With Zika Virus Spreading, Should African-American Sistas Forgive and Take Back the African-American Brothas Dissing African-American Sistas for Brazilian Sistas?


For the past several months, some young African-Americans were talking up a bunch of stuff on YouTube about how the end of days for the African-American sistas are upon us and they going down to Brazil and stuff like that and get them some Brazilian chicks. These cats saw the YouTube documentary called “Frustrated” and started acting like they had some kind of epiphany and ish:

Then we got some black YouTuber Vloggers taking the context of that whole Brazilian thing to their own junior high school level acting like they seeing what a fine sista look like for the first time – now, I know exactly how they felt because that happened to me the first time I got out of the country and saw a black woman in Latin America genuine nice to me and smiling and got hips and ass and how that broke a black man down to never look at another sassy attitude African-American sista as the only option I got in this world.

But let’s watch how these brothas who just appeared to get their passport and visa approved started having that conversation about Brazilian chicks and not interested in African-American sistas anymore.

Looking at the video above, you should peep these black guys look like black American guys that traveled to Brazil, not black American guys who are immersed in Brazilian culture. Dude wearing a football shirt instead of a soccer shirt…this guy is an naive idiot showing everybody he is an American tourist and he can get snatched up real quick and carved up if the ransom ain’t paid up there doubting cats in those favelas…he don’t know Brazil and those beaches and if he did, he would have never wore that shit down there..

But as these brothas were all happy about dissing their African-American sista and running off to Brazil and stuff, something came up..Zika.

Just like these “down low” brothas were giving sistas HIV, now we are looking at brothas traveling to Brazil and Latin America countries coming back home and start giving African-American sistas the Zika virus also. So now as you see, the whole Brazil chick thing just fell like a house of cards on these African-American brothas talking all that ish about screw the African-American sistas and now the Brazilian chicks ain’t trying to have some deformed baby and if that African-American brotha was smart, he wouldn’t want to have some deformed Brazilian baby that the Brazilian government going to make him pay child support for either, they have a treaty with the US on that.

So the question is for you African-American sistas out there – now that these African-American brothas have got that Brazilian coochie shut off from them, can they come back and sweet-talk you African-American sistas to get back with them? I mean, some of these brothas are kind of handsome, don’t you think? And they look and sound nice too, don’t they? They may went to Brazil to have sex with those chicks, but I’m pretty sure these same brothas just want to make love with you African-American sistas, a big difference. Will you African-American sistas take them back?

This is my thing about this whole affair, I found Charles Tyler to be like the swirling chicks, parading one group of people as a way to “get back” at their own and that is not how you should pursue love or cross-cultural relationships. In the video above, it sounds to me like Charles Tyler was running away from something and now found escapism in Brazil. Now, I’m in the technology industry and I deal with more Brazilians and Argentinian and Columbian and Mexican chicks (real middle-class Latin chick relationships like hang out with Ed and chill at their spot and go to Ikea together) than you know and the truth is all of these Latin American women have their own quirks and their own culture. No different than Chinese chicks and Japanese chicks and Arab chicks from the Middle East and Indian, they have their own way – even African chicks. I dated a Chinese chick years ago who I saw sucking on a piece of bone and nah..I’m good. The only true compatibility is going to be South London sistas or a Canadian sista. But other than that, you going to have to deeply learn the other true culture and mannerism of global chicks other than stereotype them as having fat Brazilian asses like Charles Tyler and others around him are doing. Or just say “they don’t have a shitty attitude like African-American sistas” being simplistic.

You also have to remember cats talking about running to Africa and Ebola shut all of that conversation down real quick too. Cats came running back to America and I was like “how was Africa?” and they were like “Ebola” and I was like “get away from me!” so what I’m saying is this whole world-tripping and exotic dating thing is mostly a lot of storytelling. The truth is, if you are not a member of the global Afro-Tech that have true exposure to international chicks I think you kinda full of crap about your perception and interaction with global sistas even if you travel there. Global travel is about being smart and understanding the risks and differences – it is not Babylon.

But here is the thing – I give Charles Tyler and others a pass because these guys are just finding themselves and just waking up. Most of us old school cats and military cats already know what they are just finding out and I feel exactly how they felt. What I want cats like Charles Tyler and others to do is stop selling stories and just be honest and real with the journey of discovering chicks like Brazilian chicks. We are men and we can have good experiences and bad experiences with chicks and the best thing is to first, respect her culture and customs and talk about that more to brothas and second, don’t diss the American sistas completely because remember that American sistas are always available and disposable to a brotha when the Asian or Brazilian girlfriend have to leave the country to visit her family, you know what I’m saying?

But anyway, African-American sistas should now have to worry about getting Zika from Brazil-dipping brothas but I think American sistas should be a good God-fearing Christian women and forgive their black men like Charles Tyler running off to Brazil and take bros like him back until the Zika virus is no longer a concern in Brazil, just my opinion.

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