Afro-Tech Took Over So Hard, Cats Sticking their Heads in the Sand in Denial and Cognitive Dissonance

the_dissonance As an Afro-Tech, it is perfectly natural behavior for your haters to pretend you and your awesomeness do not exist once they find out how awesome you are. But at the end of the day, you have to recognize that these people are “thinkers” who spend time thinking about others, have opinions about others and have feelings about things they usually cannot control, like how awesome you are. You on the other hand is a “doer” that spend time working on solutions and delivering solutions and setting goals and working towards goals and delivering results. You are a “doer” and they are “thinkers” and these cats hate us because they ain’t us. If I’m correct, January and February is just two months, right? In two months, the Afro-Tech worldwide collectively have made more moves and delivered more results in 2016 than most of these talking heads delivered in a lifetime of running their mouth getting stupid black people to pay to hear them talk some of that jive ass talk about black empowerment, cooperative economics and cosplay-inspired Afrofuturism. Well, now that the Afro-Tech took over and running the show, these jiving cats and their loser followers are recognizing they just ain’t at the level and now have no choice but resort to the natural behavior of implementing cognitive dissonance. But’s it is okay as the Afro-Tech has a mission to accomplish and all we going to do is walk by all these cats sticking their head in the sand. But I’m going to warn you, some of us might poke a few of these cats in the booty with our fingers while we walk by because some of us like to do that kinda stuff. Anyway, let me tell you exactly what this part of the Afro-Tech has done in the past 2 months. But remember, I always hear “this is way over my head” and I understand a lot of things are over your head when you stick your head in the sand, I get that. Quietly Built a Dating Service on the Blockchain. My crew, the 3rd Strategic Institute quietly build this service last year for the brothas to date international chicks and have a distributed ledger to keep track of the chicks out there to prevent brothas from becoming the victims of international gold-diggers and swindlers. We even had “cards” (kinda like Pokémon cards) of these chicks who pay to get these cards to date the brothas and brothas can trade these cards like Bitcoin. But since we realized how fake, broke, busted and whack the brothas are, chasing Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed talking about he got a social media site, coming to a heavyweight blog like Dream and Hustle talking some petty lightweight ish, me and my crew decided to switch this whole thing over to the sistas to use this blockchain-based dating service instead. The way my own brothas act towards me and Dream and Hustle, I simply do not appreciate the sissy attitude shit these black male adults have become nowadays and I will hand it over to the sistas. I will announce this later for Black Women Business Month. MochaStar! Hands Down the Second Biggest Release. The MochaStar! service has been beta tested intensively worldwide and the response and reception has been great and people are automatically sold and excited. What MochaStar! will do is first allow black people all over the world create real images and media portrayals of themselves and allow media buyers all over the world to use these realistic portrayals of our people worldwide, wiping out the whole market for stock photography that is too afraid to show us as too black, too strong as a people doing positive things. Models are excited about the feature that allow them to brand themselves and bypass Model Mayhem who we basically rendered irrelevant by allowing models to sell directly to the market and demonstrate quickly they have market demand. Then we go completely global worldwide with the service and expand the media offerings in future phases. is the Biggest Release to the Black Community. I’m not ready to reveal anything about but the Global Urban Collective seen it and have a full idea of what it is and they will tell you it is probably the biggest and most important technology that is super-disruptive. Agile is Infecting the Real Movers in Our Communities. I have moved several community activists to Agile/LEAN process of collaborative ownership and iterative development and focus on delivering reasonable value to their customer on a timely basis instead of making bring promises and big dreams and inspiration. Already, these community activists in weeks are saying they are making extremely positive strides and engaging the hood using Agile. Meanwhile, the NAACP and Urban League are in the corner playing marbles by themselves thinking they are relevant in the age of the Afro-Tech and collaborative ownership. The Global Urban Collective Advancing. By pursuing Agile, the Global Urban Collective is becoming more and more advanced in terms of STEM and business. We are almost doubling every week and making improvements and progress. There will be an announcement real soon on major milestones and developments with the Global Urban Collective and it will show how far the group has come. Now one thing and I have to remind you guys – I’m the one who showed step-by-step how to use the blockchain as a tool to keep money recycling in our community. I’m the one who shows on an actual video and distributed code on how to use encryption and create a Trusted Service Provider business model. These other people out there portraying themselves as technology trailblazers ain’t showing you a damn thing except a fake write-up in a white magazine somewhere. And on a daily basis, I manage the largest group of black professionals as a Facebook group who promote their black-owned businesses and I facilitate that environment. Again, cats cannot do nothing but stick that head in the sand when they see the work being put in as they want to badly follow/worship someone else - that's how cognitive dissonance works. Cats who don’t want to hear about the Afro-Tech are the losers who got nothing to bring to the table but their big mouth and a worthless opinion and some bratty attitude. And no one in the black community need that kind of person around when we got real stuff going down in 2016 that is going to massively affect us as a people. The Afro-Tech is making those moves and making things happen and we already took over massively. The best thing for you to do is to start learning STEM and start looking at all of the global opportunities that you have to get what’s yours to do for self and yours. Notice that the Afro-Tech like me are focused on bringing you solutions while the other cats want to still jive talk. Don’t be like the others and put your head in the sand – stand up and let’s work together to progress and make major moves in 2016.

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  1. Ed….I’ve been following your posts about MochaStar and am glad to see the fruits of your labors. As you stated

    “We immerse our whole black media and our whole black community with our own images and export our images for sale worldwide to change the perception of who we are and how we are portrayed as black people in global media. ”

    What an awesome project – excited to see the post-launch data which I’m sure will illustrate the way MochaStar’s inimitable and non-substitutable value proposition is superseding the competition.

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