A Tragic Lesson in Block/Corner Management and Caught Up in the Internet Matrix You Young Street Brothas Should Learn From

news This video was one of the most shocking move I have seen in a long time with a brotha slipping so damn hard in the streets. At first I didn’t care when I heard about it but it bothered me because what I see in this video is what I see among a lot of you brothas who simply are not ready for the real world, no matter how much you talk on the Internet. Here is the video and I’m sure if this goes away, you can find it elsewhere. In this article let’s go over what is the most obvious problem I see here – block and corner management. I know Chicago and pretty much the whole city and even further, I know other hoods from Houston to Atlanta to DC to Tacoma to Liberty City to Brooklyn and so on and now the pockets and how it all works and play out. Chicago is like a waffle line and a grid where streets run north and south and east and west in a straight line creating square blocks with alleys. Now let’s look at the Google map dated November 2014 of the area where the incident occur and the video that happened March 31, 2016 (1.4 years) and I want you to notice something in the map and the video. theblock whiteblackcar You noticed the white Ford Explorer? Sitting there for over a year huh? -Do you know why cats keep big SUVs on corners? There is a reason for that and I assume you are smart enough to figure this one out. The question is, did the guy filming himself realize this and if this was his SUV – if it was not his SUV, why didn’t he pick up on this. The comment “the store is open” is obvious – he is taunting that he back on this corner and open for business on the corner. But this does not appear to be his corner. I want you to look at the marker in the video which is the stop sign. stopsign He is standing in the middle of the street in the open in the hood filming himself and talking loud that he basically running this block. He said something like “pipe it up” like he is talking to his soldiers to rally up. This is his critical mistake - he put himself in the b-line of everybody who is watching that corner and block from every direction even from far distance. He did not have the 4 corners covered which also let me know he ain’t from the west side either. He left himself wide open for anybody to creep up on him and if he claiming he “took the block” and the “store is open” then he should have been smarter to realize the block is hot and to stay low until things stabilized because what he expected the other cats to do, not be around anymore? whiteblackcar And he paid the price for not having his 4 corners covers and in the middle of the street staring at a phone talking on the Internet on a hot block - the black car pulls up and if you look closely at the picture, it looks like this is where the shooter came out of – using that white Ford Explorer SUV the way you supposed to use a big SUV on the corners. momentoftruth This picture above and it sounds as if his name was “Lloyd” because that what they were screaming is the real moment of this whole video and why I’m even talking about this incident. You should have noticed his natural "primal instinct" kicked in where he immediately went quiet and started looking around feeling something ain't right - in nature, animals flee on this instinct alone. See, my man was in the middle of the street talking on social media not watching his back bragging to a phantom audience on the Internet and when he darted his eyes, that is the moment he realizes he lacking in the real world on a hot block and all he had in his hand was a fucking cell phone and no tools or strategy to hold his shit down. That is what got to me about this whole video because the look on his face in the video during this moment of time is what many of you Internet brothas are going to look like. It was game over in seconds after he realize he slipped up on that block. See, you brothas are on the Internet talking up shit, fronting a persona but you ain’t got the street skills or any other skills to hold your shit down when the real shit come at you. And you brothas are going to go down the same damn way - it will only be a second or maybe a few hours before you realize the shit is real and knocking on your door and all you got going for you is talking up on the Internet - the same game over will happen to you brothas and it will be just as quick. stopsignshooter This is the shooter and he was the only one who got shots off – if you listen carefully it is only his caliber gun and you hear all 16 rounds in his magazine go off – count it. And he is popping off at everybody who was on that block, not just the dude on the video. This wasn’t just the dude talking they were coming after – they came back for that block. So here is the lesson again – we had a bunch of brothas grouping together on a block but started talking up how bad they are on the Internet but no one had this block on lock to hold it down and this one shooter came in and able to handle business and send a message that this block is still contested. Notice the stop sign again? That shooter made it from the car behind the white SUV all the way to the front of the sign and was aiming across the street that look like a gangway between two bungalows – home residences that look like tax-paying family homes. These are the everyday black families affected by this stuff. shotdirection The 31-year-old was standing outside in the 5500 block of South Hoyne about 4:50 p.m. when someone walked up and fired shots, according to Chicago Police. The shooter then jumped into a vehicle, which sped away. So at this point you should have figured out something – how did the shooter know they were there? Because they were watching the block in real-time and this was a real-time response to hit the other cats as soon as possible – no planning just 100% readiness meaning those shooters were not lightweight and had this block on lock for quite some time or very prepared to take a block and keep a block. They knew how to enter, the SUV buffer and they went after everybody and got back in the car and knew how to get off and this is near Garfield which is like Independence on the west side where we have that big divider road that allow cats to get to the other side and get lost. Also, maybe they were following him on Facebook - many of these "new age" street boys give all their intel away bragging over the Internet. The whole point of the article is this – these guys failed at corner / block management and holding down one. Instead of knowing how to take over a block and hold it down, I see these guys all on social media live streaming talking in the middle of the street like they wants to impress an online audience out there. This was the hardest slip-up I saw from the streets where everybody should have been smart enough to not do what I saw this guy did – he was in the real world. This is not just Chicago on block/corner management – Atlanta is worse, cats out there don’t realize in SWATL all of the line-of-sight where a good Remington sniper can pick off corner soldiers because of the elevation points in the hood in Atlanta, this was the first thing I noticed and was like cats would be a sitting duck out there standing on any of these corners, especially that Vine City/Pittsburgh area – no need for close range. My point of this article is not to talk street on the Internet – the point of this article is to say on the Internet that a lot of you brothas are slipping and caught up too much on the Internet instead of handling your real world business. This video was shocking to me because I cannot believe someone in Chicago slipped that hard on a contested corner. I heard people grieving for him at the end of the video and my heart goes out to those who were looking out for him getting him to the hospital. But this guy shouldn't have been out there on those corners if he didn't know what he was doing and 31-years old is OG status. You young brothas got to learn how to hold your own as a man and that means you also have to be a smart soldier and understand the Art of War. You have to learn both offensive and defensive strategies and you definitely have to know how to truly secure and lock down an area or takeover. Most important - you have to know 100% you got an area secure and know to watch your back and keep extra eyes out there actively supporting you. A lot of you brothas are on the Internet and you come to this blog typing up weak stuff in my comment section when I’m from the West Side of Chicago and know you brothas ain’t real world or can last out there in the real world. Maybe this is a generational gap, I don’t know. But what I do know is you brothas better start living in the real damn world and start acting like you in the real world instead of playing around with this Internet shit.

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  1. what is mad crazy is cats still trying to sling drugs when we got 30 yrs of proof it does not work. some of the biggest ever were from chitown and are dead or in jail. I know folks who slung drugs and are old, broke with half of their lives spent in prison. he failed to plan out his life& he planned to fail.

    1. I wish most of these guys would read your comment and understand your first sentence.

      What this video demonstrated was this block was highly monitored and a quick response by the hit team to deal with someone flexing on that block.

      No one can stand on a corner and slang drugs..that’s only fantasy rap..because the rivals are more sophisticated to take a block and keep a block nowadays…

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