First Look: The Sista Guide to Contributing and Buying Media Assets on MochaStar!

mgirl1 MochaStar! is a stock media marketplace allowing the exchange of media between media contributors and media buyers. MochaStar! is finally ready for the first public release but in this article, the sistas are going to be the first group I’m going to talk to about this new and exciting service. MochaStar! is highly anticipated worldwide due to the disruptive and positive impact made to entire modeling and media paradigm as we know it. ohboy Before I get started, MochaStar! used to be named after a sista that I knew for a long time who I will call Mocha as she wanted to be a star and I was inspired in part to create this service as a result of that. However, Mocha decided she was more interested in trying to be disrespectful towards me, emasculate me and see if she can get some money out of me, especially after all the 10+ years we supposedly knew each other and support I provided to her and vice versa! This is after I showed her the preview of MochaStar! and she supposedly liked what I showed her. I’m not going to tolerate anybody trying to make me feel less than my best and my people put too much hard work in MochaStar! to name it or attribute it to someone like Mocha so make sure you all know that MochaStar! has nothing to do with Mocha or anything about her. I last saw her the first week of March at Perimeter mall in the shoe store next to Nordstrom’s and kept on walking saying nothing – that’s how I feel about her today. Anybody who know me know I would have easily taken care of her when things pop off but I want nothing to do with her, regret dealing with someone who didn’t fully respect me and me and my squad staying positive and moving forward with moving MochaStar! to the world. MochaStar! Features leak MochaStar! is not a typical stock photography web site as it was built from the ground up and based upon feedback and participations from photogs and models worldwide as well as fellow members of the Global Urban Collective who I want to thank for their feedback also. There are three types of roles in the MochaStar! ecosystem and these are the media contributors, the media buyers and models. Media Contributors. These are the photographers and later, will be graphic artists and even 3D designers and video contributors who provide media to sell on MochaStar! Media contributors could even be an media asset holding company that procure media and sell so new types of media firms can develop and operate through MochaStar! Media Contributors retained license to their works and MochaStar! indexes and offer these media assets to the marketplace. Media Buyers. These are anyone who need to incorporate media assets into their products or services. A lot of bloggers like me need media and I do a lot of media buying for this blog. But don’t just think media such as print media or online media or digital billboards – media is also need for corporate brochures, product packaging or labeling and trade shows which in some cases is a bigger market than just appearing in a print magazine. Models. This is a new role added recently due to feedback I received from models. A model can build a look book of media assets they appear in on MochaStar! and also receive stats on how well media assets they appear in are doing in the marketplace. This help models develop their career and see what type of media the model does well in to advance their career. Also this feature is designed to pull models away from Model Mayhem as models who sell well on MochaStar! can increase their brand value and the images on MochaStar! are already in the market for sale, while Model Mayhem is just portfolio and gig-hunting. How Can Sistas Benefit? models The biggest advantage of MochaStar! is how the service will help our African-American community by putting us in control of our image. On other stock photo service, it is usually a white photographer looking for a generic “ethnic-looking” woman to represent a black woman and the stock photos have really bad portrayals of African-American men and women. In addition, we don’t have a lot of positive media images of our people out there. MochaStar! will allow brothas and sistas photogs start creating and selling images of us African-Americans doing everyday things from being with our children at the park to cooking together as a couple to being a student at school – positive images. And black-owned media outlets can use these positive media to craft positive stories about our people as well as develop authentic advertising touchpoints featuring authentic black people in our community or better – product packaging and labeling featuring our people. Sistas are poised to benefit greatly by having a venue and platform allowing authentic sista branding. Sistas can take advantage of creating images that others would not create such as a formation of strong sistas together. But one of the best opportunities and we know this from research is the sistas who will benefit the most is not the young hot 20s model but the sista in her 30s and 40s and even 50s doing things like cooking, shopping, raising her grandchildren or older children – realistic black community images that have been suppressed for too long in the stock photography world. That will be the ripe market spot for sistas to consider. How to Get Started and What’s in Store. samplescreen Sistas can look at how to contribute media to offer for sell on MochaStar! to the marketplace. MochaStar! will initially focus on African-Americans to address inequalities but will eventually move to a worldwide global service as I got Filipino brothas and sistas desperately wanting to use MochaStar! right now and they asking me right now to get it over in Manila as they need it right now also. But for now, here is what the sistas can look at doing. Media Contributors Should Research What Will Sell. A good media contributor or a good media asset holding firm should look at a portfolio that focus on sectors. For example, a sista can focus on just offering photos of black women hairstyles and sell those media assets to a target market of hair salons to create posters or window art or billboards. There are plenty of niches from black church life, black cooking life, black wellness and so much more that can now be curated and offered to the marketplace. Media Buyers Should Request Media They Want to Buy. For me, I need more images of black people traveling overseas for example and I also really need images of black people living everyday in the black community from buying groceries from the bodega to sitting on the porch getting their hair braided to sistas doing double-dutch and blue sky hopscotch – real images of real black life. Not only do I need images, but I’m going to need video also such as a black couple roller blading alongside Lake Michigan on the South Side of Chicago around 35th or 55th for example. Models Should Look at Roles More than Poses. A good model that want a long career would focus on the different type of roles such as putting on an apron and a photograph of her baking cupcakes. Or another role of standing next to a pickup truck at a construction site. Or changed into a sista that is part of a soccer team. Don’t think of poses because this is a real marketplace out there with real media buyers looking for media to fulfill a role. series MochaStar! is currently available as a public beta release for people to sign up right now and we are expected to officially launch the first week of May heavily promoting the service globally as my fashion brothas and sistas up in London who tested MochaStar! cannot wait to use the service also. I have not listed all of the features such as creating collections, crypto-licensing and the ability to follow models but will discuss these details during the actual release. For this article, we just want the sistas to get ready to start a new era of taking control of her image and leveraging MochaStar! to contribute positive media or run operations that can incorporate positive and realistic media of our sistas. URL:

4 thoughts on “First Look: The Sista Guide to Contributing and Buying Media Assets on MochaStar!

  1. With so many bloggers and black owned business in the US Europe and Africa….you so right about needing more “everyday” normal photos of black folks carrying out their normal daily lives (pics). The marketing should be easy and huge. I can see Mocha brokering exclusive contracts with models perhaps into commercials, live or online product demonstration , trade shows etc…
    Let me go back and read some topics I missed on your site.

  2. This is greatly needed. I sometimes visit sites for images of black people and I may find one but if I do it’s not something I want to use for a blog post or my website. Thanks and keep up the great work you’re doing!

  3. AWESOME BRO!! I HAVE BEEN HAVING THIS SAME IDEA as I have gone into light weight VIDEO PRODUCTION for marketing my ventures! Current white paper from last year indicates that VIDEO is a MUST in today’s digital marketplace, and if you are not utilizing VIDEO, then you are NOT REALLY IN BUSINESS!!

    So its funny you came up with this, as I have been saying the exact same thing about the disparity in the images available with blacks…I personally was seeking money, cash, average day, business, professional, android/tablet type FOOTAGE for a marketing video I am making. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS SERVICE!! Although I have taken issue with you in in the past on how you regard us sistas, I do feel a bit of some kinda way that you now want to CAPITALIZE on a sista even you don’t hold us in the highest regard; but hopefully I am wrong on this note, or this sentiment will improve after some more quality interactions with some of us more conscious, QUALITY sistas….you know, those of us who are intelligent, unsupressable shining stars, who know how to make LEMONADE 😉

    Much LOVE and thanks bro! 😉

    1. …yeah… I really want to support this platform, and even have some GREAT ideas (you can have) that I’m pretty sure you would want to implement around content creation/actors/models. Holla! #Periscope @reesietherealest #twitter @reesiedarealest

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