How to Find Your One in a Million

Your success in finding your soulmate is fully based on your decisions and actions to allow your soulmate to enter your life. The number one reason people do not have someone they can call their true soulmate is because they did not discover their true inner self to know what they are looking for. There is a difference between the kind of soulmate you want and the soulmate you are looking for. Those who want a soulmate will never get one while those who are looking for a soulmate will find their one in a million. The goal of this article is to help you find that one in a million person out there that is the one for you. They are not the “right person” or the “best person” you will meet but will be the one that validate and make a perfect match or beautiful addition to who you are and your life. Your soulmate don’t have to be your lover and likely will not start off as your lover, they will be a great friend and share a common purpose and someone you are glad that person is there in your life. So let’s talk about what you need to do in your journey to go and find that one in a million. Do Not Settle. This is the biggest mistake we all make in our lives and I made this mistake big time. If you are with someone that do not fill your soul with happiness then you are settling. Doesn’t matter if you are dating them or engaged to them or married to them right now, you grew up together or you are too old to be playing the young single game or the person is the “most desired” and chose you - if they don’t make your inner self happy, then you settling. That’s why I don’t care about that so-called “cheating” stuff the moralists talk about because if you find your soulmate while you settling with your current significant other, then the only person you cheating on is yourself if you do not pursue your soulmate just to accommodate that so-called significant other you settled for. Do not settle because the truth is, you probably did not look for the person you settled for in the correct manner you should have went to find your one in a million – be truthful about that. Do What You Love. To know what you looking for, you have to know what you love. If you love trance, then you know you want someone you can go to a chillout lounge in Amsterdam with or listen to a State of Trance recorded session together in each other arms. You need to be open about what you love and what you have a passion for. These have to be lifelong passions and not the current fad. If you are committed to being a lifer in the military then you know you need a spouse that will appreciate you for being a lifer in the military. If you want to build tiny homes for the homeless then you want someone who willing to pick up a hammer and go take the extra trip to the lumber yard with you. Find out what you love and list it down and be honest this is your passion and your story – that is the most important step. They Will Show Up. When you start doing what you love, whether it is the Peace Corps mission or Electric Daisy Carnival or Junior Achievement or the NFL game or the political rally or a church conference, when you are at the time and space your heart is aligned with, then you will see others on that same wavelength show up there also. This is why it is important to know what you truly love. Now here is the thing, don’t be obsessed with what you love, just be there to show your passion and purpose for what you love. Those who are there on the scene if they have the same passion, you will connect with them immediately though having a conversation on what you truly love. You will find them and they will find you. Communicate. It is very important you communicate and learn how to communicate both verbally and non-verbally. Verbally is discussing your passion and keeping in touch because you found the other person cool and let them understand that. Non-verbal is listening to the other and having the body language that says I like you because I also like what you do and here to support you and want you to support me to. Trust me, the last sentence is a real non-verbal communication and you have to master expressing this in a non-verbal way. But always keep your communication forward-thinking and with a vision and passion – avoid negativity. Stay focused on solutions and stay positive and deliver real results on your passion and ask the other person to show up and be there for you. Your Soulmate Will Validate Your Purpose. Once you find what you love and do what you love, those who love what you love will show up and you will then find this is the place you want to be and the people you want to be around. Then learn how to express what you love to others and do what you love to others and you will find that one in a million who also find you interesting for what you do and appreciate you have the same love and passion for what they love. Then when you connect, you will have a friendship and relationship bonded on what you both have in common and a purpose that you want to fulfill together. In summary, the way to find your one in a million is to realize that you are one in a million. You discover what makes you unique and what you have a passion to pursue. This helps you narrow down to exactly the kind of person you want to find that is also that one in a million. Then you immerse yourself in that environment you are passionate about and if you are genuine in that environment and communicate effectively, you will find your one in a million in that environment. Avoid party clubs (unless it is an EDM club), social cliques and dating web sites and peer pressure when it comes to finding and getting with your one in a million. If you are working a job, find out if you are passionate about that job and if the other person is passionate about what they do also and if that is not there, leave it alone. You have to find your true self and when you put yourself in the environments to express your true self and what you love, this is how you will eventually find your true one in a million.

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  1. Loved this article. This article reminds of a book I’m reading which uses the law of attraction to find your life partner.

  2. Thank you for this article Ed. I just ended a relationship that became very toxic and I knew I had get out because I was settling just to have a companion. I didn’t implement the key points you stated but now that I’m free from that situation I have the outline I need, thanks to this write up!

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