True Fulfillment Come from Being Alive During the Journey

alive Our African-American culture focus too much on ownership and social validation as the measure of success and this has hurt a lot of our people from completing the journey to true fulfillment. This lead to many of our people focused more on externalizing or broadcasting themselves to others and the outside world rather than focus on self-development. Sistas, our African-American culture and the rest of the world is trying to make you sistas focus too much on the broadcasting than acceptance of you sistas for your self-development over a lifetime to a bigger and better person. I can name names but we can look around and see what’s going on everywhere. Black dudes talking about “mack lessons” towards sistas instead of just being a real man who willing to love a sista and show her a better love. Black media programming show sistas with nasty attitudes and willing to fight each other instead of showing sistas doing what it takes to feed her kids and keep the house together. Trying to show sistas as simple when it comes to technology when I have sistas in the Global Urban Collective immersed in more advanced technology stuff than any so-called accelerator or innovation lab out there. And let’s not forget – black women who stand up for our people but portrayed as a back seat driver or actor like Rosa Parks who was a successful intelligence agent for the NAACP in her younger years who planted herself on the Montgomery bus to establish the context of the Civil Rights Battle. The sistas we got today who are the ones driving the social media campaign for Black Lives Matter to rounding up people from all backgrounds while brothas just show out and act a fool in front of the camera. Pro-black stripper chasing dude talking about he need money to raise a school for little boys when Marva Collins turned the bottom half of her West Side Chicago Greystone to a school in the 1970s. This is not a long article but a reminder article – the efforts of our sistas like Bessie Coleman are appreciated by me and the 3rd Strategic Institute and we share stories worldwide of what African-American sistas have done in our communities when we talk to people in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa to stressed how emerging economy sistas in places like Brazil, Philippines or UK can do the same efforts. And speaking of Bessie Coleman, we also know of the self-starter sistas like Kellee Edwards out there in the world today and what they doing. We got a lot of sistas out there who are out there living their dream, pursuing their goals but we have a structure and black media suppressing sistas from showing their pursuit of happiness. Well, we are fully committed to put a stop to suppressing sistas in this manner and the good thing is, the city of Atlanta is also working to put a stop to that. Mayor Kasim Reed here in Atlanta and I have no affiliation with him has done some great moves to bring jobs to Atlanta and I’m seeing a new crop of sistas down here in professional/entrepreneurial roles that she simply could not work in Silicon Valley, Chicago or New York or ever Los Angeles. There are two new business incubators designed for sistas, one near the Underground and another being developed near the AUC campus around Spellman. Usher mother recently announced a shared kitchen/cooking school to open up. So the infrastructure and opportunities are real and here in Atlanta – this is no longer the city of Freaknic where sistas were objectified, this is the city where sistas are going to be empowered. Next, we are taking a new turn for Black Women Business Month and we going to hard into STEM and specifically Atlanta and the opportunities to zero in on what is real and what is here right now. But here is the most important both the city of Atlanta and cats like me need from the sistas – we need sistas to be real with herself, her life and her true purpose. That is the only way we can work with our sistas in a genuine matter. I ask of sistas to accept her own story and start focusing on her story using Agile and I mention this several times on this blog. We cannot work with fake sistas chasing fame and knuckleheads because she is not genuine and no one can deliver real results to a fake person. I also need sistas to learn to go where she is celebrated – Atlanta celebrate sistas and even a footprint here is good enough, just stop by to see how the city is working and how sistas are making moves. But most important, we need sistas to learn to be alive during the journey. The ownership of material things and recognition by high society is not success – true success is the everyday fulfillment you get living out your story no matter how big or small the effort it. You sistas need to break away from this materialism/status mentality and free yourself right here, right now and accept who you truly are in this world. Your moment right now, carrying out your story is success and where you get the most satisfaction. Being alive right now, in the moment right now. There is no such thing as failure or success, it is you living out your story and facing the world that is unpredictable and mortal and just going to be who you are. The only thing you sistas can do in this world is plot your journey and live your story out to how you see fit. alive2 You sistas are living in exciting times right now and the world is opening with opportunity for sistas. The 3rd Strategic Institute has signed on as a powerful ally of the sistas and we are going to be there unconditionally for you sistas. So sistas, let’s go to war with anybody and everybody trying to stop a sista from expressing and pursuing her fulfillment, let’s learn together and work together on progress and let’s build a foundation and reach out to our sistas worldwide to start making things happen. Our history is full of ancestors who done things but they did not make it but we are still who we are today thanks to them. Whether we living today make it do not matter – what we going to do is the journey and it is the journey that makes us feel so alive.

3 thoughts on “True Fulfillment Come from Being Alive During the Journey

  1. very good article however no mention of the brother, natural law dictates that typically where ever their is a happy, success and well balance sister she has a happy, successful and well balance brother to share her life with and where ever there is a happy, successful and well balance brother he has a happy, successful and well balance sister to share his life with. there is no instance in the history of the world where females was happy, well balance and successful alone and there is no instance in the history of the world where males was happy, well balance and successful alone with out a female to share his life with. in all of our well intentions we must be carful not to repeat the destructive damaging mistake liberal social engineers made doing the 60s buy attempting to cut black males out of the life’s of black women and their offspring. peace.

    1. I don’t think any man should enter the picture if a woman does not understand/established her personal fulfillment. Before she can come to the table, she has to know where she want to go and realize the man is not the answer but a natural law companion as you indicate.

      For men, we have to accept women complaints about not enough good men. Her definition of “good men” is not some guy who just nice and a gentlemen with manners – she need someone who is a provider and guide and very few guys today can hold that standard.

      These guys are not holding their end of the bargain of acquiring mastery in skills or laying out a adult lifetime work of establishing a solid future foundation for his family. I mastered technology not because I’m a nerd but because it is a skill that allow me to maintain a solid fulfilling relationship with a woman and raise my children.

      Men by natural law are hunter/gatherer but we got guys out here on the Internet chatting and showing emotions. It’s a lot of work that has to be done on both side but for this article, we are focusing on the women to focus on her self-fulfillment than seeking validation and acceptance from society that originally enabled her to favor government money, government housing and government food stamps over a partnership with a man.

  2. thank you, thank you, thank you Eco your comment is spot on point for it’s always wiser to rise above the influence, real men operating in the nature god created him with a clear knowledge of self, spirituality and natural law always are suspicious or the “influence” [right now it’s the so call political correct influence the misandry “man bad women good, man dumb women smart” etc.], and set the tone himself and not carry the poisonous narrative just because it’s the popular thing and trend and not allow wicket people in high place with an agenda that is detrimental to him, his family and his kind to influence him even if he has to stand alone for a while because he is strong, smart and wise enough to know better and he rises above the “influence”. peace.

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