until I talk about it later and you will see why I’m not even showing the screen in the picture above because this is so big and disruptive. In fact, you will not find any screens because once we drop this, the block is hot. Corporate: URL: Facebook: Google+: SistaSphere sistasphere SistaSphere will be a virtual talent agency heavily inspired by Asobi Systems in Japan and is designed to manage and cultivate the branding of sistas. Many of you know the original story of SistaSphere – basically V-103 a radio station that plays music degrading to black women had an event called For Sisters Only. As a way to counter For Sisters Only, I created a pop-up geo-fenced event that would create a “virtual vendor” marketplace near the Georgia World Congress Center that allow sistas to upload their business and catalog and SistaSphere would showcase virtual vendors to sistas at the event by just using their mobile phone. This was actually a cool experiment and it actually pulled off with only a few bugs but many people didn’t know about it due to poor street marketing. We abandoned this concept and rebadged SistaSphere to focus more on being a “virtual agent” that will manage the brand of a sista to book events, promote her books and fashion line or branded line and build up her social status like a real talent agency. Corporate: URL: Facebook: Google+: Stony|Ellis sellis Stony|Ellis is named after two streets on the South Side of Chicago, but the service is designed to allow small businesses to become price competitive in an environment where the middle class is discount shopping using services like RetailMeNot and Groupon. What Stony|Ellis does is allow a small merchant to create a crowdfunding campaign for the community to donate to allow that merchant run a discount/sale program. Small merchants cannot discount as heavily as big box stores and this cause Main Street / High Street to shut down as a result. We want to get the community involved in subsidizing the sales campaign of small merchants to attract customers and revitalize the overall mainstreet through mobile coupon discounting services. The nice thing is there is really no small amount that can be raised – even if a cupcake shop raise $5.00, then they can just run a campaign that says the first 20 people get .25 off a new cupcake line, causing people to rush to the store, still bringing in business so Stony|Ellis is expected to be a driver to small businesses on Main Street. Corporate: URL: Facebook: Google+: View the Vista vtw View the Vista is a social networking site that focus on setting goals and sharing goals. But we have decided to switch from a task completion model to an Agile method where the person is just fulfilling a story or theme. The motivation behind this is I was sick of LinkedIn sending me notifications that someone I knew from grammar school should be my friend and cats on Facebook I went to high school trying to connect to me on social media then pulling some kiddie grade judgement stuff. Instead, I find it more rewarding to social network with people who have similar goals and views and vision that I have. I believe many of the fitness wearables are creating these kind of communities which drives a lot of marathons and walks and causes bringing people with similar goals. We want a social network that connects people with similar goals and journeys and that is the motivation behind View The Vista. Corporate: URL: Bringing Solutions, Not Self-Aggrandizing We are not here to impress anybody or talk about our net worth or anything like that. We are here to create solutions and use our talent and our passion to deliver solutions for global urban economies worldwide. I love traveling to urban locations and see so much activity and also see so much opportunity we can address and that is my passion and the field I want to pursue. So this is why I created Swagg-Scientific is to help uplift and make better how urban communities work. These are the first half of the operations we are delivering and I can assure you Swagg-Scientific has some extremely exciting projects in the lab being worked on. I hope those in the African-American community realize that we have a lot to offer and give to the world out there and I hope many of you brothas and sistas rise up as authentic tech entrepreneurs and create solutions instead of looking to be validated and accepted by Silicon Valley – it’s too much opportunity out here to play around with Silicon Valley people who don’t like us for our skin color and try to discount us African-Americans for what we want to contribute to the global economy. I would love for you all to be with us on the journey as Swagg-Scientific works to create solutions for urban economies worldwide.

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  1. Ed…. *startsslowclap* Amazing work.

    I’ve been looking forward to the launch of Swagg Scientific since I’ve been a reader here. Congrats to you and your team!

  2. It is awesome to see progress and actual solutions instead of just talking about it! This is what I admire and will continue to follow a direction to putting forth actual work and not just talking about it, praying for some miracle. I’m glad as well to see swagg scientific launch an official takeover.

  3. ed, you need to talk to kai alce down there in the atl. kai dj’s overseas in places like Italy and Japan, plus produces his own records . his boy dj kemit has been deejaying and producing his own records too in Atlanta for years. I met both of them in 1998 at satellite records in little five points, both of them are involved in the big house music affairs in the parks down there in the summertime. kai is on facebook. I know kai sells a lot of his stuff on traxsource like all the other big hitters do. do you think you can monetize this? sites like have not figured it out yet.i think a lot of those folks have given up trying to monetize streaming house music and just produce and sell their mp3’s on traxsource or vinyl.

  4. Thank you sir, I’m writing from Denver CO. I have been following through on one of your entrepreneurial solution and I see the growth and expansion potentials. Please consider my resources as connection in Denver or please put me in contact with your connection here. We are poised and ready to make things happened!

  5. Ed,

    I’ve been reading the articles on this blog non-stop ever since I came across it on Thursday night. Curious, are your archive articles (pre-2011) available to be read? Past articles here included a temporary link to an archive section that is now unavailable. Are they being reformatted as white papers and are now available for purchase? Or will they be included on the new story-based/documentary narrative edition of the Dream and Hustle website?

  6. Mr. Dunn, this is Rickey Welch and I want to help with SistaSphere.

    I am in Los Angeles and I will put the work in. Remember, I was the guy that did the presentation on branding sistas during one of the Global Urban Collective dial-in meetings.
    How can I help you, or join the team?


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