Sistas and Technology – We Need You Sistas Feedback on Two Technology Directions..Please Respond!

sistatech Dream and Hustle will start providing articles on technology and coverage for the sistas like she never seen before. But I need the sistas to give me immediate feedback on two matters technology related to help us move forward. The first matter is how a sista want me to handle the blockchain-on-a-brotha project I recently switched from the funny acting brothas over to you sistas to leverage. The second matter is to have sistas vote on what technology project she want me to do a video demonstration on and only one option will be chosen. So please give me feedback and I will make my decision once I get it. Blockchain-on-a-Brotha Project certified_quality The blockchain project was originally designed for the brothas to be able to have an effective way to seriously date fine chicks overseas and reduce the risk of fraud and games being played. Based on our research good black men are in high worldwide demand by women all over the world. Brothas would get “playing cards” of these international chicks they can date or trade with another brotha to date. This would have been cool as hell. However, black dudes have consistently shown they are not going to give me or Dream and Hustle any respect or credit and keep coming to my comment section typing up bullcrap while following worshipping ignorant cats on YouTube - I basically said screw these funky ass brothas and they better not bring their ass around me when I start announcing and can go find someone else that can actually do more than peddle the brothas a jiving ass DVD or e-book. blockchain So we switched the business model up for the sistas and I want to let the sistas understand the business model and we will talk in more details later but I need the sistas feedback. Please read carefully to understand. First of all, a blockchain is an account ledger that use cryptology to ensure the quality of each entry to prevent fraud and tampering. This technology is the rage right now and can be used to create ledgers that are better verifable and trustworthy. So what we aim to do is use the blockchain to create a transaction log of brothas dating sistas to prevent sistas from dealing with garbage black dudes and separate real brothas from the lightweight quickly. So I need you sistas to let me know which option is the best. Option #1. A brotha would now have to purchase a private-key crypto-card that is backed with a surety bond of $5000 (silver), $10,000 (gold) and $25,000 (platinum) to show he is worth something - f*ck his looks, feelings and how good mannered he is. That card backed with a surety bond is his qualification to date a sista in 2016 to infinity and sistas will be demanding and asking for him to produce it because other brothas, the real ones will be able to produce their crypto-card and show they about it. A sista can scan the QR code on the private-key crypto-card and that transaction is recorded on a blockchain to show they dated and this is who he dated – that is important for a sista to know what kind of chicks this dude is dealing with and also protect the brotha to show the kind of sistas he dealt with. The surety bond is really the cost of an engagement ring and when that brotha is ready, he can give up his “playa card” and buy that ring for the right chick. So this immediately eliminate all the broke ass PUA jokers who ain’t got two nickels to rub in their momma basement typing up ish on YouTube comment section. And this reveal to you sistas the brothas who got the funds and the card to prove he is bonded and got the funds and capability to provide for the right chick. Option #2. A brotha would have to purchase a private-key crypto-card but the card has points that a sista give to the brotha. A sista have to pay serious money to give these points to a brotha and the transaction is recorded on the blockchain. Once she give the points, she cannot take them back it is recorded on the blockchain and cannot be changed. A sista at any time can interrogate that brotha blockchain and see the history of points offered (30 out of 100 points for example) to see the overall quality of the brotha and the chicks he is dating. So this reveal if the brotha is dating quality chicks and the frequency of those dates. A brotha is basically building up his credibility and points over time as a solid brotha with a history of dating sistas who can afford to give points and smart enough to participate in this manner. Sistas, both options give you a better way to filter the bozo brothas from the real black men out there – no more assumptions, stupid games and tricks. Either the brotha got financial stability or he don’t got it and either the brotha got a history of dating quality chicks or don’t have such a history. But at the same time, not any sista can interrogate the brotha – she have to have a valid private key he can view to give her the data on his card and if she is not subscribed, she cannot view anything about that brotha so no lightweight ass sistas are in the picture also. So sistas, please let me know what option you think is best to move forward – the surety bond option or the points buildup option? Sistas and Technology Project sistacode I’m going to show sistas how to code and I’m going to do another video presentation that show not just coding but walk a sista through a full business model implementation. So sistas going to have three choices but I will only choose one. Here are the three options. QR Scavenger Hunt Model. I will create the full business model to show sistas how to create a QR scavenger hunt that she can organize as a Saturday morning hustle not only one but multiple ones and demonstrate how to setup the tickets, list the prizes offered, promote the event and carry out the event and the code and technology and show her how to set it up on the cloud so she can start immediately with no money down as some cloud services do a free 30 day trial. Subscription Box Model. This is the business model that let sistas create her own branded box that she can curate from various merchants or her own products and mail out to paid members each month. Create the mailing labels, get the boxes, contact merchants to pay to contribute and promotions and accept monthly billing payments. We can create this from scratch or show existing services and how to leverage them. The key thing about a subscription box is keeping members in the loop about when a box is being curated, when it is being shipped and let them track it and talk about it online to each other. Card or Board Game Model. This is being discussed in the Global Urban Collective but we believe sistas can create a card game or board game that is very popular worldwide but the sistas can create one for other sistas to play. For you basic sistas, these are the games like Clue and Monopoly but for you real sistas, these are the board games at Barnes and Noble with the dice and figures such as Machi Koro, Zombiecide and Kill Dr. Lucky and these are board games by independent publishers who make $30 million to $200 million in global sales for the rest of their damn life off one good board game or a series of board games. Look how much Monopoly makes in sales each year since it was created in the early 1900s and that is just cardboard, paper, metal pieces and plastic being printed as a game. We believe sistas can create a good board game that can be played on college campuses, at the club during happy hour, at a book club or a gaming café with other sistas and she can be set for life financially creating a fun board/card game geared towards sistas fulfilling an empty niche. You sistas can only choose one technology project for me to demonstrate and code out and follow up here for you. Please choose wisely. So these are the choices for the sistas and as I told you before, we about it over here at Dream and Hustle and we don’t talk this technology stuff, we really about it. So let’s us know about the blockchain-on-a-brotha and/or the technology project and I’m waiting to hear what you have for feedback.

25 thoughts on “Sistas and Technology – We Need You Sistas Feedback on Two Technology Directions..Please Respond!

  1. I’m going to answer the first Q then go back and read the second issue. I like the surety bond method. I can see the mere fact that one would be required would bring a certain caliber to the top from jump.

  2. I like option 1(surety bond).. I think it’s upfront and will quickly filter out the men who aren’t serious..

    I’m going with the board game model.. I feel like the scavenger hunt was broken down pretty good in the previous article and it’s just something I’m interested in to be honest 🙂

  3. For the block chain brother model I go with option one. I think it will definitely help sniff out all the talk a guy brings and like Eric says filter out those non serious type from jump.

    I choose the board game, I think that is a big industry that has to be tapped into and is something that brings ppl together socially as well.

    1. The surety bond for the block chain model. This would be a game-changer!

      I would also choose the board game.

  4. For the blockchain, I vote for Option 1, the surety bond. It seems like the more objective approach.

    For the technology project, I’m really interested in the board game.

  5. I want to explain blockchain-on-a-brotha option #2 a little more. This is an offshoot of the dowry system that been around since biblical times and it worked for tens of thosands of years and longer.

    This was the original setup for the brothas for dating international chicks but it has real value. If a woman find a good man and want another date she would add a lot of points, if not she add little to nothing to his blockchain. He would know his worth and she would know his historical worth. It is fair because it will reveal not only feedback of brothas sistas don’t want to date but show a pattern among sistas who cannot keep an ongoing quality relationship with a brotha.

    Yes option #1 separate real brothas from fake brothas and end this whole PUA talk and cats talking negative about black women on the Internet but aint got any money in the real world nonsense instantly and deadbeats can’t produce that kind of dough. But option #2 gives a trail and insight if he could be a good brotha even if he can’t hold down a job, don’t have any savings, still owe child support but wear $200 Jordan’s. It could put a weak brotha on notice to get on the path to step up as a man and stabilize himself and gradually treat the sistas like ladies and give hm purpose to strive to be a better man, a better father.

    Just want to explain option #2 a little better.

  6. I feel like the scavenger hunt was broken down all ready…
    I’m going to be highly upset if its the board game…
    I’ve been waiting on a subscription box model for a while now…

  7. I would love to learn how to get started with a business model with little to no money as well as multiple ones scavenger hunts

  8. Can you tell how bad I want it… And these other ladies dont speak up…
    I’m a college student and I have been waiting for you to provide an event based business or any business that doesn’t require a lot of money to start..
    I’m ready for action…

    1. I wrote plenty of business models that require little money to start. Check out the business section for research

  9. Why are you helping this man make money by giving him feedback on what the direction he should take HIS technology IDEAS —when so few black men support black women. He should be getting his feedback from black men OR THE WONDERFUL NON-BLACK WOMEN THEY ALL UPLIFT ABOVE US. When are black women going to get it …they seldom support, protect and provide for black women and why should they because there is no incentive to do so. Some black women will continue to support, provide, prop up and in this case help build and black man’s pocket but WHEN WE ASK FOR RECIPROCATION WE ARE CALLED WHAT….GOLD DIGGERS, HOES, BITCHES ETC…SMH


    1. Why are you helping this man make money by giving him feedback on what the direction he should take HIS technology IDEAS —when so few black men support black women. – Maybe because they want to. I noticed you say “make me money” like I’m hustling sistas for money – you cannot articulate this further but I noticed crackpots like you think I’m not already making money, like I’m some bum ass genius or something.

      He should be getting his feedback from black men OR THE WONDERFUL NON-BLACK WOMEN THEY ALL UPLIFT ABOVE US. – He should be, but he ain’t. Also you use the term “black men” a lot – you couldn’t stand next to a real black man in the real world with the cameras rolling and say what you say and not be laughed at – real black women already know this…I don’t consider you a black woman by the way, you are a black female adult by the way you carrying yourself right now.

      When are black women going to get it …they seldom support, protect and provide for black women and why should they because there is no incentive to do so. – who is that “they” you refer to? This is where you ran into the stupid wall Audrey and fell on your face. The whole premise of the blockchain-on-a-brotha is to qualify the brothas who are capable (via bonding) and they do have an incentive because there is a blockchain ledger. I doubt you knew what a surety bond is or a blockchain and resorted to running your dumbass mouth. I don’t get why stupid black people come to a sharp, intelligent blog like Dream and Hustle and act like their stupidity will woo the masses to whatever stupid thing they bring up in a comment section.

      OH BTW WHEN HE GETS ON HE CAN TAKE HIS RICHES (THANKS TO YOUR FEEDBACK) AND BUILD WITH A NON-BW – most of what I build for BW is done with the help of my non-BW, bae. LOL! You are pretty race-obsessed for a woman Audrey, didn’t know if you got the memo but sistas should not be into the whole race-nonsense like their black male counterpart because the whole black identity thing is a subset of male identity. You are no different than the black girl standing around at the Theta Xi party on the sideline as Theta Xi chatting with their black fraternity Kappa and Alpha buddies over beer – bros before hoes, have you heard of that before?

      Here is the thing Audrey, I expected the worthless black feminists to showed up to Dream and Hustle a lot earlier but you showed up all at the 26th near the end of the month with your lazy ass. You worthless black feminists are no different than the black nationalist counterpart, you worthless black feminists try to bring fear into the picture (“he making his money of black women/get his riches and run off with a white woman”) which is kinda of a lame ass fear proposition. Or you want to portray to the sistas the “men are evil” but you have nothing going on your end that is even worth listening too except you raging and forgetting to take your meds.

      Audrey, let me explain to you in clear terms so you are not confused – you black feminists and the stupid ish you have to say only showed up a few decades ago – black men been dealing with sistas for 2.8 million years. Nothing you can do or say will divide the millions of years of developmental evolutionary and complementary relationship between true men and women joining each other and the problem is you black feminists are just nothing more than new age weirdos babbling.

      “Why you helping this man” – that statement alone made you sound stupid as hell like you some kind of space alien without a vagina or something….

  10. Board game please. I think that you may have taken is far enough with the scavenger hunt in previous posts. Thanks for all the great info!

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