The Votes Are In – The Sistas Want to Play Games but Not with the Brothas

sista I asked for input from the sistas on two technology approaches to pursue and the sistas responded. It looks like I’m going to be creating the video on how the sistas can create a board game and will be creating preceding articles on game development to understand the whole business model. But the sistas all requested overwhelmingly that I establish the surety bond option for the blockchain-on-a-brotha project. The sistas was smart to choose the board game option. The reason why is as many sistas indicated, I already documented the QR code scavenger hunt pretty well. In addition, I’m going to launch a QR scavenger hunt here in Atlanta as a test run to verify the model. However, I’m hearing a lot of sistas are looking to do the QR scavenger hunt model and now trying to implementing it – good for the sistas. Actually I already played with the Microsoft Word Mail Merge QR code and it actually works - it has to be Word 2013 or later! Also, the subscription box service is automatically built into the upcoming Fooky services, you sistas will be able to quickly setup one and we will talk about that later. But the most important part is this – we know the sistas are gamers and like group activities and sistas recognize the huge business and revenue as well as market potential of creating her own board game that she probably can get sold in Wal-Mart and Target like Pattie Labelle pies and stuff. We ain’t talking chump change, we talking $50 to $100 million potentials right here. Shark Tank type stuff too – what sista you know appeared on Shark Tank talking about they got a board game and want to have it distributed through Wal-Mart and Target and Spencer’s and stuff? In addition, the concept of converting clubs happy hour or Monday nights into a place sistas can play games or incorporate this into exiting sistas book clubs or social get-togethers or bring on the cruise ship has that potential also – that is why the sistas chose the board game option. I already have an idea of the game I want to create and one of the things I learned so far in my research is to create a game based on a popular thing going on right now or something the sistas are interested in. So I’m going to swaggerjack something I thought of watching Netflix and you sistas hear me out on this example. I’m going to do this board game where a sista is sentenced to 28 months in jail and have to go to a women’s prison. She have to move around each cell and interact with each character in the cell and there are assets like favors that can be collected or weapons like shanks and stuff and after 28 turns (1 turn = 1 month), we will see how the game turns out with the woman who is the centerpiece of the game. That is the example I’m going to use and I got this idea while me and bae Netflix and chilled the other day. Now the sistas overwhelming stated for me to create the blockchain-on-a-brotha project to have the surety bond option. Damn I feel bad for the weak and fake brothas out there who can’t drop $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000 cash on a bond that allows them to show the card to a date to show they are a certified bonded brotha to a sista. But real talk brothas, your mom and dad supposed to front that kind of money for you and you are supposed to have acquired skills and assets as a man to have that kind of money raised before you even step to any woman and this is not made up stuff – this is God’s Law and how marriage been working for 10,000 years - this goes all the way back way in the Old Testament. This is also how arranged marriages are setup so this bonding thing ain’t a far-fetched concept to you brothas who are acting like this setup is some BS. See, I originally setup this whole blockchain for you brothas to date international chicks and it would have been the international chick family that would have raise the $10,000 to $20,000 to date your black brotha ass because chicks all over the world want and desire and fine good black man. They pay 2x to 3x that much to get smuggled somewhere so they had the money to date you brothas to put up as a bond to date an American black man. You brothas would have had a system setup to trade the “cards” of these chicks and date them and bring them to America or you go visit them and these are not busted chicks that that Tyler YouTube character parading around over in Brazil. That YouTube Tyler cat is amatuer hour and cats like him wake up with a kidney missing fucking around international all green and ish. But what the original blockchain setup was dealing with are real global chicks with rich stable parents and got the booty and the smile and woman qualities for a good black man to court and probably marry or just date and have fun. But for some reason, you brothas didn’t want to respect the architect and kept coming to Dream and Hustle on some petty crap and I ain’t got time to deal with brothas like that. I was going to announce this for the brothas around Valentine Day but changed after all the BS coming from the brothas. So we took this blockchain model over to the sistas and the sistas decided it’s time to get these brothas bonded because she is tired of dealing with busted ass brothas who are fake and not serious. And you brothas are mad as hell and you know damn why – this ain’t going to fail because (a) real cats that can afford one and separate themselves from the fuckboys will drop that $10,000 to get the card and (b) sistas will quickly know if she dealing with a real cat or a fuckboy because the sistas are tired of meeting jokers and cats who listen to PUA and anti-women content on YouTube but smiling in her face in real-life wanting to date her. As a real cat, this is actually a blessing to a grown black man because it let me date more seriously as well as show I’m serious. A chick wants to act funny, that card let her immediately know she ain’t messing with some lightweight- bet her baby daddy ain’t got a card. But also, chicks who enter my blockchain I know I got a record of her also so cats this allow me to only mess with real chicks on my level. And like I said, this card immediately let a sista know I’m marriage material and solid. And keep in mind, the family can put up the surety bond just like they do worldwide with the dowry system to have their son go out and find a woman – that is actually a good thing right there also. So yeah, no more bullcrap Internet dating because it will be setup where my Facebook profile can show I have the card with a badge for the single Facebook ladies to DM me if they want to connect. The funny part is watching all the broke brothas get mad and say “I’m not letting this chick know I got this kind of money” while he riding around fronting in an expensive car fronting with expensive clothes and stuff portraying himself as having money on SnapChat and ish.

3 thoughts on “The Votes Are In – The Sistas Want to Play Games but Not with the Brothas

  1. Ed,

    While trying to do research on a DIY board game / card game; I came across an article about a veteran gamer who within the last year and a half, produced a board game run with digital playing cards. The gamer set up a system that uses the bitcoin blockchain that enables users to share / trade / sell / use / etc cards with other gamers and in other games.

    I won’t name the gamer or the game in question (unless you’d like it as a reference) as I shy away from promoting another gamer who isn’t a person of color. However, I mention that bit of news because the noteworthy aspects (ex: use of bitcoin blockchain) of that unique game have been explored in depth HERE on this blog.

    I am waaay behind on STEM / tech matters but thanks to this blog, I am sloooooowly catching up. I came across this Dream and Hustle blog earlier this year and it’s been a pleasure learning bit by bit.

    I don’t know much about the gaming industry, the little I do know though, is that, if you own and produce a hit game, you can make a GRIP of money. The sistas reading this blog stand to really get it poppin’. I wish you all the best.

    Salute and Respect.

    1. The blockchain-based RPG game was already mentioned before and discussed – in fact, it was the premise of the dating blockchain solution we are proposing as well as educational related blockchain solutions using gamification.

      Over here and anything I’m associated with, we research, study and give credit to successful patterns and practices globally and we do not discriminate on race. The majority of what we bring to the table are patterns and practices adopted from people all over the world.

  2. Ed,

    Yes, it is you and your team’s policy of thoroughly researching, studying and giving credit to successful business / entrepreneurial patterns and practices around the world that I admire, am appreciative of and salute. I should have been clearer about the Dream and Hustle blog already having covering the blockchain-based approach to gaming in the above comment. You all stay on top of things and are way ahead of the pack, so to speak. Thank you for being the solution-oriented. I / we need much more of that.


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