Love Is for the Lonely, True Friends Light Up the World

friends Me and my bae is going to celebrate over 7 years of something I cannot describe as love as I don’t know what the hell that love thing really is. I chased that love stuff all my life thinking I’m in love with this woman or that woman and realize I was chasing some fantasy or I was settling for not being alone. Or some façade that I’m in love with the woman I’m standing next to taking a photograph together with my son. I did not realize what really mattered in a relationship until I started dating bae and discovered what really mattered. It is no secret that bae is originally from China and I never dated any woman other than my own black sistas before I met her. But it was around 2008 and I saw her and realize this Asian sista had a nice butt and she looked at me and she noticed I was looking at her butt. You know she approached me later and we hung out and she was blushing saying she think she need to lose weight because her butt was too big. I actually asked for her phone number and she talked over and over and hung out. At first, the relationship was awkward at the communication level because I still use slang and talk kinda fast as a brotha from the inner city and she does not understand. Actually, this is the number one problem I’m having dating global sistas and have to slow down and stop using hood slang when I talk. Because when we talked, I talked about technology and entrepreneurship and my goals and vision and she was impressed with me having dreams and goals and big vision. All the black women I dated called me arrogant for talking about my goals and ambitions and tried to make me doubt myself. But bae wasn’t just listening to me, she was supporting me because she had a technology background. Bae even supported me during my divorce being there 1000% for me and didn’t need to – she cared about me and called regularly and stopped by to make sure I was ok. Over the years and off and on, we take a break from each other but we regularly talk and we always went out to see the latest movie or go eat and she really love to eat at lot and cook a lot. She was my main driver to help me reboot on starting up my technology company. She even learned technology and self-taught herself so we can relate on the topic together. And if I want to go jogging or walking in the park, she was just a phone call away and we walk and talk. And if she wanted me to go to church, I would show up to church and would be there just for her. And we loved to Netflix and chill all the time. Now, you should notice something – I never talked about giving her flowers, taking her to the club or other romantic stuff that yall want to hear about other people relationships. All that – aww that sweet stuff – because she offered me something I never had in any relationship and not from any sista I ever dated in my life. She is my friend, plain and simple. She supported me, she been there for me and she made me feel like I was cared about. You do not get that from “love”, you get that from a true friend. As we approach Valentine Day 2016, I never been happier in my life than I am now. I’m eating better and working out, my network of friends are more quality and somehow, the chicks are trying to get with me – they never acted like this before. Word getting out about Swagg-Scientific and my crew the 3rd Strategic Institute is ramping up major projects and confident things are going to work out. If you guys have not noticed, I’m more involved in more positive projects and making real big moves. And I have no one more to thank in this world than bae and my best friend who been there since day one for me. She cares about me and I care about her – we are true friends and that is 100x better than saying we are lovers. This is our song, Firestone because me and my friend is going to light up the world together.

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  1. I think that’s awesome. True friendship IS about love. There are different kinds of love. Most focus on erotic love while missing out on the agape (your kind) love.

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