If the Revolution Won’t Be Televised, Then Why You Chilling on YouTube?

not_televised Cultural change and revolutions are not realized until years after the fact. There is a popular saying about 3 types of people when it comes to change – those who didn’t know what happened, those who did know what happened and those who made it happen. African-Americans have been conditioned to not know what happened by being distracted with entertainment-based and emotion-based media programming. But here is where it becomes a problem with African-Americans – people like me try to tell our people to know what is happening but African-Americans make the conscious decision to stay stuck on stupid and just want to be entertained and filled with emotions. We have African-Americans still want to listen to Rickey Smiley morning crack jokes for how many years? How many? Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner all laughing and stuff every damn weekday morning? Every damn morning you African-Americans have to get your laugh on or whatever? bizisgood airbnbnewguy Hyper-gentrification is real and headlines after headlines for example on the South Side of Chicago is showing they are moving fast on pushing AirBnB to quickly diversify that area and run out poor blacks. The hyper-gentrification of the South Side of Chicago will not be televised, it will just happen and years later, cats will then call up WVON and start whining. The Asian and Latino population that been here in America just a few generations quickly establishing economic power which leads to political power and we can go back to Chicago and see the number of Hispanics who now in control of offices as well as Asians in other cities that used to have strong black communities like the Bay Area in California. What is also bothering is this – there is tremendous opportunity out there for brothas and sistas willing to learn STEM and employ STEM solutions. We not talking lightweight opportunity but real opportunity that can scale from local to global real fast and unprecedented and never done before. We got African-Americans who are not taking advantage of these opportunities and furthermore, not even encouraging or supporting others who want to pursue STEM. African-Americans one way or another is going to be impacted by STEM and either we master STEM or we become victims to STEM. I be watching videos of white entrepreneurs talking about they in our hoods buying and reselling used and refurbished mobile phones then they show black people all in the warehouse section shuffling ish and boxing up ish and shelving ish – that’s where we are going to be as a people if we do not take advantage of STEM. famefortune The major problem is we got an African-American culture that is conditioned to look for fame before fortune. Everybody want to be famous with a lot of followers and likes and African-Americans don’t disappoint and be liking and following cats. Black people want to see someone shining with bling or a nice car or flashing money before they respect them. Or even better, want someone white to validate the black person before that black person can be respected by the black community – like waiting for Barack Obama to win the Iowa Caucus before supporting his election campaign. And we need to see that black person featured on television, on radio, in a magazine or on a viral social media meme with a good inspirational story. This is what black people look for which is fame instead of fortune. Fortune is not “net worth” it is value and most of the people African-Americans like to follow/admire have little to nothing of true value to offer. The revolution will not be televised or appear in YouTube or social media or a magazine write-up. Revolutions are not something you or anybody get to set the parameters on how it will occur. Those who make things happen will set the parameters of the revolution and will make sure people like African-Americans do not realize what happened years after the revolution has been carried out and implemented. People have been planning Post-Obama revolutions for the longest time against African-Americans and how to marginalize the African-American “black vote” and other economic marginalization strategies since day one. Some of the stuff I’m seeing coming down as strategies to marginalize African-Americans is just way too much even for me at this time and I don’t even know if I’m ready for the Post-Obama era like that, no matter who the next President is. expansion The one good revolution going on is the Rise of the Afro-Tech. It is already 1.5 months in 2016 and the Afro-Tech already seized total control of the economic empowerment and upliftment of black communities – this is not televised. And it will not be televised because the Afro-Tech will destroy the negative black media programming as part of their rise. But African-Americans are clueless of the Afro-Tech because they are looking for social media memes and storytelling or the Roland Martin show or a tech magazine to tell them this revolution has occurred. I have explained to you all the Afro-Tech do not need anyone validation and will just make things happen. No one right now who have a clue can say anybody is more powerful than the Afro-Tech. 45 days in 2016 and the Afro-Tech already took the weight of the challenge and became owners of the solution. In reality, the Afro-Tech is ahead of Silicon Valley which use bigotry and discrimination to hold their position while the Afro-Tech is pure STEM and innovation to deliver solutions, results and value. 2016 is the year of the Afro-Tech and the revolution will not be televised or streamed on YouTube.

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  1. First verse of the song:

    “You will not be able to stay home, brother.
    You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out.
    You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and
    skip out for beer during commercials,
    Because the revolution will not be televised.”

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