How Sistas Can Stop Robots From Taking Her Job, Her Home, Her Kids and Her Man…

collage According to the World Economic Forum, robots, artificial intelligence, automation and the blockchain are expected to take away 7 million jobs in less than 4 years. Home automation is expected to replace the role of the so-call homemaker wife and Amazon Echo gives husbands something to talk to when the wife don’t want to hear it. Kids are learning to learn from robots and trust robots and talk back to their mommas saying the robot told them something different that what mommy talking about. And more and more men, especially PUA brothas are quietly resorting to sex bots that can now be equipped with AI and micro-motors. In this article, we are going to show sistas how to launch an attack on the clones to make sure she can maintain a job, keep her home to herself, have human control over her kids and keep her man only in her bed. Many cats will try to be entertained by this topic while the rest of the cats are busy programming/manufacturing what is now known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the rise of AI and automation. And this revolution is going to be a very nasty follow up for the Post-Obama fallout when it comes to brothas and sistas. A lot of brothas and sistas are not even knowledgeable or understand how serious and fast and quick their marginalization is but we going to help the sistas have a leg up. The first thing you sistas need to understand is what roles are going to be phased out. You have to look at the technology being developed and be keen on these things. Self-Driving Cars Taking Over Ride-Sharing. Uber/Lyft/cab/livery/truck drivers will be replaced by self-driving cars that are designed with pre-routes and can read computer-friendly signs and navigation queues. For trucks, the robots will unload the trucks and bring the payload into the warehouse floor or stock the shelf. Healthcare and the Blockchain. This is an industry that already predicted to be heavily disrupted by the blockchain technology for digital health records. PKI encryption and also IoT devices that track health and remote doctors is one of the biggest mass wipeout of jobs being predicted – the 7 million jobs we discussed by robots is not taking into account jobs being replaced by the blockchain. carl Fast Food/Retail Automation. IoT sensors can detect when a frozen patty reach cooking temperature and when those fries are crispy. Many people don’t realize computer vision which are cameras that can view thermal waves are also in play as an IoT device and this technology is way more advance than what a fast food worker can fanthom – in fact, the automation is more advanced where it can replace not only the workers but the franchise manager and area manager. The Pepper Robot that is being used for trade shows and retail showrooms has sold out rapidly - that should already give you enough warning how real this robot revolution is right now. AI-Driven Outsource Workers. A lot of people have fantasy thoughts about artificial intelligence and scream we are not there yet when they failed to realize AI can mean something else – Augmented Intelligence. This is where overseas workers in the Philippines and India and China can work with access to an Augmented Intelligence engine that can respond to queries about how to perform a task or how to best approach a professional decision. It can help these foreign workers in Vietnam for example, write a letter in English to handle administrative work for Americans. Teacher-less Education. Online courseware will eventually graduate from the small desktop to the large 70-inch plasma screen and students will have assigned seating with IoT sensors and private key encryption as ID badges to show they are in class paying attention to the course ware and taking notes. Students who disrupt will be viewed and recorded on camera. Teachers are going to see a huge wave of mass layoffs and more “temp workers” will be the norm in the industry that will serve as a human low-wage assistant to the automated courseware software explaining to the kids what the software meant to say. robot1 Supply Chain. Robots are going to be able to pack and ship products and one good example is those underwear with the so-called "Inspector 13" that supposed to be an old lady inspecting underwear, that is something robots will be able to do. So many of the stuff like online shipping which are done by KIVA bots today but more advance is to pull a ticket from an order queue, retrieve the item, box the item and apply a shipping label and send the package off with no human intervention. Monthly Subscription Assets. Think everything where you pay a monthly bill. There is no need for cable with on-demand media and even pop-up media that can be hyper-local and the advertising will be AI-driven. There is no need for electric company when you can have battery bank rentals like Telsa Power Walls that can be leased and can power a whole home. So there is little need for the large monthly billing firms and the jobs that support these industries. Any national firm today talking about pay $30-$100/month for their stuff is going to be wiped out by the sharing/pop-up economy and hyper-localization of the technology and resources. Home Automation. This is beyond that security crap at ADT. We are talking about self-learning home automation like Proteus that eventually going to want to create a Demon Seed child with the woman of the house. Home Automation can operate as a server that will control the lawnmower, watering the grass and manage flowerbeds, order shrimp fried rice for home delivery, clean the floors and steam the furniture and even know how to serve guests and play monopoly and spades and dominos and uno and stuff using voice interaction. Maids will be thrown out in the street except for the ones the rich husband want to keep on payroll. Sex Robots. Once considered a novelty toy for perverts, sex bots are actually becoming more and more advanced and very likely to replace women as sex partners in many male homes who tired of taking chicks out paying $70 to eat and stuff and haven’t got a chance to hit it. I’m trying to be g-rated and will just say these sex bots being created now are using realistic skin textures, silicone gel, and technology similar to massage chairs to suck, tuck, clamp and clap and throw it back on a brotha. This is going to basically stop brothas from not only not marrying sistas but not dating sistas and this is what already going on in Japan – guys ain’t marrying because they got sex dolls and sex toys and Japan going through a population decline as a result. homebot So how do a sista fight the oncoming Fourth Industrial Revolution? A sista has to simply learn how to become the master of robots as people will either master robots or become marginalized by robots. Me and my crew has predicted less than 36 months about 60%-80% of African-Americans economic production will be replaced by either robots or outsourced workers equipped with augmented-intelligence. That is the majority of you cats reading this article who think you smart and talented and unique but so basic that automation and robots can do what you doing right now. But you sistas who want to get a leg up on robots here is what you want to do. Become a Digital Nomad. This is a future article but in essence, this is the professional self-branding and establishment of a career brand where a sista can bring a unique skill or talent to the arena. This is your talented hacker, or copywriter or voiceover and these people can work and live worldwide and use the Internet and social media to find gigs. For example, a sista that moves to China and do hair extensions and also do voice over on Fiverr and drives an Uber like service in Shanghai – another term for this is a hustler and jack of all trades – you sistas are going to have to learn all of the quick and rapid hustles to get money coming in as well as brand yourself with books and products and events. Only Own to Rent. Do not buy anything big like a car or a house to own – that is pretty stupid to do after 2008. If you want to get these things, get a small home or a small car. What you want to own is something you can rent out or AirBnB out and let it pay for itself or have a car that used to generate income from ride-sharing. I stated this before – in Japan, they have huge personal savings because they don’t own and just save money and compound interest kicks in. The biggest mistake in our history was recent – cats wanted to bling, have McMansions and after the housing bust you don’t see any of that in 2016, do you? Focus on savings and investments and having assets to make yourself portable to move to places around the world. If you own a home in Latin America, you can always rent it out worldwide and you can travel globally and live there. Get into STEM. I know the word STEM is generic but this is the most serious decision you sistas can make. Here is the thing and I will cover this also – don’t make STEM to be a guy thing – there are plenty of opportunities that sistas can create using STEM for the sista-to-sista marketplace. But learning how to take advantage of the sharing economy, how to leverage and program robots and augmented-intelligence and artificial intelligence will give you a step ahead of the robots by controlling them. rbs Overall, sistas have to realize the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already in development and people are going to be wiped out as well as a lot of big industries. The days of talking about you an independent sista working a corporate job are coming to an end as it is going to be about what robots can do that can replace workers. I’m telling you sistas that a lot of cats around you believe their job won’t be taken not realize how fast and easy it is to replicate software and automate software and robotic motions. I don’t care if they are an accountant – the blockchain taking care of that or a project manager as workflow automation take care of that also. Banks are now doing mass layoffs as robo-advisors are the new rage in the financial sectors. Sistas, you have to change your life to be flexible, not be tied down to a home or car and only have income-generating assets on your books and a reserve – this is extremely important. The best/finest/smartest sistas I’m running into here in Atlanta got 2 apartments – one for her and the other for AirBnB. Start brand building not only as a personal brand but a global talent that can bring skill to any market and what is in demand globally is STEM skills. This robot revolution is something that is going to happen fast and quiet, do not get caught up or wait until it is too late before you find out you been placed out of the job market by robots altogether.

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  1. I want to keep it G rated. I heard about it and had to go see this “bot” for myself. When I saw the specifics of what this body part “bot” does combined with settings and VR headset… Who? Who builds, programs and uses this Ex Machina like body part?

    Thanks for that digital nomad insight.

    With all these factors in motion, AI in education, transportation and housing will commerce as it relates to financing college, cars and houses change drastically for what it seems a common good? A median price?

    1. You are literally seeing what the movie Matrix explained – you spend credits you earn from the superstructure by maintaining and servicing robots. Cyberpunks will have a leg up but everyone else will work for AI corporations owned by a few. That’s not sci-fi talk – that is how Bitcoin and Ethereum is setup right now…

    2. Also the college degree is worthless with augmented intelligence… Just like Neo in the Matrix was taught Kung-Fu…someone in Vietnam can plug into augmented intelligence and be able to carry out the task of planning a broom-jumping black wedding…

  2. Ed,

    First thank you for writing this and sorry for the length of my reply, but you made me print this out, take it with me to work and then write all in the margins with my thoughts.

    The Self-Driving Cars: When I saw the rise of Uber a few years ago, I knew it would be a matter of time before this would take over everything. Cabbies are losing their minds because they know their days are numbered. The trucking industry can’t get enough drivers because people do not want to be away from their families for a long time. We have a whole generation of young people who have no interest in learning how to drive (I was driving at 13. This girl I went to school with used to drive herself to junior high school and high school).

    Healthcare and Blockchain. I will admit that I don’t fully understand blockchain and how it works. I watched some YouTube videos, but I’m not comprehending it. The videos say that it’s similar to BitCoin and I didn’t understand BitCoin either. There is something that I’m missing. But technology is going to do away with a lot of jobs. I work in the healthcare industry and although new advances are always being created, I think those in leadership at the hospitals look for new technology on a small scale, not a large one. They’re more interested in saving pennies, not dollars. They tend to try out new things that haven’t really been tested and waste every body’s time. They need to invest in technology that has a wow factor.

    Last year, these people came in and put in some wand like microphones so that the doctors could dictate using their voices instead of typing or picking up the telephone, dialing a number, dictating and then waiting for someone to transcribe it hours later. I smiled but on the inside, I was like “Yikes”. The American transcriptionists were mad when their jobs were outsourced overseas and now the overseas transcriptionists are going to be out of a job. Talk to text is the technology that we all have on our smartphones and if they had invested in getting more microphones they would really save money. But no, for now, it’s only for the doctors. Do they know how much time the nurses would save if they could do the same thing? Nurses have to chart multiple times a day on each patient. Physical Therapists chart on every patient that they see. Dietitians do too. But on the unit I was on that day, they only put in 2 microphones. Really?

    The healthcare industry is just slow to embrace technology. We have a robot that delivers medication to the floors. We used to have a robot that would deliver late trays to patients. I can see robots being used a lot in the hospitals (replacing pharmacists and having a machine dispense the medications, replacing secretaries, even replacing the volunteers and having a robot locate the room number of a patient and giving the visitor directions) but like I said, they’re slow to embrace technology.

    Fast Food/Retail Automation. Man, I almost fell out when I walked into Wendy’s last year and saw a self-checkout register. I was standing there waiting for my friend to get his food and I’m like “These people are protesting for $15 an hour and they won’t even have a job soon.”

    1. Monthly Subscription Services. This is the first I’m hearing of Tesla Power Wall, but if I could have this today… I was sitting in my apartment awhile ago thinking to myself, “If they could create a solar panel small enough that I could put it on my patio and it had outlets where I could plug my electronics into it, I would be so happy.” I have a small solar powered radio that can charge my cellphone, but that’s about it.

      Sex Robots. I was going to leave this one alone, but I will say this: How much money do you think they could make if they made sex robots for women? Now that’s an untapped demographic. If women feel comfortable having “fun parties” giggling over rubber penises then they’ll have no problem with a sex robot.

    2. But you are right, we’ll either have to master robots or become marginalized by them. I had seen The Pepper Robot on the news but didn’t pay it no mind. When I saw that Google had created a robot that could pick up a box and place it on the shelf, I perked up. And then I saw that the military was creating 4 legged robots. These people are serious.

      I think in the future we will make our money off of owning a robot. Meaning it will be our new “slave” or servant. Instead of the company buying a bunch of robots, we will buy the robots and then the robots will go to work and that’s how we’ll get our investment back. We’ll get paid the robot’s wages. We’ll be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the robot. That’s one way to stay ahead of what’s coming.

  3. And you’re right about not owning a lot of stuff. I was looking at getting a new used car and paying cash for it, but then I was like, “I’ll have a nice new used paid for car that I’m driving to this damn job or I can keep driving this paid for car and take that money and get a duplex that will make me some money. I can live on one side and rent out the other side.” So, that’s my plan.

    I think in a way we want robots, but only if it suits us. But if it’s going to disrupt our lives, that’s when we put our heads in the sand and wish it away.

  4. I’m a random white guy who happened to stumble across your blog. Read your piece on the trash the the Black Star was promoting and ended up my way over here (by the way, I agree with you, promoting ignorance is a terrible way to “empower someone”).

    Anyways… this article is good advice for ALL nationalities, creeds and ethnicities. I’m going to share this on my Gplus.

    Been talking, as an anarchist ideologically, about things like this for QUITE a while… nobody wanted to listen though. Everybody just says you’re stupid and moves on… and then one day it hits em. It feels like the Libertarians and Anarchists have been telling everyone that corporate/state control leads to the outcomes you’re warning about, but no one listened. Glad at least some are smart enough to pick up the warning signs.

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