The Sista Strategy Guide to Swaggerjacking Iyanla Vanzant’s Content Repository by Unpacking Her Adjectives

If there anything good ol capitalism should have taught you is to go swaggerjack someone else ish and package it as your own. Let the dumb visionary go out there talking about they original and experiment and say they different – you sit back and laugh at them. If you want to go places fast, you have to apply patterns and practices that people are already conditioned to accepting and get in the zone. And you do that by mimicking other patterns and practices the critical mass is conditioned to. Japan and China swaggerjacked their countries up to the 2nd and 3rd largest global economies in less than 50 years. So when you sistas want to create a personal brand such as a motivational/inspirational brand, well I’m not going to give you a long article on how to do it – I’m going to just show you quickly how to swaggerjack Iyanla Vanzant by reverse-engineering her content brand and words and channels she use. When you learn to find the core base that is not considered intellectual property, that is the sweet spot to adopt an existing pattern and practice and apply it as your own. And what Iyanla Vanzant have is a lot of adjectives. Let’s talk about how to extract those adjectives and how we can unpack them. Adjectives are words that are used to describe a subject. When you create a brand as a speaker or a writer, you must have a set of adjectives that you use to communicate your message to reach your intended audience. You also have to learn that the audience wants to hear these adjectives, not regular words. So when you deliver a message or speak, you have to learn how to unpack those adjectives your audience wants to hear and deliver them and that’s how you become a good motivational/inspirational speaker. keyword What you want to do is find a keyword checker on the Internet that is used for SEO tools and enter the Google URL of Iyanla Vanzant search result. In our example, let’s look at keywords we get back when we enter the URL of results I see words like inner, visions and lost and see words like series, workshops and books. So what you sistas can do is start organizing the real words and start organizing them. And here is the funny part and you going to laugh but it is not funny – this is your real strategy – you do something similar to a Dilbert keyword generator. For example, I found the word “finding” in the keywords results. See, I can run with that word and mix phrases such as “finding children inner vision” or “finding your true personality” and I can make blogs, books, speakers for the next five years just mixing up the words I swaggerjacked out of Iyanla Vanzant content brand that is indexed on the web and ready for you to parsed out. mindmap See, that’s all you sistas have to do – find keywords, create a mind map and pretty soon, you will uncover the adjectives that shape her brand and you now have a base to swaggerjack from. See looking at this quick mind map I made, I can have a institute as a thought expert on spouse and children relationships, right? Or finding a vision for your lost daughter? Or create a workshop on husbands, huh? I can blog forever and forever, write books and make YouTube videos. This here is how you create a repository – by swaggerjacking someone else who already established the patterns and practices.

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  1. Wow! This helps because I just don’t know how to start a brand but ppl have mentioned they think that I can be a motivational speaker of some sort. So many Ed, this is good to draw from and put a few of my friends headed in this direction can use.

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