The Moment She Started Dreaming With Her Eyes Wide Open

eyesopen The high school just let out their students and Tenika was just about to make a call on her mobile phone when she noticed her mom was already in the pickup lane. Tenika struts towards her mom car as the other girls pretend they do not see the nice car Tenika recently bought for her mother. “Hi momma!” Tenika shrieks as she open the passenger door and got in. Tenika mom, Alisa ask her do she want to stop and get a burger through the drive-thru and Tenika was down with that. While their car was in line waiting at the drive-thru, Alisa noticed the people at the drive-thru speaker were holding their mobile phone at the speaker and saw their order come up on the screen and the person behind the intercom just confirm their order and final price. Alisa turned to her daughter and asked Tenika how they do that? “Oh, you can use an app that display a QR code or send an inaudible sound to retrieve your order online.” Tenika told her mother. “This allow us to order our food on our phone while we are waiting in the drive-thru or save our preference, like pickles and mild sauce on my fries.” Tenika said as she showed her mom she already created an order on her mobile phone. Alisa was surprisingly shocked and wowed and ask “who invented this app? This is so cool!” “Mommy. Do you remember that blog Dream and Hustle and Ed who helped me last summer get my hustle up off the ground?” Tenika asked and Alisa responded “Yeah I know him! He had something to do with this?” wondering who thought of this innovation. Tenika told her mother that a sista actually read Dream and Hustle Black Women Business Month back in March 2016 and ran with this idea and licensed the technology to fast food companies after winning a $50,000 fast food hackathon challenge. Alisa was excited “I love when Dream and Hustle do the Black Women Business Month!” and Tenika was like “Yep! He is way better than those worthless ass pro-black niggas you be following and dating!” and Alisa was like “No I don’t do that anymore! I’m trying to get me a white man! That’s what all the sistas doing nowadays girlfriend! You got me twisted right now!” But Tenika and her mom Alisa agreed on one thing – the sistas are beginning to make major moves in this world and rising up using both STEM and self-branding to start dreaming with their eyes wide open, making moves and living in the moment. Tenika reflected and said “Mom, every since I learned I can make it just working with other women, I feel like there is nothing me and other sistas cannot do.” Alisa told her daughter “yes, I remember when those black teenage guys at that inner city high school I pulled you out of tried to make you a self-hating black girl that supposed to just ride their penis.” Alisa continued lecturing “and most of those losers are the same ones all grown up on YouTube and social media talking how pro-black their pro-broke ass is” causing Tenika to giggle. Tenika responded by saying “Mommy, I remember you telling me Oprah Winfrey used her own money to open a school in Africa for little girls. These pro-black clowns cannot even open a school for little boys because they want to fuck strippers” causing both Alisa and Tenika to laugh out loud as they pull up to the drive-thru and Tenika handed her mother her mobile phone to have the drive-thru speaker retrieve their fast food order from the cloud. This March, Black Women Business Month is coming back to Dream and Hustle as we focus on helping the sistas do for self, establish her brand and make major global moves. After March, prepare for the new Dream and Hustle that focus on the stories that need to be told and the upcoming Dream and Hustle book with one of the stories focused on how Alisa and her daughter Tenika got to this point in life.

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  1. Ed, you’re so awesome. Thanks for 2.0 storytelling this information. Ed, all the MSNBC strife you forecasted 3-4 years ago is starting to go down. It may be a good idea to refresh folks on your hallmark Barackalypse article. One last thing, with great respect for you, the year in the body of this article is 2016, which year should it really be?

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