Case Study on How African-American Sistas Misunderstand and Mismanage Their Global Influence in a Global Economy

thai1 I’m a moderator at the Black Professionals Network Facebook group where we have one of the largest, well-managed and tightly run FB groups thanks to yours truly. The reason why the group has grown so fast and so large is because the group moderate who gets in and moderate the quality of postings. There is a lot of good lessons in there about black business and black marketing I cannot get into but will be really quick. When we black folks act genuine about our profession/business, we get support from the black community. When we black folks start peddling generic white-label and multi-level-marketing crap with a black face on it and lying about making money then black people don’t support these silly lightweight hustles and MLM distractions. The problem we discovered with black marketing and black networking is too many of these silly white-label/MLM take away space and real estate to allow genuine marketing of organic black entrepreneurs that black people actually want to support. It’s hard to discover and support organic black businesses when white-label/MLM clowns keep entering the picture as a distraction. Black people want to support real black businesses, not some white-label hustle with a black face on it. This is not rhetoric; this is what we see managing a large dataset of 70,000 black professional/entrepreneurial members in the Facebook group. But another level of distraction and spam we get into the Facebook group is I see so many Asian member requests trying to join the group and when they join, they are peddling click bait or cheap dresses and sunglasses as affiliate linking side hustles. I usually do not allow these members from Asia in the group because I see what they are up to and want to maintain quality. But one young lady from Cambodia attracted my attention about her and when I checked out her profile, that is why I’m writing this article. rhirhi This one Cambodian young lady appears very infatuated and influenced with Rhianna and most of her pics are basically a good fangirl material of Rhianna. We know Rhianna tours worldwide especially heavily in Asia just like Beyoncé and Kayne West was just in Bangkok earlier this week if I’m correct. So here is a collection of her pics and you see Rhianna all in as her influence. You should also see in several pics, she is wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a sista on it and I’m not sure that sista is Rhianna – that’s where we going with this. collage So why am I’m talking about a young girl from Cambodia who having a fan crush on Rhianna? Well, the reason why is because she tried to join the Black Professionals Network Facebook group from Cambodia and here are the pics of this same Cambodian young lady – tell me what you are seeing. thai2 thai3 Now, how you sistas respond by telling us all what you see is going to determine whether you are simple and lightweight African-American sista or you are a smart African-American sista who know what you really looking at and seeing here. Most of you sistas because you are basic and too focused on being a "victim mentality" caught-up African-American will look at those pictures of her and start smiling blabbing about she trying to be black like us. Years ago, yall same basic sistas blabbered this race-based “they wanna be like us” rhetoric on that one sista up in Japan that was dressing up in black culture as her fashion statement in Tokyo. Then we had more ignorant African-American sistas regarding that same Japanese sista posting on and on about “they want to look like us but don’t want to have the burden like us” as if African-Americans got a patent/copyright on being held down and oppressed by Europeans throughout history and everybody else got happy times. See, that’s how the basic and simple African-American sistas are going to respond and run their mouth about this. thai5 I don’t think this young Cambodian lady was joining the Black Professional Network to spam – I think she was probing and interested in our black culture here in America. With that said, the smart African-American sistas are going to realize that this Cambodian young lady is not “trying to be black” but she has a lot of respect and influence of black culture that is positive. A smart African-American sista would see this is a testament that African-American sistas are admired by other sistas all over the world, something Dream and Hustle been trying to tell African-American sistas for the longest time. While basic African-American sistas been trying to attack my non-black baes, I have dropped hints over and over these global sistas I’m dating actually love black women in an admiration kind of way, not as an insult or a knockdown or copycat fashion but in a positive and respectful way. The problem over and over is African-American sistas mess up their own global opportunity and influence acting like fools and emotionally go stupid instead of realize the global opportunity and influence an African-American woman has on the global marketplace. What every last African-American sista should take away from this young lady from Cambodia (please don’t say that pic above of Prambanan is Indonesia trying to sound smart – she from Cambodia and that is Angkor Wat.) is that you sistas have huge global economic opportunity you simply are not realizing and taking advantage of. This blog has been telling sistas over and over about her influence worldwide and how African-American sistas can self-brand products and sell millions not only to African-American but Southeast Asia. Many sistas don’t even realize for example, Apple Bottoms jeans quietly left the American market for Asia because the Southeast Asia market was buying Apple Bottoms jeans at extraordinary rates more than African-American sistas. Sistas, stop the jive nonsense talk about “they wanna be like us” and realize when other sistas throughout the global world admire you and these are your potential global customer base that you can brand yourself and market to. That is why I said it is not even feasible for American sistas to be all trying to take Instagram/Facebook butt selfies for broke brothas when you African-American sistas got millions/billions of potential customers throughout Asia and Latin America who admire the sistas in America. I got Latin American/Indian women right now posting up memes created by sistas who used to argue with me here on this blog years ago - like I said, you sistas are not even realizing your global influence. Stop chasing lightweight money from lightweight broke brothas and get in formation with making global moves as a self-branded sista who have the whole world to take over because as you see, you African-American sistas have one good case study of your influence worldwide.

3 thoughts on “Case Study on How African-American Sistas Misunderstand and Mismanage Their Global Influence in a Global Economy

  1. Ed! I love your point of view (on lots of articles) and I completely agree! As a caribbean-born young woman who grew up in the States I can completely relate that cultures all overrr the world are influenced by Black culture we should all see this as a huge opportunity. Please keep up the good work with your posts!

  2. Ed it amazes me how you have such a keen insight when it comes to a woman’s mind frame. You literally made me have my “A-Ha” moment! I actually liked homegirls webpage because it was innocent and free-spirited and only someone ignorant would find fault into the props she’s giving to sistas! After all “imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery”. It is my goal to weed out the hate that has infiltrated women to women relationships when it comes to creating bonds that will allow us to transcend to another level, especially in the business world. As I grow further into creating my own business I find myself leaving a lot of my “friends” behind basically because I’ve outgrown my basic chic friends. I will no longer waste my time and energy on whiners, complainers and bitter chics who talk about nothing more than baby daddys and other girls. I was once like them but now that I have evolved and got focused I realized that I attracted them into my life because that’s all we did was relate to each other on a negative level. My circle now consists of my man, my son and my dog and I feel free! Now I have time to think, read, mediate and research what needs to be done as far as my career and my upcoming blog and look forward to meeting other women from different walks of life! Coming to your blog and reading your articles just reinforces the revolution that’s about to come.

  3. Great post. I’ve been following some Japanese fashion and music accounts on IG and it’s amazing how much black culture has influenced so much in Japan’s pop culture. It males me want to visit there more.

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