Black History Month: Understanding Why Our African-American Adult Males Always Running Scared from Truth, Reality and Responsibility


One thing I’m learning as a black man is to trust the intuition of the black woman regarding our fellow African-American male adults. When I see a sista look at one of these brothas and put her head down or try to look the other way in shame and disappointment, I take notice of her reaction and feel bad this is what she had to see become of the brothas. Throughout modern Black History, we have watched and seen over and over African-American male adults who cannot operate as a real man just run away scared and at times, leave their own women and children to fend for themselves.

In this article, let’s celebrate the reality of our Black History Month and highlight these weak ass cowards we got in our black community who latest pastime is hanging in the YouTube comment section typing up text.

Look, I can post example after example of these African-American male adults using real situations but after gathering the first 8 real-examples for this article, I got depressed as hell. So we just going to be general and short in this article because to be honest, these worthless black males ain’t worth much of my time or your time but we need to be aware of them for Black History Month. The goal is we want these black male adults to stop running scared, take a deep breath, choose to be a man for once in his live and turn around to run back to the battle to join the fight for the glory.

These Black Males Running From the Truth. Many black males confuse “knowledge” with “truth” and that is our biggest mistake. You can have all the knowledge you have about Christianity, Islam, Hebrew or Egyptian stuff but the truth is your black ass came from West Africa and those were East African and slaver religions, that’s the goddamn truth. You will see black guys over and over scream “truth!” but here is what happens – I confront them on the actual truth and challenge them to produce facts – these black males run away or say that is just their opinion and duck and cover. This is how black guys run from the truth all of the time. They say the truth will set you free and when you see these black guys run from the truth, that is when you realize these black guys do not want to be free. No black man should ever have an “opinion” or have “knowledge” – the only thing a real black man or any dominant male species in the animal kingdom deals with is the truth.

Life without truth is not possible. Truth is perhaps life itself. — Franz Kafka

These Black Males Running From the Reality. The Barackalypse is a reality and real stuff is going down. If these bigots keep trying to come at President Barack Obama, the most powerful man on the planet, why is these black guys sitting pretty acting like nothing going to happen to them after President Obama leaves office and someone new get into office? What do you see these black males doing right now? Are they preparing for Post-Obama or are these black males on YouTube adding a comment in the comment section? Have you seen any of these black dudes even address how to handle theirs after Obama leaves or you just watching them just running from the Post-Obama reality waiting for the reality to catch up with them?

These Black Males Running From Responsibility. This is the one that hurts the most because I do not understand how a black male can walk away from the responsibility of raising his children he brought into this world. To a black man, his children are not part of his life, his children are his life and he gives up his life for the best interest of his children. Then you see these same black males run from the manhood obligation to protect and fight for his own but he either selling out or running away or just want to talk about it at a roundtable or on a YouTube rant video. This has to be the most disappointing because you see black males jump on the Interwebs and always got an opinion instead of say he going to stand for something he truly believe in and fight for it.


Dear black males – stop running. There is no better time than right now to stand for something, stand for what you believe in and fight for those who need you to fight for them. You cannot keep talking about so-called knowledge and run from the truth, you cannot keep talking about conspiracies but run from reality and you cannot talk about what you want while running from what you are responsible for.

Let me make this straight to the point – we black men die ugly and we die hard. Look at how all your elder black brothas died, it was messed up and horrible and agonizing, wasn’t it? You only hear the cute stories of someone dying surrounded by family but the truth is, we brothas die very hard and unpleasant when we get old. So don’t act scared to fight hard for something because you black males are waiting around for something – we die hard, homey. So stop worrying about being scared of dying because in the end, if you are a black man, you may not like that grow old and die scenario outcome if you look at how other brothas went out, all in the poor hospital hooked up to crap just waiting to be carted to the morgue waiting on a nearest relative to give a damn to bury them them decent.

So with that said you black males who keep running, choose to live your life and stand for something. Stand for yourself, stand for your people and your community and stand for your future. Stop running like you run from Dream and Hustle every time I put an article out on how to make real moves. Stop acting scared of bigoted people who love their mortal life but devalue your mortal life. Decide right now that you as a black male is no longer going to be just another black male running away but will stand up and stand your ground and fight forward for what you believe in with the truth on your side and your personal obligation to your responsibility. It’s time in our Black History for you black males to step up and be a black man.

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