While President Obama Bragged About Low Unemployment, the Same Dataset Showed a Dramatic Increase in Unemployment for a Certain Demographic

obamajob President Obama held a news conference to tout the unemployment rate fell below 5% to 4.9% percent under his administration. But hidden in the numbers is something more alarming for African-Americans and especially African-American women. In this article, we are going to look deeper into the numbers and address the fact how unemployment actually went up for African-American women. Before we get started, here is President Obama discussing the unemployment report: Ok, that’s nice and stuff that he got the TV screen monitor with the chart showing how unemployment has been doing down but let’s bring up a real chart on African-American unemployment. chart Link: http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.t02.htm Black unemployment is still nearly double the national average in the 8% to 10% range for the blacks and we saw a lot of so-called black media outlets and bloggers talk about how great Obama been handling the economy while black unemployment remained relatively high. Unemployment among whites in the same report are the range of 3.3% to 4.7% so this should let you know exactly how the unemployment is affecting black people. But if you look at the chart and data and trending, you should noticed unemployment went down for almost every demographic except one – African-American women. The unemployment rate went up 1 full point from 6.9 to 7.9!!! You would normally see .5 change at most but a 1 full point on a month-to-month adjustment is not a good sign and something is going on and we need to figure out what is going on with the African-American sistas and their unemployment data. We believe the following factors are at play that are drivers of black women unemployment trending upward. Outsourcing and Automation. Most jobs and career fields black women are working can now be outsourced or fully automated or outright eliminated as a worthless position. If you go to the unemployment office right now and try to spit game at some sistas, you will find out they were a manager or something that you can do on the cloud or outsource to the Philippines or India like phone support or accounting or tech support or copywriting. Alternative Minorities to Black Women. Asian, Indian and Hispanic women are now the “new black” in the workforce and are basically replacing black women because of perceived higher tolerance for gender wage discrimination and less retaliation. Noticed I said perceived because I noticed throughout my career that Asian sistas will sue the living crap out of a bigoted employer without blinking trying to make her some kind of China doll at the workplace. Workplace Longevity. Black women tend to work at employers for more than 6 years and be working 10 to 20 years at an employer building up a retirement and pension and in my professional career, I seen employers lay off black women or make up ish to fire her when she just 2 or 3 years from retirement. I’ve seen this a lot during the heavy layoff periods during the 2000s decade – they were letting go hard black women who been working at places or over 5 years or perform some heavy attrition. Just Being Basic. Most black women work jobs that are highly replaceable where they can get rid of an older black woman and replace her with some hot young woman that the good ol boys like to look at and that’s the workplace reality. Again, we talking about management jobs or jobs that involve a script to work off that is just a role and you know why? Because the way the corporate world works, a manager trying to keep their job want as many people working underneath them to appear they have a lot of responsibility so they don’t get the axe if a round of layoffs come and target middle management. And if they come after that middle manager, they will throw the basic black women under the bus to save their own middle management job. handleyours Sistas, you have to handle your business on a serious level because as we talked before years ago – the Post-Obama Barakalypse is going to come after the sistas first. And we already talked about the writing will be on the wall throughout 2016 before going full bloom in 2017. You sistas cannot afford to sit around and think everything is going to be ok because it is not. Overall this is what you sistas need to do. Create an International Brand. You sistas have to create your own non-profit and your own branded for-profit and run it yourself and make sure you have a global audience as well as a local audience. You cannot be shuffling resumes to employers anymore, you need to have a brand and even a career-based brand where you can lend expertise. And this also mean entrepreneurial activities such as selling branded products and also having a thriving non-profit that can be a full-time job for you once you truly get it going. Look at Sharing Economy. Black women are the most caught-up in the concept of “ownership” and you don’t want to be caught up in feeling special about having a house or a car, especially when the economy get bad. Focus instead of saving up a reserve and leverage sharing resources, including apartments and public transit. The #1 lesson I learned from Japan and Japanese having huge savings is they didn't own much but if things got bad, they had saved money to make moves. Here in America, black folks will lose homes and cars and their whole life is messed up because all their money was in ownership of things that can be destroyed. Money should be used to make moves, not own things. Financial planner had said over and over the past 20 years the biggest waste of money is home ownership and automobile ownership because of the layer of additional costs and hidden costs associated with ownership like repairs and emergencies and services. This is why so many people are moving back into cities and instead focus on saving up a reserve that get them options to make moves. Learn Financial, Technology and Global Skills. Get out of the basic job stuff and focus on the thriving fintech sector, the big data sector and working in emerging markets, even remotely. I have plenty of friends who got jobs in Sweden or Belgium right now but living here in Atlanta, just working remotely and getting paid nicely too. Your girlfriends and these cornball blogs cannot tell you this level of the game but I can…these are the skills you sistas have to pick up and learn. Most learning has to be self-taught but what you need to do is create a working portfolio to demonstrate these skills to opportunities out there worldwide. I talk about the blockchain here on Dream and Hustle all the time and those jobs pay $200k to $300k and they desperate for talent right now in that space. Look at Atlanta. More employers and jobs are coming to Atlanta as Mayor Kasim Reed is doing a damn good job transforming downtown Atlanta to a working class city center. I’m going to be honest, not only are a lot of good jobs are now springing up in Atlanta but a lot of good commercial real-estate is popping up for business venture opportunity showing up here in Atlanta to. Just take a weekend trip with the girls and just look around and check it out and see for yourself if you don’t believe me. Go to that Atlanta Underground area, then up around the Buckhead Peachtree/Pharr Rd area and then go up to the Perimeter area near Perimeter Mall and you will see all the construction of corporate buildings and new job listings and these are not lightweight jobs either. Sistas, don’t be like the black dudes still on YouTube adding worthless commentary on a YouTube video comment section. You already know how the Post-Obama era is going to deal with the bros and these weak brothas out here already self-defeated. You sistas got some real stuff coming your way and handle your business right now so you can keep your head above water.

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  1. And sistas are the Democratic Party’s most reliable voting bloc. So if they’re the first to get it, nobody’s safe.

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