While African-Americans Celebrate Easter, Can We Rise Up from Constant Crucifixions and Get to Hopping to a Hopeful Future?

afroxtian_easter At this juncture of Easter in 2016, we are wrapping up the first quarter of the year and at this point, you and I pretty much know the direction where you are headed and those around you are headed and where the overall people and culture is headed. This is also the time and junction around Easter to figure out if this is where you want to be headed and decided to double down on your success or straighten up and get your act together. Let’s have a quick discussion on where we are at April 2016 because I talked about this date since 2008 about the litmus test. In April 2016, the place where our African-Americans should be at is the following state we are going to list. We should have our own currency, virtual or complementary. c_currency We do not need “black banks” and cats who still talking about “black banks” are full of crap. We all saw what happened with ShoreBank and furthermore – there is no such thing as a black bank as all banks are controlled and regulated by the federal government to handle the US Dollar – ain’t no race attached to that ish. What you need to control is not dollars but transactions – know the difference. There is no such thing as “black dollars” but we always had black transactions between brothas and sistas in a black community. We even do “black transactions” in prison, homey and this should help you understand how the economy works – transactions, not dollars. Also we don’t “pool our money together” and that’s a hustling cat trying to take your money – you transact with one another to create economic activity. b_pesa To transaction with each other, black folks can create complementary currency that is similar to prepaid cards that is based on the US dollar and spent around the local community to keep the money inside the local community – this is the only way to recycle transactions in our community and no – Dr. Claud Anderson never mentioned this when the complementary currency concept been around just as long as him. But we can do something else and that is create our own virtual currency like Bitcoin that is based on cryptology and the focus is on trust and transactions using encryption and ACID transactions. With crypto-currency this technology, not only could the black community have our own transactions, but we could create our own ledgers to establish our own credit reporting and insurance agencies based on a crypto-currency. Wouldn’t you peer-to-peer lend money to a black family if you check their blockchain and see they spend mostly in the black community knowing if you lend them money, it will go back into the community to circulate? We should have this structure created around this time in April 2016. We should have strong vertical economic mechanism in place. ethi_shoes Think of verticals as top to bottom of a business sector such as the Cuban cigars where you source the tobacco, roll the cigars and sell the cigars out of your shop or the wineries in South Africa that grow the grapes, ferment into wine, manufacture the bottles and sell the bottles. But here in African-America, we could have focused on professional services such as compete with India over the call centers and brought those businesses to our hood using open source free software like Asterisk. Actually, they have some new software out now we featured in the Global Urban Collective where you can just ramp up tablets, laptops and webcams in a room and run a customer service business operation. The African-American community should have identified all of the professional jobs that corporations are outsourcing to India and China and strategically focused on competing creating industries in our hood to compete for those jobs. A cat who got out of jail on paper can run their mouth can do the same customer service work as some call center character overseas and the cat who got out of jail likely have more solid educational background than that overseas outsourced cat. In addition, once we had those industries that compete with India, we create lobby groups and had our local politicians lobby to keep those jobs here in the USA and show the world we have call centers in the hood and we have professional IT firms in the hood and walk people through to say these people served in the military and went to Samuel Adams middle school and could have developed economic sectors by April 2016 within our own community by being globally competitive. We should have a mature global African-American Diaspora in place. diaspora Pakistani cats leave their country to make money, Mexicans leave their country to make money, Indians leave their country to make money, Korean cats leave their country to make money. We also saw how Africans moved to China to establish a Diaspora and now they are maturing in the skills of international trade and making big moves and establishing a next generation of ultra-elite Afro-Chinese children who will basically be the power movers and shakers in the entire African Diaspora. We should have established “posts” worldwide and established remote communities throughout the world for African-Americans to leave America and create their own small community whether it is in Auckland, Singapore, Tokyo, Johannesburg, South London, Berlin, Paris, Accra, Shanghai, Milan, Jakarta and so on to help establish global trade routes between our communities and these areas and also create global outreach for our future generation to be able to travel worldwide and experience the global world instead of local American politics and realize there is so much opportunity in this world. We have groups and pockets of brothas and sistas worldwide but they are very loose and not a strategic community like how the other groups come to America and setup collectives and group buying and group lending. We even have some African-American brothas who are successful in real estate in both Tokyo and Hong Kong right now for example. We should had a strategy years ago to finance and fund African-Americans to setup shops in economic trade zones worldwide especially at free trade zones like Pudong near Shanghai to start creating connections for import/export strategies and a community cats who are tired of America can leave the country and build up the global connects. We should have done that by April 2016. We should have significantly reduced the black-on-black crime in our community. ems_system Black-on-Black crime is so non-complex and basic and in reality 100% solvable and preemptively preventable. The reason why black-on-black crime is rampant is because of the police department dismissal attitude of serving and protecting the black community and writing everything off as “gang-related” or “drug-related” which the black community did not stand up and sued the local police department for having this “gang-related” discriminatory policy. I mean all crime is related to something like “relationship-related” or whatever. The black community could have easily solved black-on-black crime by voluntarily declaring self-imposed martial law on themselves and leveraging data and surveillance and techniques within the law to basically neutralize perpetrators of black-on-black crime. This is done by installing cameras that can be monitored and allow people to record the live feed and turn it into the police anonymously. In fact, it could have been setup where black community members in Phoenix would monitor the cameras for the Chicago community and vice versa so protect each other and have each other back like brothas and sistas should do for each other. We should have our own news reporting media that sends out bulletins on shootings and furthermore, we should have a community notification in real-time that send an alert out to the community if a shooting happens. We just let people shoot in our community but on college campus they send out a text to the students saying a shooting occur and we need to have the same kind of real-time system to alert the local community if gun violence or firearm discharge happened around them to increase awareness. But going back to our original point – you let the cats in Atlanta handle the crime mapping, facial recognition and typing up the evidence for the thugs in Chicago and New Orleans acting a fool – we up in Atlanta will turn in those thugs on behalf of the good folks up in Jacksonville because a threat to any black community is a threat to our people and our culture and we should have long taken that position and established all of this around April 2016. So Are African-American People Positioned in April 2016? Heck Yeah We Are! makingmoves You damn straight our people are positioned to make things happen thanks to the Afro-Tech and like I told you – we Afro-Tech took this black empowerment ish over and we run this ish and we delivering and can show and tell. Despite the fact in April 2016, the groups like NAACP and Urban League are on some lame ish, media like Radio One and Black Enterprise publishing the same lame ish, jiving characters like Dr. Umar Johnson and the weak black male adult PUA crowd not stepping up as black men and weirdo black chicks talking about swirling thinking someone gives a damn and these fake boule elitists that have no connections or skills other than kissing up to the Democratic National Committee, Rockefeller foundations and MSNBC and also these docile tithing black xtians doing nothing but praying and claiming they blessed, we can thank God, Jesus and the Easter Bunny for the Afro-Tech for stepping up. Established a Platform for Cryptonomics for the Black Community. The Afro-Tech has pursued and developed the guidelines and actual software and code and patterns and practices to implement crypto-currency, distributed ledgers and the blockchain to drive transactions in the black community. Keep in mind Cryptonomics is so powerful that we can create massive new transaction models such as the blockchain-on-a-brotha project that allow sistas to make sure she can do due diligence on a brotha that is truly qualified to date, mate and marry a sista. This blog alone gave out plenty of DIY examples on cryptocurrency and the blockchain and trust service provider models but a lot of development is being made in Africa with our African brothas and sistas in the Afro-Tech Diaspora. Established Agile as the Official Pattern for Our People Progress. The Afro-Tech including me are educating and advising community organizers to focus on Agile Principles as well as LEAN to operate on continuous improvement, stakeholder participating and collaborative ownership as well as operate in small iterations to develop and shape the long term user story. We no longer care about success or failure and don’t see this as a shame, what we see is the little tasks we strive and work on towards developing our story. We have made tremendous progress in the first 90 days to lay out the foundation. Atlanta is Being Built Up. Mayor Kasim Reed just came back from SWSX to help recruit STEM talent to the city of Atlanta due to the high number of new industries and high-paying jobs moving to the Atlanta area. His predecessor Mayor Shirley Franklin helped transformed Atlanta inside the Perimeter to be more highly-dense for residential and now our current Mayor Reed is focused on bringing the sectors and industries while our next black mayor will do the smart city infrastructure. mochastar MochaStar! is the 2nd Biggest Debut This Year. MochaStar! has been tested extensively and we have made improvement based on the honest feedback from brothas and sistas worldwide. The first move we make to turn things around for black people is we have to control our own image and our own media. MochaStar! is a stock media service and intermediary that allows us to sell and buy our own media that we create and we consume into our own media programming. No more cornballs telling black people they need to be light-skinned and look non-threatening to be a model or appear in a photoshoot – we run our own terms on who we are and how we look. MochaStar! is coming very soon and we are finishing up some work in terms of global scalability due to the demand I’m getting from the beta testing phase. fooky Fooky is the number 1 Biggest Debut This Year. We will officially announce Fooky but the Global Urban Collective is doing work on it first. Fooky is a game-changer highly disruptive future-facing business model you haven’t read about yet and is called a reference platform designed to create smart urban economies. It is designed to allow urban entrepreneurs quickly create urban business models based on time, space and movement and brothas and sistas can quickly launch businesses from laundromat membership, sharing economy solutions, IPTV and radio stations broadcasts to IoT remote health monitoring and retail operations and safe community frameworks quickly in their own hood. So yeah, most of you African-American cats are too busy trying to follow someone else, admire someone else, trying to be inspired by someone else but not putting in any real work to do for yourself. And you African-American are not even in tune to what is going down negatively and just as clueless as what is going on positively with the black community in terms of challenges and opportunities. The Afro-Tech is here and we are running this ish and we are going to do this for our people, our communities and our future and we program what we mean and mean what we program through the use of our STEM skills. We are not jiving on YouTube, we are in our innovation labs putting in trial/error work and research and doing this ish. So to sum it all up this Easter and April 2016, we got a mix of challenges that are going to disrupt a lot of African-Americans who just want to focus on the basic stuff acting like nothing going to change after President Obama leaves office. Many of you African-Americans are going to be massively marginalized because you are failing to be globally competitive and sitting pretty acting like you more special than other groups on Planet Earth that also worship their Gods but they had to move globally to make moves too. But the rest of us brothas and sistas are going to make global moves, setup global empires and superstructures and do for our community and take on the world at the same time. You better look back at your first quarter 2016 and you better pick a side and direction you want to pursue the 2nd quarter of 2016. It’s too late for the jive talking and opinions at this stage of the game.

2 thoughts on “While African-Americans Celebrate Easter, Can We Rise Up from Constant Crucifixions and Get to Hopping to a Hopeful Future?

  1. Hi Mr. ed_dunn!

    I came across your comments on black entrepreneurship on a disqus comments section and happened to stumble across this blog from a Tariq Nasheed video and wondered if this was the same ”Ed”!

    Anyways– your blog is absolutely excellent and is one of the few out there that actually does provide framework towards solutions unlike… others.

    Anyways my question is as it relates to my major.

    I am a budding STEM student in my undergrad (math major to be exact) and would like to know what you feel I should pair my mathematics with to best prepare myself for my move to Atlanta and becoming apart of Afrotech.

    The solutions as well as the people you cite in the changing of Atlanta really fascinate me and I would love to be apart of the think tank with that group.

    For this end, should I double-major in math and Economics, or math and Sociology in order to be an asset towards helping the community through STEM or would you suggest something else?


    1. Welcome and good to hear you are taking your education path seriously with consideration.

      I assume you are an undergraduate and if I had to do it over again I would minor in something that I can apply in the real world right now.

      Math and data science (part of computer science) is something I would pursue to be able to handle Big Data jobs so I would do Computer Science if I went to school today.

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