Black History Month: Understanding Why Our African-American Adult Males Always Running Scared from Truth, Reality and Responsibility

y One thing I’m learning as a black man is to trust the intuition of the black woman regarding our fellow African-American male adults. When I see a sista look at one of these brothas and put her head down or try to look the other way in shame and disappointment, I take notice of her reaction and feel bad this is what she had to see become of the brothas. Throughout modern Black History, we have watched and seen over and over African-American male adults who cannot operate as a real man just run away scared and at times, leave their own women and children to fend for themselves. In this article, let’s celebrate the reality of our Black History Month and highlight these weak ass cowards we got in our black community who latest pastime is hanging in the YouTube comment section typing up text. Look, I can post example after example of these African-American male adults using real situations but after gathering the first 8 real-examples for this article, I got depressed as hell. So we just going to be general and short in this article because to be honest, these worthless black males ain’t worth much of my time or your time but we need to be aware of them for Black History Month. The goal is we want these black male adults to stop running scared, take a deep breath, choose to be a man for once in his live and turn around to run back to the battle to join the fight for the glory. These Black Males Running From the Truth. Many black males confuse “knowledge” with “truth” and that is our biggest mistake. You can have all the knowledge you have about Christianity, Islam, Hebrew or Egyptian stuff but the truth is your black ass came from West Africa and those were East African and slaver religions, that’s the goddamn truth. You will see black guys over and over scream “truth!” but here is what happens – I confront them on the actual truth and challenge them to produce facts - these black males run away or say that is just their opinion and duck and cover. This is how black guys run from the truth all of the time. They say the truth will set you free and when you see these black guys run from the truth, that is when you realize these black guys do not want to be free. No black man should ever have an “opinion” or have “knowledge” – the only thing a real black man or any dominant male species in the animal kingdom deals with is the truth.
Life without truth is not possible. Truth is perhaps life itself. — Franz Kafka
These Black Males Running From the Reality. The Barackalypse is a reality and real stuff is going down. If these bigots keep trying to come at President Barack Obama, the most powerful man on the planet, why is these black guys sitting pretty acting like nothing going to happen to them after President Obama leaves office and someone new get into office? What do you see these black males doing right now? Are they preparing for Post-Obama or are these black males on YouTube adding a comment in the comment section? Have you seen any of these black dudes even address how to handle theirs after Obama leaves or you just watching them just running from the Post-Obama reality waiting for the reality to catch up with them? These Black Males Running From Responsibility. This is the one that hurts the most because I do not understand how a black male can walk away from the responsibility of raising his children he brought into this world. To a black man, his children are not part of his life, his children are his life and he gives up his life for the best interest of his children. Then you see these same black males run from the manhood obligation to protect and fight for his own but he either selling out or running away or just want to talk about it at a roundtable or on a YouTube rant video. This has to be the most disappointing because you see black males jump on the Interwebs and always got an opinion instead of say he going to stand for something he truly believe in and fight for it. theman Dear black males – stop running. There is no better time than right now to stand for something, stand for what you believe in and fight for those who need you to fight for them. You cannot keep talking about so-called knowledge and run from the truth, you cannot keep talking about conspiracies but run from reality and you cannot talk about what you want while running from what you are responsible for. Let me make this straight to the point – we black men die ugly and we die hard. Look at how all your elder black brothas died, it was messed up and horrible and agonizing, wasn’t it? You only hear the cute stories of someone dying surrounded by family but the truth is, we brothas die very hard and unpleasant when we get old. So don't act scared to fight hard for something because you black males are waiting around for something - we die hard, homey. So stop worrying about being scared of dying because in the end, if you are a black man, you may not like that grow old and die scenario outcome if you look at how other brothas went out, all in the poor hospital hooked up to crap just waiting to be carted to the morgue waiting on a nearest relative to give a damn to bury them them decent. So with that said you black males who keep running, choose to live your life and stand for something. Stand for yourself, stand for your people and your community and stand for your future. Stop running like you run from Dream and Hustle every time I put an article out on how to make real moves. Stop acting scared of bigoted people who love their mortal life but devalue your mortal life. Decide right now that you as a black male is no longer going to be just another black male running away but will stand up and stand your ground and fight forward for what you believe in with the truth on your side and your personal obligation to your responsibility. It’s time in our Black History for you black males to step up and be a black man.

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  1. I been running this blog for over 10 years and been on the Internet since it was developed in the early 1990s. Over and over, I see African-American males constantly want to talk online with toughness then when confronted, run off to another blog. We see this in black relationships where a black male get exposed and instead of stand up, he runs off, leaving his own kids behind. And I cannot count the number of battles I had to fought where things got real or work had to put in, see these same black males run away.

    What made me write this article was I did a follow-up on an earlier article regarding the Dr. Claude Anderson Powernomics Facebook group – I noticed after the admins decided to start posting real content that leads to true economic development or have a real discussion on the topic, the black males ran away. It is mostly black women there now and putting in real solid information/work. Now these same black males hiding among Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black circles and other PUA YouTube bloggers as their latest refuge. If that who Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black want in their circles, that’s on them. These black guys just run too much so they can spend another day talking rhetoric instead of do anything real as a man should do.

    I do not want any of these black males who keep running away crawl back this way when I allow them to see the fruits of a real black man labor….just putting it out there in advance.

  2. Who raised these scared, cowardly, running, effeminate black males? Going forward first things first, first black men and black women [parents] must set aside all of the new liberal and progressive political slogan, themes, hashtags and causes and get back to the basic fundamentals of doing our duties to god, our ancestor, family, self, community and nation and let others fight their own causes [black people do not listen to or follow white conservative]. The basic and fundamentals of our duties is to provide physical, financial and emotional security for our women and offspring’s, but first he must be allowed by the women to perform his duties as a man, father and husband, if she interferes and will not allow him he to perform his god given natural duties he must then make the necessary sacrifices and do whatever he has to do to guide, support his offspring financially, physically and emotional until they are into adulthood. Now we are now in a situation where many have never seen a real man performing his duties as a man and have no knowledge of how to be a real man and in this cases if you don’t know find a real man who you know have been successful as a father, husband and citizen and ask him or them to mentor you.

  3. Well said, Ed. I have to admit that in today’s times it’s easier to follow your fancies than build for self, family and community at large. Speaking for myself, I don’t know what a father figure looks like as I’ve never had one and considering only two of my homeboys have children (and both are slightly older than I), I live a little through their fatherhoods to gauge what that might be like for myself one day.

    What most don’t say when they document becoming fathers for the first time is just how much you give. I hear from them about being up all hours of the night, constantly worrying about keeping their household in order and trying to manage a little piece of joy for themselves. Whether or not having a child brings them a different kind of joy, I don’t know, because they’ve never mentioned it (and I imagine it’d be something experienced more than told) but as a guy looking in from the outside it seems like delaying bringing a child into the world as long as possible just so you can ‘squeeze the orange’ until it’s fully dry and enjoying your single, or even married life, as much as possible beforehand. That way, when the child comes, you’re prepared mentally, commitment-wise and financially.

    Thanks for the insights and stay the course, brother.

    On another note Ed, I bookmarked that post on writing whitepapers but I can’t find it anymore. Mind linking that post?

    1. To my African-American black women – this comment is exactly why I perfectly understand your anguish when it comes to the black males running around and not enough black men.

      Please, close your eyes and imagine john, assuming is a Bay Area black adult male, decide to type up on the Internet in the year 2016 the following comment: “tariq got a social media app!”

      What black man you know with a Mercedes S-Klasse in his garage, his own professional career and venture operations, his own crib with his own furniture, got a nice wardrobe handpicked and tailored and got several international suitors to choose from would pull up in front of their computer in their crib on a Friday evening and type the following message:

      “tariq got a social media app!”

      Thought so…..

  4. So what’s the solution if one of these guys is related to you? Do u completely distance yourself? I’m interested in how brothers handle these situations whe it’s close to home.

    1. I like how you added the “related to you” to try to garner some sympathy or empathy or maybe some caring.

      In the animal kingdom, these males will be removed from the pack or killed by both the provider male and provider female. Or in a cunning manner, served to be the first one to be sacrificed if the pack is threaten by a predator. The animal kingdom don’t care if they are related and there are some good nature documentaries on the primate kingdom that will demonstrate exactly what I’m talking about. The phrase used a lot is called natural selection.

      Additional Note: We can look at Cecil the Lion killed by that American Dentist. The way it works is the lion preserve have these American hunters kill off the worthless lion males and prop that lion head on a plaque above the fireplace. But Cecil was a provider to his pack and when he was killed by the hunter, the whole world went crazy about Cecil but didn’t give one damn about any other worthless male lion that suffer the same kind of fate on a routine basis.

      You don’t have to go far in the human realm – in Africa, they have “rites of passage” correct? Bungie jumping was an African tradition and something tells me the tribe knew the weak males and made sure the jungle vines was long enough to have that black male crack his skull wide open when it was that black male turn to take the leap of faith. Similar rituals with the Indian tribe and we can say most secret organizations, gangs and fraternities have such violent/non-violent culling methods to separate the males from the men.

      Let’s not kid ourselves – no one cares about these black males. They were a tax-writeoff and child support windfall for the single baby momma at best to justify their upbringing. The black males are going to have to at the end of the day, fend for themselves and become a man. You ask how we black men handling this situation? We are handling this situation by letting them know they are not acting like black men that has to fend for himself and provide for his family. If these black males don’t listen, no one cares about them or their plight.

      If you want to believe someone cares, go look at the black male homeless population and the black male prison population and the black male unemployment population fighting immigrants for labor jobs. If those black males die, the people “related” to them will be fighting at the Social Security office trying to claim that dead black male benefit, if there are any. No one cares about them and when you see a black male in 2016 type up the following comment over the Internet – tariq got a new social media app – then you have to accept at face value what you dealing with and accept natural selection as it is what it is.

    2. my sons wouldn’t be like that and is not like that because as a man/father I did my duty to ensure that when they were old enough to comprehend they were being taught their duties as a son, man, father, husband and what was expected of them in this super competitive world. and I can remember my wife telling them one time “I want men, I don’t want no punks or play boys around here”, so they knew their purpose, duties and responsibilities as a man in this super competitive world.

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