The Real Question is What The Brothas Going to Do About It?

headzdown LOL, I’m way into just focusing on the sistas in March for this to show up. And personally, the brothas lost me as their voice and champion so I’m going to sit back with the sistas and grab some popcorn. Let’s not kid ourselves – this photo is pure anti-black male emasculating propaganda perpetuated by Vanity Fair. I did not expect them to come after the brothas this fast in 2016 but this propaganda looks like a preview right here. But let’s see what these brothas are going to do, let’s watch. As real as the bullets in my magazine, I’m a real ass man and this photo is definitely promoting homoeroticism. I know what the fuck I’m looking at - Coogler looking in this photo like he about to get his head pushed down and he seriously ready to start sucking some dick. I wrote the damn book on digital data manipulation and propaganda warfare, don’t bring your silly ass to this blog with some stupid ass comments – I know exactly what I’m looking at. I’m not looking at the photo - I’m looking at Vanity Fair firing shots at black male masculinity using this propaganda. I don’t know if Michael Jordan or Ryan Coogler agreed to this photo and if they did not, they should sue Vanity Fair for portraying them in this manner because this does have damage. Cats who worked in the industry know these bigots go out of their way to portray us in a different way or take what we about out of context - that's what happen when we black folks don't have our own media outlets and rely on others. But let’s look beyond the obvious here. We know what really happened here because let’s look at the facts. These two black male actors make power black male movies together, this may bother Hollywood and those who don’t want to see us too black, too strong. Vanity Fair is a piece of shit publication that does racist programming and what many people don’t realize that the biggest racist programming against black people are those entertainment shows that come on after the evening news like Entertainment Tonight and stuff. They are worse than Fox News but they are under the radar. We all know they put Will Smith in a gay role to get in Hollywood and got grown ass men like Tyler Perry dressing as a woman and shit. And let's not talk about Empire on Fox. This photo was a slick way to homosize these two brothas making moves in Hollywood. See, this was all planned in advance and they scripted for black men to react the way they predictably did to call black males homophobic in the media. So the real question is who promoted this data manipulation at Vanity Fair and why? That is what you want to find out. Because historically speaking, there was always an attempt to emasculate us black men and now they enlisted self-hating sistas to join in trying to emasculate us. Someone created this campaign with the expected reaction to call black men homophobic. We seen several attempts trying to shut down black masculinity such as that one nice booty chick in New York walking with a camera on her as they filming black men cat calling her claiming she being sexually harassed. This is the same line of lynching black men for looking at a white woman or whistling at a white woman like they claimed Emmitt Till has done. Someone is out there at Vanity Fair programming in a subtle form the same kind of propaganda against black males and make sure this homoerotic portrayal of Michael Jordan and Ryan Coogler is exactly how they want it to appear in Vanity Fair. But here is the thing – in 2016 the brothas are very ineffectual and emasculated by acting like they macho and following cats like Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black over the Internet. Following those cats is as bad as the picture above, I’m talking as a real ass man to these characters doing the following - yall brothas are probably mad because you brothas are the Ryan Coogler in that photo above following other black dudes on YouTube. Acting hard, talking hard, looking hard but ready to go down on another dude with his name in your mouth. headzdown And let's be honest - all they going to do at Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black 3-hour YouTube videos is bump their gums but they have zero counter strategy against Vanity Fair or the person running this anti-black male propaganda campaign. That’s why I asked the question what are these brothas going to do about it and the answer is simple – they ain't going to do shit. See, these characters are working full time in the propaganda department to emasculate black dudes and try to portray black males as hypersexual or violent and now the new thing is homophobic. But like I said, 8 years ago me and my crew try to help brothas and we fought a lot of the Jewish media characters directly and hard - they tried to come back at us but we zero-summed their ass. Last 8 years Dream and Hustle put out a lot of stuff out for cats to make moves but these brothas start acting funny and crap and I’m through with the brothas and will just let the Barackalypse handle their ass. During the last recession, these cats come to me all homeless living out their cars at the mall asking for money/food and I broke them off something. Then they started acting like clowns when things got a little good and when that recession hit again, these brothas better not ask me for shit. So yeah, I see exactly what is going on but I’m not even going to bother – I’m just going to sit back, focus with the sistas this month and see what the brothas going to do against forces like Vanity Fair except run their mouth for 3-hours on YouTube.

9 thoughts on “The Real Question is What The Brothas Going to Do About It?

  1. So you say,we need our own media, outlets and,tariq nasheed, is coming with moorus. Black owned social media site.

  2. I know what, comes next you are gonna talk shit about me .take what i say from these comments and go in on me. And you gonna say im dick riding tariq . But like him or hate him. He creating social media outlet for black people

    1. What comes next is a US President after Obama, globalization, automation, young adult unemployment bomb, runaway capitalism and hypergentrification…

      But yeah…keep telling us about that social media site Tariq Nasheed made…

  3. l see what you are saying Ed cats coming to D&H with these bait tactics no solutions just complaining being emotional and not looking for the tools to save their lives just acting like casualties of war what a shame.

  4. And here I thought you would be different, apparently you turned out to be just like all the other internet clowns. Hyping up the sistas while bashing the brothas has got to be the most tired cliche since the 1970s.

    Black women starting up a bunch of hair/nail salons is no different than black men starting up a bunch of barber shops and chicken stands. Why the hype? No difference is being made regardless of gender so I don’t know why brothas like you hype up the sistas like they’re making moves when they’re not.

    You’re right about one thing. Complaining about negative propaganda isn’t going to solve anything, but anyone who judges someone on based on some representation on TV is probably not very smart. I don’t even watch TV or read dumb stuff like Vanity fair. Many people don’t so who is being brainwashed by the media? People like you?

    Writing a shoddy blog for 8 years and making crappy no content websites doesn’t count as doing something. You’re no better then the people you criticize.

    1. What you wrote don’t mean shit bro…you have nothing to bring to the battle going on against the brothas and that is what people will read from your blather.

      At this stage and far as we in 2016 with the 3-strikes/welfare-to-work/close friends end up dead First Lady Hillary and Trump fever…you brothas playing cards are fucking worthless right now.

      You guys not fooling anyone – you still want to be a playful punk ass follower this late stage in global economic transition and act like you can type or meme something in a comment section someone gives a fuck about – they don’t.

      Like I said…cats got like Noah, built Arks and waiting to stay above water and you Mr. Math alias still on dry land blabbing bullshit…

  5. This is the same shit throughout history and revolutions and Age of Eras – we always have those group of motherfuckers babbling on some petty shit while change is occurring before our eyes.

    Move with the change and if cats cannot adapt to change and resort to jive talking a bunch of shit….fuck them and leave them behind and you and your tribe prepare to move forward.

    100 years ago our people had to say fuck these sorry ass jiving ass black folks and left them in Mississippi and Alabama to move to Harlem Baltimore Cleveland Chicago and St Louis during the Great Migration…now its time to say fuck these same characters again and keep it moving…

  6. I not only ride for myself.I ride for team Ed and Dream & Hustle. I don’t really agree with Ed in this post..Ed doesn’t need me to defend him.Since he is a grown ass man. Yet at the same time when I don’t agree with him.I don’t have to take shots at his character.

    Plus Im not going to be quiet.And silently agree with b.s comments.

    Just by the tech info alone on Dream and Hustle is light years ahead of any black thought.Ed is one few brotha from America that is sharing this type useful info.His info is even better than a lot. White tech websites.

    If it wasn’t for him I would not know how important .

    Plus to Ed is accessible to help either here or on Global Urban Collective. Hell even does conference calls.

    Side note I don’t know Tariq personally.Yet one time I asked him Twitter question. He never answered me. And that was on Twitter. I don’t get all emotional and try to attack his character.

    Anytime I ask Ed a question he always answers me in a timely fashion and points me in the right direction.

  7. So let me get this straight – instead of dealing with the ongoing assault against black masculinity, I got black adult males coming here trying to defend Tariq Nasheed?

    The funny part is this – the logic is if you black male adults attack Ed, then shit will be alright. Like I said, you black male adults cannot fight the real enemy right? Fantasy macking and fantasy hustle talk right? Call of Duty cats want to chat about real war huh?

    You talking about the black women – the black women are in the hair extensions article networking globally in the comment section – go and see for yourself. The women are going to launch a qr code hunt in two weeks -go read the comments of them putting things into motion. What have you Tariq/Umar/Black following black adult males done in this comment section? You black adult males come to this comment section on Dream and Hustle and act like like emotional sissy ass girls all the damn time.

    You guys are playing around and think shit is funny – you black dudes don’t have a lot of allies in this world and brothas got a lot of quiet enemies. And if people like Tariq got you bros running out and defending him and hyping up his social media site during this period right now…that’s on you as an individual.
    I’m not about to have a conversation with busted ass brothas during Black Women Business Month. I’m moving on with the sistas and got too much big stuff to cover and business to handle.

    You brothas better get over your damn emotions and follower mentality and realize what kind of environment we in today. No one gives a damn about a black male or how he feels…

    Fuck Your Feelings

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