Not Ready for 2017 – Weak-Minded African-Americans Got Emotional Instead of Logical Over Stacey Dash Commentary about the Oscars

stacey When I listened to Stacey Dash comments about the Oscars and observed the emotional upset reaction of African-Americans via blogs, black Twitter or whatever and cats on social media trying to attack Stacey Dash, our people are going to be in a world of irreversible hurt come 2017 when President Obama leaves office and our people are not ready and we got less than a year on the calendar. This article is published in January 2016 and I’m going to tell you smart brothas and smart sistas real frankly and blunt – don’t get caught up in this nonsense and look beyond the obvious and handle your business to be able to survive after President Obama leaves office. Those people blogging attacking Stacey Dash and trying to make you dislike her, those worthless black pundits ain’t going to do a damn thing for you and cannot do a damn thing for you when the crap hits the fan come a year from now. Don’t mess around and get distracted with this kind of distraction these punk worthless African-Americans like Roland Martin blathering trying to pull you in being emotional against some “New Black” (Common, Raven, Stacey, etc) with Roland Martin and others advocating their ineffectual hatred of Fox News trying to wrap you up in that distracting crap. The year of 2016 is a pre-hostile environment where you brothas and sistas need to shore up and focus on saving your own ass and look out for your family and others. Roland Martin little dick big head ass ain’t capable of doing a damn thing for you right now in 2016 – better handle your own damn business because what’s going down is real. Regarding the Oscars, I listened to exactly what Stacey Dash said on that interview and she is 100% correct and she ain’t as clueless as people want to make her out to be. If you are capable of following logic and reason, Stacey Dash did not say anything that was a major problem. In fact, Stacey Dash statements were pretty much in line with how a majority of reasonable black people feel about the situation. The only thing Stacey Dash left out was the third option we black folks have to make up our minds about. So let’s listen to actually what Stacey Dash said: Now let’s break down exactly what Stacey Dash said: Either We Want to Have Segregation or Integration. This is an accurate statement as this is our decision we African-Americans have to decide on. Because we got African-Americans out there keep talking about we need to have our own but answer to the white privilege system the very next day. Bottom line is cats are scared to go out there and have our own because we got the talent and resources to build our own but cats are just scared, plain and simple. But it is easy to talk up about we need to have our own and make speeches and sell books on that ish. Cats can’t talk about having our own in 2016, either we got it or we don’t. In 2016, the Mexicans who came to this country less than 5 years ago now have their own economic zones and resources and local politicians while African-Americans still talking Black Nationalist ish. If We Don’t Want Segregation, Then We Need to Get Rid of Channels like BET and the BET Awards and the Image Awards. So let’s just cut the bullcrap – we ain’t capable of going the segregation route and 2016 is the year we have to call a dead dog a dead dog. You cats want to do segregation can move your ass to Africa – oh, wait a minute, they over in Africa hard-core on STEM and rebuilding Africa with global partners, they don’t need your kinte kufi wearing African-American behind because you don’t even have any skills to bring to Africa, just got nothing but artificial black pride and a big ass mouth. But what is BET and BET Awards good for? BET ain’t done a damn thing of value for us African-Americans, period. BET shows music videos degrading black people and stupid ass TV shows for some couch potato loser to sit and just watch like a docile media consumer. BET ain’t done a damn thing for us and created a boule structure of elitists picking and choosing what blacks they want to portray and then portray our hood family as ghetto humor making fun of poor blacks. Same with the Image Awards. We don’t need black identity crap and that’s been the biggest con game against African-Americans as we need black empowerment, not black-identity. If It Was the Other Way Around We Be Up in Arms. It’s a Double Standard. It is a double-standard to promote this farce of black identity media and programming towards us African-Americans. It is nothing more than a knee-jerk response to white supremacy and it makes us as a people look weak because we responding to white supremacy instead of just focusing on our empowerment. Do not think black-identity is black empowerment, it is not the same and not even close. We cannot go global and be globally competitive as a people in this changing world focused on black-identity that is some made up crap that has nothing to do with our slave-descendant/Great Migration ancestry (that was based on actual endurance /empowerment /entrepreneurship). Do you notice most of the cats talking about black identity are some damn Caribbean-born characters? Our true heritage of black identity is Nat Turner, Benjamin Banneker, Lloyd Quarterman, Ida B Wells and these Caribbean-Boule characters don’t mention our true heritage or invoke their spirit on all these “weird black media” outlets like The Root and other black media crap, do they? They ain’t real African-Americans come here posing promoting that “black identity” crap and yall African-Americans ate that up and forsaken your own real history over some generic “black identity” stuff. There Shouldn’t Be a Black History Month..We’re Americans, Period, That’s It. We African-Americans served in the Revolutionary War and the first to get shot by the British, we fought in every war in this country, we invented breakthroughs in this country and we settled in this country and most important, we sacrificed as African-Americans in this country..this is our damn country and we are Americans. I explained earlier that Black History Month has been hijacked by black elitists to promote themselves with some “first” crap or “profiles of black uppity” nonsense sponsored by AT&T, Ford and McDonald’s and we do not discuss Black History Month like we should. White people as well as any other American should know who Charles Drew is or Elijah McCoy and even my Chinese bae find Black History interesting and worth learning how an ex-slave like Benjamin Montgomery mastered steam engine engineering and steamboat navigation in the 1800s. I just realized something – your black ass didn’t even know who Benjamin Montgomery is. So I agree that we should get rid of Black History and move the focus on giving people like Benjamin Montgomery full American honors and respect to talk about his legacy as a contributor to American society, which is what he did. There Need to Be More Diverse People in the Process, In the Academy. Isn’t this the only viable solution to the complaining? She said basically what the Academy itself decided had to be change and that is move towards a 10-year membership instead of lifetime to bring in a more diverse Academy by the year 2020. So why is Stacey Dash being vilified when she actually brought up the solution that other African-Americans also suggested? See this is where it gets weird especially with people like Roland Martin who omitted this part of Stacey Dash conversation. When people like Roland Martin start omitting things like that, then it’s time to look at Roland Martin and ask what is his angle or agenda and then you going to see what Stacey Dash really said that mattered most. President Obama Was Funded By the Same Liberal Hollywood Elitists That Does Not Offer Roles to People of Color. This is the most important statement anybody said during this whole Oscar conversation and only Stacey Dash brought it up. You know why? Because Silicon Valley has a diversity problem but heavily funded President Obama the last 8 years also. Stacey Dash also asked why is this being brought up now as we African-Americans been knew the Oscars was racist and biased a long time ago? Now, let’s keep something in mind – Stacey Dash did not say people of color was not getting Oscars, she specifically statement they were not getting roles meaning she is fully aware of the lack of opportunities. So why is Stacey Dash being portrayed as someone out of touch with black issues and Roland Martin referring to her as clueless? The answer is simple – those who are attacking Stacey Dash are also bought and paid for by those same liberal elites that pays off President Obama to stay quiet about the lack of diversity for their little crumbs. You have to remember that Byron Allen had to sue Al Sharpton and Comcast for trying to block his black-owned media firm from cable access. You see, our African-American people got emotional listening to these same black media characters that answer to that liberal elite power structure. These crumb snatching black elitists are telling these weak-minded African-Americans to hate and be mad at Stacey Dash or Raven Symone and our African-American people fell on their emotions and started attacking Stacey Dash without any critical thinking for themselves. Let me give you a little secret about this so-called “liberal elite” that you African-Americans are being misled to follow and worship through proxies like Roland Martin and Al Sharpton – they become Republicans real fast if that Republican is pro-Israel and these elite liberals have disdain for blacks just as much as Republicans. That’s why the Oscars had no problem not giving any black person a worthy nomination because Obama is leaving and they want to express how much they don’t care for black people. Now, I mentioned earlier the only thing Stacey Dash done was forgot a third option other than integrate or segregate and that is expropriate – we African-Americans just take it over. We don’t segregate and try to make things black-only when we got a billions of people outside of America that respect us brothas and sistas and will buy our products and black culture. And integrating with people who never liked us and act like they will never like us is just plain stupid. So the only real option we act like a goddamn boss and take over. We take the Oscars from their bigoted ass and run our own shit and don’t make it a BET Award, we program that ish for the whole world to view and compete directly against those bigots for the same audience. You think my tech firm is a black-firm designed for black people? My firm is designed to compete head-to-head globally and take market share and convert customers my way, homey – you lost your damn mind to think I would narrow my ish to 40 million African-Americans when I can target billions with my talent. We African-Americans need to listen to Stacey Dash and claim this America ish as our own and take this damn ish like they took our damn people from Africa. Our people fought for and died for this country, been a slave for this country and suffered through legal inequality for this country. All we got to lose is our lives but fighting to take ish our people sacrificed for is a most noble way to die and they can get some too if they want to come with that. Real talk, in 2016 and we see what is in store going against us, we African-Americans ain’t got too many options like a rat backed into a corner but to lash out and fight and not play with our enemies but take them out and take over so we can live and thrive on our terms. All that black-orientated stuff can go straight to hell and I’m not trying to be friends with a group of people that constantly show disdain for black lives. If they don’t like black people and don’t want to respect black people then fuck them – there is nothing else to talk about on this. This is our country and our opportunities out there and it’s time we just take over shit and say fuck these motherfuckers and globally out-swag their ass and claim this shit as our own. West Side of Chicago where I’m from we don’t beg, we take and it’s time to start taking shit.

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  1. Wow wonderful article and you speak the truth found you on how to turn my hair hustle into a reality and as I read each step very clearly I am making great progress in a great change. I am an advocate of actions speak louder than words. Im from southside of Chicago and yes I can relate to you oh so well.

  2. I am just seeing Stacey Dash’s entire interview on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s issue with the Oscars for the first time and I am not surprised that Stacey Dash’s comments were taken out of context. Your mantra about Blacks living (and THRIVING) on our own terms is something more of us should heed. I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen, though. Keep up the provocative writing, Ed and .

    1. Please do not cross-post or use the comment section to as a medium to communicate with me, please. To be frank, I’m not someone that can be befriended, just giving you the early briefing like everyone else who came before.

      I will be dealing with the tech industry bigots on a different level and don’t need to be bothered with an untalented poster boy. This is why the article is going away and not published as the focus was too much on the poster boy and not the structural bigots.

  3. Thanks for replying and for the briefing, Ed. As I just came across this website last week, I have been reading and wanted to learn more.


  4. Haven’t been in a good minute and though I disagree at times always good to see a real perspective Ed. You’ve turned it up over here. I have to catch up.

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