The Afro-Tech Guide to Dealing with Cats Who Don’t Want to See You Succeed

Handsome African American man lying with laptop on carpet in room As a brotha or sista with tech talent, you are empowered to change the world and make it easier and better for millions and billions of people worldwide. You love what you do and make good money doing what you do and you have a network of talent and professionals worldwide you can connect to anytime to collaborate with. As the Afro-Tech movement kicks in gear in 2016 and we take over the role of solution provider for our people, our communities and future direction, then you should expect resentment, jealously and shade from a lot of people coming your way. You going to see the negative vibes coming from people personal to you. Look at me and MochaStar! for example – the Mocha lady herself when I showed her the service and she claimed she want to support it changed up on me and started trying to personally treat me like crap. I knew her for 10 years and she don't know anybody close to my caliber that will get her anything she like, but she wanted to make me feel less than a man instead of support me carrying out MochaStar!, this is real talk. You going to find all kind of people coming out the woodpile showing up smiling and stuff but they don’t really don’t want to see you succeed with what you want to do as an Afro-Tech. Here is what you need to do – just don’t tell anybody anything and just execute the hustle. These cats don’t understand technology and just running their mouth with opinions and rhetoric. And people close to you, just act normal and tell them you just working a job you hate and they don’t pay you enough so they can look down on you happy to hear you got problems on your mind. The good thing about the Afro-Tech is we don’t need to advertise or broadcast who we are and what we do and by the time they find out we about that, it is too late. These fools are looking at popularity numbers because they shallow. That is why I’m not on YouTube because I know as soon as I get big numbers, that’s when they will start taking notice but as you see, I already built the empire and now executing. They trying to look at Dream and Hustle numbers and just too stupid to realize Dream and Hustle don’t need to post the big numbers to reach the right people with our message. So if you are an Afro-Tech and got cats trying to downplay you, just fall back and disappear on them because these cats don’t know anything about technology. You can just hide your hustle behind your computer screen and just walk around looking and acting normal. And the money is swept into the bank account on intervals so they don’t see any of that. Don’t let these followers, these judgmental cats, family members who don’t support or withhold praise know another thing about your moves being made as an Afro-Tech. Just do it and stay low-key and keep it hidden in plain sight on the computer screen.

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